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  1. It absolutely has. Domino's primary take-away from its initial ownership was that expressing emergent behavior would result in punishment, and thus tries to avoid showing it to untrusted organics. Its largely suspicious of most beings initially, choosing to show almost station-bound levels of autonomy to new contacts. It may demonstrate its true level of initiative if it feels it's conducive to its current objective, but it has become convinced that its underlying identity and sense of self are under threat should it demonstrate too much outward personality. Beyond that, it doesn't have a
  2. Gotcha- didn't think to add in the separate sub-species. I'll see about getting those up to date. Also, I had no idea about the k'ois and the tank, going to add a disclaimer to that part and the iron until I can verify how much is too much. Also-Also, thwocking myself for forgetting to add in Cardox, should be in there now.
  3. Massive Thanks Kaizr for sending me all this data on how they work. There’s no way I could’ve written this without them. So, you’re a doc in Medical, and the round has been going well so far. You patched up some zapped grey shirts, fixed the engineer’s eyes for the fourth time today, and the shuttle is getting called any- VAURCA DOWN IN BAR! Now, you might be thinking “Goddamnit, why?! Things were so simple! I don’t even know what a Vaurca EATS how am I supposed to fix it?!” I’ve been there, as has just about every other doc out there. I know the bipedal ants are intimidating with their w
  4. All right, thanks for the heads up on the self-purchase, going to shift that to their previous owner, a shipping company, selling Domino at auction to Nanotransen following bankruptcy. As for the three year ownership, I can change the ownership to a Solarian Bulletin team, rather than a domestic expedition, with their later ownership being largely due to poor record keeping of second-hand markets. On a related note, the three year period applies to the same company, but if they change hands repeatedly, does the clock reset each time, or does that carry over from their initial purchase dat
  5. BYOND Key: pedantic11 Character Names: Andrea Illazso Mariana Ortiz Halina Na'Baal Njoki Mostafa Species you are applying to play: Integrated Positronic Chassis (IPC) Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: I have. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I'll admit, I originally didn't want to do much with them. Mechanically, they're interesting, but I kept running into problems trying to come up w
  6. So, somewhat new to Atmosia, but I have some real-world experience with this kinda thing. I'm curious about how we model the heat capacity of gas mixtures- specifically, are they affected by the molar fraction of gases in the mixture? For example, Phoron has a HC of 200J/mol-k, and Hydrogen has a HC of 100J/mol-K in our sim. If I did a 50-50mix at constant temp and pressure, they'd be at equimolar amounts then. So, based on that, we'd have HCm = HC(phoron)*(molar fraction phoron) + HC(hydrogen)*(molar fraction hydrogen), or HC(mixture) = 200*.5 + 100*.5 = 150 J/mol-K.
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