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  1. Maybe allow it to slow walk too, since AI holograms have ghost speed. I don't know how much mileage you would get out of it, but it seems like an interesting tool to have on hand. Id say compound this with allowing a hologram further from its pad.
  2. I believe the reason both Tajarans and Unathi have digitigrade feet biologically is to balance out their tail. I really do not think this is that big of a deal.
  3. Someone suggested the idea of Raiders having trash bags to spawn with, instead of normal bags, which I think is an amazing compromise between theme and mechanics.
  4. I agree with some, not with others. I don't think QM should be whitelisted, I don't think KAs should be removed. However, Cargo arming up should be a contextual thing. Are they arming up because Security is acting really funky and they've got terrible vibes? Or are they arming up to go hunt down the Wizard who they watched turn into a skeleton? It even allows some cargo techs to get some nice fear-RP with one another about genuinely being forced to gun down Security if they come after Cargo. I wouldn't take away that much. And on the matter of meme QMs, they should be cracked down on. Thats more a matter of other people reporting it, rather than a problem with the role. The Chaplain Role invites a lot of shitters, but sometimes you just get shitters. It wouldn't be worth removing the role for people who use it.
  5. I am often tabbed out. Id say make it off by default, and make it something you can turn on if you choose. It doesn't hurt to have an option people can use if they want, like, say, you're often tabbed out while in game.
  6. Glad to know you hate it. I'll keep that in mind. I take things very literally. So, when you say, this this and this, and do not mention "they attempted to kiss me", I assume, they did not attempt to kiss you. Why would I put words in your mouth if you did not say them? If someone attempted to kiss you, and you SAID you were uncomfortable, both IC, and LOOC, that seems like very, very much grounds for ahelping, and i'm sure multiple members of the staff team would back you up on this. So, the question rises again. Did you ahelp this? Marlon is also, not, going, "lalala you don't exist, I don't hear you". They are ignoring you. They are acting like you are not there. They are not responding to the things you say. Unless you have other screenshots showing where they have specifically said to you, "I am pretending you do not exist, stop speaking to me, knock it off", ICly, then they're just doing as you asked, and leaving you alone.
  7. Did you ahelp, and say you were not comfortable? Or is "several players and 3 admins" given after the fact, when you brought it up to complain about it after not taking the measures to keep it from happening? Because if you're saying it makes you uncomfortable, and they're ignoring you, thats completely valid to ahelp. An admins opinion on something and the choice they make for an ahelp are not always going to be exactly the same. Just because an admin wouldnt care if they were pinned against the wall (which, does NOT have to be sexual) ICly, does not mean they are going to disregard it in an ahelp. If you ahelp. You're now complaining that Marlon ignored you. But, you said, for them to leave you alone. And you keep posting screenshots of them leaving you alone. They can either treat your character, the way they would treat your character, or, for your comfort, they can leave you alone. Do you want an admin to TELL Marlon to leave you alone, which, is what he is currently doing?
  8. Haydizzle brought this to me for peer review, so I feel obligated to vouch for him. He's a good roleplayer, and I think his whitelist app has a good amount of detail, and proof of understanding the world in the Wasteland. There are a few wording issues, but thats more a problem of articulation, as noted above, rather than misunderstanding the world. +1. I think Haydizzle could do good by Unathi lore.
  9. Lets go down that list of justifications. I assume some of these are justifications for IC actions and OOC actions. - Don't play a female unathi if you don't want to be treated like one. (IC) There are some choices in the viewpoint of Unathi that let you retort with this. Ouerea. Wastelanders. The Queendom. Women from these places, don't have to be treated as an object. But you're still going to get remarks from traditionalist men, because it is in their society that your job for your character, is not meant for you. If you cannot deal with the "IC ramifications" of being a female Unathi in a "male" position, then play a man. - It's part of Unathi culture. (IC) You're entire right. It is. I'm not going to make a bullshit character because you don't want me to play a traditionalist that acts like one. - Seperate the IC from the OOC. (Bit of both.) Here, does require context. If someone makes an uncomfortable remark to you in LOOC, that is not an IC action. Thats, just Local, OOC. And if they persist, it can keep up into harassment. However, you cannot tell them to stop, they stop, and then complain when nothing is done to them. - You shouldn't be uncomfortable OOCly when someone does something uncomfortable to your character ICly. (Bit of both.) I agree, to an extent. For someone like me, the bar is different between what makes me uncomfortable and what makes my character uncomfortable, but I am not universal. If you are genuinely uncomfortable, say so. Leave the situation. Ahelp. - The behavior has good intentions therefore that is all that should matter. (OOC) Whether or not the behavior has good intentions comes into bad faith. If you ahelp someone for being creepy, and they DM you with the same creepy shit, theres that. But if you ahelp, or ask them to stop, and they do not bother you anymore, THIS is what matters. Someone is much less likely to be punished if they do something without meaning to, as far as ive seen. Mistakes happen, people make each other uncomfortable without meaning to. There are tons of people who take something as HEINOUS as "lemme rub that lizard tummy" as a joke. People are not mind readers. - It's not creepy, it's endearing. (OOC) An admin did not tell you it was okay to harrass you because it was cute. An admin gave you his opinion on what was said. And the admin in question couldn't do anything about it, because you lied and said you ahelped it when you did not. and further, it was not harassment in any way. If something makes you uncomfortable, and you say that it makes you uncomfortable, and they stop doing it, I don't know why you would be so hard pressed to get them in further trouble, even though they did as you asked and left you alone.
  10. This may come off as a strange complaint, but dying takes, too long. There is a time period where, as a merc, after being shot with lasers that subsequently hit a welding tank, I was trapped in a vented area. It took, an unholy amount of time to die from the oxygen loss. I feel like I owe it to the game to stick around, in case SOMETHING happens, but if nothing does, its just wake up from pain, take a single step, fall back down, and repeat for 20 minutes. Suffocation, and blood loss, things that knock you unconscious for a very long time but very quickly, are not likely to ever be enjoyable. But it seems like the pain for it sets in VERY fast. Which, in a way, makes sense. But, once I was in an elevator that was vented for half a split second, and I went into paincrit.
  11. Almost the entirety of a Head Revs credits for their own Armory seems completely fair to me. +1.
  12. Mech items are already in the Traitor kit buyables (unless the Jury Rigged Laser was removed, which considering the mech update it might have), so I think something like this would be balanced. Especially if Security tries to meme your mech with their own mech, you can shut that shit down. I don't know how balanced removing one hand in exchange for less damage (IE: What is the obvious idea for a Shield) would be when you already have another hand and shoulder slots for weapons, and at that some powerful weapons. Maybe make it so you can raise it in exchange for being slowed down and also being unable to use offensive tools.
  13. I really don't think Cadets should be removed. Maybe just keep the same number, 2, to the Security department. I may VERY well have missed how many officers are where (there are a lot of comments here), but it is 1 per Department, + a HoS and a Warden for Security? That sounds fine to have two Cadets in. Maybe just also give them the freedom to shadow any officers, not just a General Security officer.
  14. 50 TC just seems like a bit much, to me. How much does the Armory dropper cost? It should be quite a bit, considering some of the firepower in it. I guess if 100 TC for two Head-Revs is also for the entire Revolution. I also have an idea of, maybe make the Orbital Dropper a gun on its own, but the ammo it takes are types of maybe cards? Chips that you insert and lock down something to send. Miners get a drill chip when they buy the dropper, but an antag Rev can buy "Armory" and "Mech" chips from their own buy thing. Itd also allow (maybe) an easier way to add more antag droppers later, if someone wants to. Also, an "Aggression Implant" might give a tiny dose of Red Nightshade? A drug that literally makes your screen tinted red and makes you absolutely batshit furious. Maybe an "Aggression+ Implant", where both of them give you periodic messages about being fuming, but the + Version gives you an extra boost for a little while. Its also entirely possible this is a terrible idea, and just whats in the changes for now is fine.
  15. More titles sounds nice. Give people more freedom to be exactly what they want. I like the name change, if only for the reason Trauma Physician sounds cool.
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