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  1. Day(s) 0: Prologue I stared blankly at the room before me. The memories of what happened were still fresh in my head. My eyes slowly lowered to her casket. Despite how feisty she was in life, she looked peaceful. It didnt set me at ease. It only made me feel worse. Does anyone else have anything to recount of Lady Sshas' life, which, cut short as it was, was worthwhile while it lasted? I didn't even blink when no one spoke up. I knew how everyone else felt about her. They thought she was a bitch. They thought she was horribly rude and impolite. Unladylike. But I knew she was more than that. The shaman looked around awkwardly, giving his own input. I, for one, thought she was always honest in matters. True to herself, even after she was married. I sigh. The ceremony is similarly awkward throughout. The people there felt like they were needed. They did not want to be there. The day whizzes by, as others give weak, forced condolences. I know no one else misses her. But that does not change how much I do. I gave my everything for her, only for her to be slaughtered by a now-Guwan. They are lucky I didn't get my hands on them, or I would have done far worse. I went home, and spent the rest of the day in bed. Sometimes I was sobbing. Sometimes I didn't have anything left to shed for her. I tried to distract myself numerous times. Television, the extranet. Nothing did the trick. I spent over a week this way. Soon, I would have to return to work, but I knew I could not focus on it. The newspaper did not help, with the obituaries listing her name. Images of the wasteland came into my head. Wandering, as a Guwandi, seeking death from better warriors. Another Guwandi, driving the spear that would send him to meet his wife again into his chest. I planned for it to happen. To take up the mantle of Guwandi. But, as a last ditch attempt, I looked back through things to distract me. I did not truly want to die. I merely wanted to be united with my wife again. The newspaper is what caught my attention, as I looked through familiar pages over and over again. NEEDED: Physically fit adult Sinta male for a long term experiment. Cash will be supplied to the subject or the subject's family in the case of death. The fact they specified that made me curious. If I took part, and died, I would get both what I wanted and something to bolster the rest of my family. It could not hurt to investigate. Perhaps it would even give me something to focus on, to drive towards. The next day, I sat blankly, in my own thoughts of a meeting room, in front of a team of researchers. Did you hear what we said, Sir Sshas? I nodded slowly, suddenly taken out of memories that still stung. Images of my wife quickly faded away. Adhomai. I would need to live there for 10 years. Correct. You would be given a hardsuit to survive the outside, and the building we have chosen out for you- in a village in the NKA bordering the PRA, would be insulated enough to allow heat warm enough for you to survive. You would be taken from a shuttleport in their capital, by us, but we would not stay any longer. I nodded slowly. And, I feel it is important to note, Sir Sshas. It is very possible you will die while on Adhomai. The planet is freezing cold, and there is a massive civil war. This is to see how extreme of a situation we can withstand. For every year you survive, you will be given an extra sum of money. If you die, your family will recieve the full amount instead. Once again, I nodded slowly. You would also receive basic supplies, enough to make light repair and maintenance over the ten years, but any deeper damage would have to be figured out while there. Now, if you read this contract, you may note. . . I would spend the next month learning rudimentary Siik'maas (I still couldnt speak it, except for the verbal bits, but I could at least understand basic phrases. Yes, no, food, even if I could not speak some of it.) I received EVA training, and got acquainted with a hardsuit that had particularly thick footpads and gloves, to help keep out the cold. Its airtank was also rather large, and it all seemed sturdy. It was heavy, but not too much so. I was not particularly talkative. The village would be informed of my arrival, though not explained what an Unathi is. Some of them might know, some might have never heard of one, but for sure none of them have ever seen one. I will be given enough money useful in the land of the Tajarans to start a job- whatever it will be. Maintenance supplies will be given at the start, while other things like food will need to be bought there. I will also be keeping a journal of my life, while I am there. I hope I am shot. The cold would be a dreadfully slow death, and if I am killed around others, perhaps they will give me the correct burial. Wishful thinking, perhaps.
  2. Sure, it can be dead slime. It would be hardened anyway to be clear and hold in place, and any damage done would simply crack it, which could be welded over like glass. Instead of shattering like treated or pane glass, it'd act like laminated glass, therefore still allowing welding brute damage to make sense. I'd probably also add some to the hand, just for imagery sake.
  3. Slime People- entirely inert slime people, with no mind of their own, are made from Mutation Toxin. Injecting it into monkeys turns them into Slime People, with no indication of any thought or higher function at all. Monkeys born from monkey cubes, which exist entirely for experimentation or research. I once saw a Xenobiologist make about 20 of them, for an albeit dumb reason, but the capacity to make slime people is far, far from impossible.
  4. And is there anything wrong with a gimmick being given greater purpose given what implications it can cause? Skrell are even currently studying slimes, im sure on a much larger scale than we do due to their inherent friendliness with the creatures. If they can be made on the Aurora, they can be made elsewhere, and theres nothing stopping other places from using this. Maybe the fact they're in research facilities adds to their expensive nature.
  5. Theres no reason to light up a prosthetic in fancy lights and shiny chrome, except for posterity (I think thats the word.). Its, lore wise, an implication for slime people. Someone can brag about how rich they are by having slime arms. Maybe high class suits in Eridani use it to flout their position. Its the same reason to choose Bishop over other models.
  6. You are not interfacing slime with the nervous system. You're interfacing a very barebones prosthetic with your nervous system, and dressing it up in cool looking slime. Its fitting a slime-person arm into a regular, exceedingly basic prosthetic to make it much more worthwhile.
  7. My idea was monetized by Zeng-Hu honestly, as another lightweight prosthetic, but NT or Zeng work. Conflict is not an inherently bad thing. Many Skrell might greatly disagree with what they see as effectively turning the remnants of a rebellion long lost into a mockery of fashion they are forced to go along with. Many groups frown upon the use of prosthetics in the first place. Is this worse? Better? Not really a variable? Thats up to an individual to decide. I think by and large the two main ideas are; using a resource given by a horrible war to manufacture prosthetics that both look classy and are functional to the veterans of said war, or a disrespectful mockery of those who lost their lives only to be turned into something aesthetic. But an individuals reaction is up to peoples characters.
  8. Well, it still has some technology in the frame itself. Its in essence, as little of a prosthetic as you can possibly make- and filling the holes and excess areas with hardened slime to look unique. I cant tell whether it'd be really cheap (due to the lightweight frame) or really expensive (due to the dangers of xenobiology required to get the slime-person parts), but I think every prosthetic has the same general code. This would be no different mechanically.
  9. Mechanically, you can make a slime-person to cut off their limbs and attach as prosthetics. Apparently, this is only supported mechanic wise, as they would fall right off into a puddle if you really did that. So, in order to better fit an idea for slime arms, I made this. The arm is in a metal frame, allowing it to hold the slime in place and connect to the nerves of the muscles, while taking up little enough space to clearly see the slime within. Some slime arms might have glitter injected into the arm to be shinier, but the outer membrane would be more solid, hardened up. What is the point? To look cool. Bishop specifically caters towards expensive, pretty looking prosthetics, so why not slime arm prosthetics? They exist to look nice. They'd also be relatively lightweight, since its a metal frame and what amounts to gelatin.
  10. You aren't supposed to use the drills on sand. You use them on rock. Diamond Drills are in no way useless, they mine out rock incredibly fast. This just makes regular sand digging with the shovel take far far longer, and thats the only time people are digging sand. Its nerfing one side everyone uses and buffing one NO ONE uses.
  11. Dionae are unpopular because that have no play in the grand scheme of things. People like to be a part of something bigger, and Dionae are simply not that. Dionae as a whole are, again, observers, not talkers. Setting things up to give them something to talk about, to spark interest in Biesel, would help. Give them things under their belt they can be proud of. As for a few character ideas, something like a Gestalt raised by a lonely but intelligent homebody that grew a load of nymphs which later merged into a Gestalt, and learned under the man that raised them. A Gestalt that was raised in a penal colony, that survived and learned off of lost blood painted on a medical ward's floor that went on to learn that doctoring and went off to apply it in other places, that has a skewed view of the world after having learned everything from prisoners. Perhaps a Gestalt that worked in a mining outpost, sustaining itself off of space light and lanterns, finding the void of space oddly welcoming compared to other people. There are more opportunities, but they're too free, in that they have nothing to connect them with other species unless it is specific to a Dionae.
  12. An idea I had for something to possibly help Dionae anchor themselves would be a representative for them as a whole. An Argus that has taken root (sorry) in Mendell City, speaking as a representative of their people. One that can speak on behalf of them, that Dionae can either represent with or distance themselves from. Just this would give them a voice, something that they can use to be more relevant in their society, that would call out Mendell's problems regarding their kind. Nymphs are treated like animals, which, theoretically, means if you were to break a Gestalt down, you could murder a Dionae easily by getting around the law. Nymphs are, respectively, Dionae children, yet can be stomped to death with a far lesser crime pinned on them. Perhaps improvements on their relations with other species. Dionae that have been in Sol since Skrell met and introduced them to Humans. Dionae that live on Moghes to help with the radiation and to soak up desert sun. Dionae that live in District 9 to help clear the phoron there. Their unique biology allows for prospects that other species simply don't have inherently. To just expand on how other species treat them, and their reactions, which would be working with other devs, too. We know how Skrell treat them, and Humans have probably had time to adjust, but how do other aliens act? Its largely up to the individual, but how did the populace at large see them?
  13. Ckey/BYOND Username: FreshRefreshments Position Being Applied For: Lore Deputy for Dionae Past Experiences/Knowledge: Experience and Knowledge stems only from the Dionae wiki page and Discord. Its not much, but thats what i’ve got. I don’t know how much more is expected, and i’m sorry if that simply isnt enough. Ive written plenty before, but they were never for a real reason other than an innate desire to write, and I never stuck with them long. Examples of Past Work: Only a tiny bit, and as far as I can tell controversial bit of lore from the Unathi page. I got a single mention in a Solarian news article, but I don’t think that counts. Otherwise, none relevant. What do you think about your creative/writing ability? I’m very creative in bursts. I get a spark, and I try my best to let it fuel a sudden fire to write, before simply losing interest. If I have someone else there to keep me on track, even to simply keep writing, I feel like i’m fairly creative. How is your ability to work with others?: In a more professional area, I feel i’m entirely capable of working with others. I think I take criticism decently. I don’t get a ton of criticism on my lore (because I have written a negligible fraction compared to others) so I don’t really know for sure. What is your philosophy about lore in general?: The more engaging lore is, the better in the end. That’s the problem Dionae have. Once you get past the creative and odd biological systems, there is nothing except a Dionae’s history to keep them interesting. Something more to give them more to talk to, to talk about is needed. What do you think you can do for the lore?: Ive got a couple ideas to jumpstart Dionae interest once more. Ive got an idea or two regarding Dionae biology that is left unexamined in game. And, I think I can add a little something to help Dionae draw interest, even to an outsider looking in. What do you like about the lore as it currently is?: The freedom. Part of the problem with Dionae is indeed that they're too distant, but I do like part of the freedom they have. They can come from all sorts of places, with all sorts of backstories because of how they're born. Its entertaining to listen to their stories, and how some of the freakier sounding ones get their names. Dionae are only limited to where a Dionae pod could get to, which i'm a big fan of. If you could change anything about the lore, what would it be?: Aut’akh, but here isnt a place to complain, and that isnt the lore i’m applying to write for. Dionae need to be more than just observers. They need to be participators. I understand the concept of Dionae has its reasons, but on Aurorastation, no one wants to be the listener. Everyone wants to be the talker. For a less general outlook, they need something to represent them. Not even a government, but a leader that makes actions in their name. Even just this allows more than "they're simple watchers". Additional Comments: I want to use this to better myself at focusing on tasks. I also wrote this all at 1 AM and then my internet went out, I went to sleep for an hour and it was back online, so here we are I guess, at 3 AM. The wonders of the internet. Ive also never written long term lore aside from once that didn't go great because I had zero interest in the server and I applied without realizing I wouldn't want to stick with it. But, I love Aurora despite how much I complain about it, and if i'd be writing lore here then I would be much more content with what i'm doing.
  14. I accidentally posted my entire application here. I only realized a single minute after posting I probably wasn't meant to. Woops.
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