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  1. I hate you. I cannot fathom what part of your stupid lizard brain thought this was even a half decent thing to do. My parents told me never to because it would give me cancer, and yet I think seeing your post for half a millisecond bathed me in 25 million rads from Fallout. You are quite literally everything wrong with this community condensed into one man, and if it were not for the laws of this land I would have had you executed, your headless body paraded as an omen of health; the wicked bitch is dead. There are no words in any human language to emphasize what I am going to do to you if I meet you in person, except perhaps "pulp" and "sec help maint ling suck". +1. Cant say anything about Coenraad. He's got a dumb name. Florian was a very interesting character though, despite how little ive interacted with him.
  2. There is an opt out available through simply not voting, or voting for extended. For this, I think it is entirely fair. If you want secret, be willing to contribute to it.
  3. I personally hate being forced into an antag role, but I know plenty of people do enjoy it. Hacked by a Malf AI can lead to other gimmicks, especially if its used in a way other than straight up hackage. I think itd be good to have the option there for people. +1.
  4. I have some clarifications to make on my Uncle, Jo. . . / me sniffles on the stand a little bit as he stares out to the crowd of people ready to haze my lovely uncle, Jonathan. I look to him and he is crying as well. He is holding up a sign begging for mercy and freedom. I look to the crowd, and I activate my darkness energy to silence them because they fear me and I see Jonathan is crying as well. "Heres the thing about my uncle Jonsen", I begin before suddenly crying on the spot. The memories of me and UncleJo battling for dominance are still. . .dare I say. . .Fresh. / me clearly loses it a little bit but pulls myself together. "See. . .I have information that will lead to his saving!!!" I say it very loudly. The crowd screams and gasps but my darkness energy shuts them up once more and then AND THEN I make it grow a little bigger and mumble "dont forget what I can do. . ." before going on. "My uncle Jenson is a good guy!! You can tell because he doesnt let his honor be tarnished!!!! I said fuck you to him and he said-" / me screams as UncleJo takes the microphone and begins beating me to death with it. "AAAAUUUUUGH AHOOOOOGA GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH ABABABABABAABAB AAAAAAAAA" I screech and holler as he dunks the microphone in fry oil to give it +5 fire damage. The audience laughs and eggs him on. "LoOk OuT fOr HiS dArKnEsS eNeRgY". And then, and THEN. UncleJo says something truly harsh. "more like beta energy :D" / me 's tear ducts are crying big very big tearsrs asts i stypign htis hhfhghghf and wh why amnd i being dissresctpected innfiront of allt myyynfraindres MY FRIENDSSEW HHGHGF AND DSGGHGGH WHY DID YOU KILL ME ON THE STAND WITH A SPICY MICROPHONE YOU DIPPED IT IN CHILI POWDER TO GIVE IT AN BOMGNU BOOMGHP Maybe if you were NCIER TO ME YOUIU WERE KINDERT TO ME AND SENT ME WHGWAT I ASKED FOR IN 45 BILLION DOLLARS I WOULD NOT BE HERE NOW DISRESPECTING YOU AND MAKING A MOCKERY OF YOUR LIFE. YOU ARE FOUL, YOU ARE A CRETIN. YOU ARE SCUM ON THE BOTTOM OF MY SHOE AND I AM SCRAPING MY BOOTS ON THE DOORMAT SO FUCKING HARD. YOU ARE THE ABSOLUTE WORST PERSON ON AURORA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! / me screams loud enough to break all the windows, exposing us to space and sucking you out through a grate turning you into beef spageddy killing you instantly and i sit there crying as all my girlfriends surround me and stroke my hair letting me calm down and theyr smoking weed and they offer me a weed bunt but I say no I cannot inhale the smonk or else i'll truly become one with the ahooga babububububububu. They snicker at me and leave me in my vented isolation chamber. Not even my GRLFRIENDS STUCK AROUND, UNCLE JEB. YOU MADE ME LOSE MY WEED BUNT SMONINKM GIRLFRIENDS. YOU PLAY A DISGUSTING SELF INSERT BECAUSE YOU ARE GAMER????? FUCK YOU. WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU ARE VALID TO BE BORNE OF BLOOD AND BONE AND REBORN AS A DISCIPLE OF MODERATION??? WHEN YOU CANNOT EVEN MODERATE YOUR FRIENDSHIPS WITH ME BECAUSE YOU SEND ME A VIDEO TITLED "DELICIOUS HEADCRAB ASMR". I DO NOT EVEN LIKE HEADCRAM. YOU KNOW I DONT. But its fine. Its fine. Its fine. Its fine. Its fine. Its fine. Its fine. Its fine. Its fine. Its fine. Its fine. Its fine. Its fine. DO I LOOK ANGRFRYT TO YOU??? D:<<<<<<< NO I DO NOT. I AM DJUST A CALM BOY NOTHING WRONG HRER I DO NOT HATE YOU UNCLE JETSON. ARE YOU LAUGHING AT ME? DO YOU THINK MY BODY IS FUNNY????? THATS IT. I'M GOOCOMITN G GENOCIDE ROUTE UNDERTALE ON YOU. AUUUUUUUUUUUUGH IM BECOMING A FERAL BEAST AND WHEN I FINISH MY DOG TRANSOFMROAITON I WILL KILL YOU. I WILL MAKE SURE ALL YOUR BONES ARE TURNED INTO WINDSHIELD WIPER FLUID AND YOU WILL DRINK FROM A GOBLET OF HORROR. YOU WILL NEVER KNOW PEACE AGAIN YOUNG MAN. EVERY WAKING MOMENT SHALL BE AN UNTOLD AGONY ON TOP OF THE PREVIOUS, ON LEVELS YOU NEVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE. I HOPE YOU'RE READY FOR THE RAPTURE. BECAUSE I AM ON MY WAY. AND I CANNOT BE STOPPED. +1
  5. Have you ever heard the tale of the Zippo engine? Its not a story the Atmos mains would tell you.
  6. Iconic post. A massive +1. Awards from all around. The academy has decided this post be given top ranking among all of them. You've done us a service. Please. Allow me to award you. /me pins medal of valor on your chest with big smile and big happyiness on face you feel very invigorated by me grandint you this award you can see in my eyes i am wize beyond my years and this makes you feel good like you just drank a tasty coffee after having trouble getting out of the bed in the morning and then the coffee makes you go hm! im awake! this is how you feel right now I salute you. Godspeed.
  7. Indeed, I think the conduct shown here is incredibly poor. Not to mention, the other sprite is universally preferred. A full revert seems completely fitting, in my own humble opinion.
  8. I would be impressed if Marlon compiled a list of every ckey who has ever joined.
  9. Just as clarification, I am fairly certain that Janitor does not have Maintenance access.
  10. Having interacted with Arhaziik on two wildly different perspectives, Skyglazer's ability stay persistent is something I appreciate. They reach out. They come off as a man who is incredibly proud of the Hegemony, and mostly the Hegemony. They've been making enjoyable, long conversation, which is something a Consular should probably be doing. +1.
  11. The same way the standard voting defines enough people. People vote for a gamemode, the top one is chosen. The same thing happens if you don't ready up, or a readied up for a gamemode you don't want to play, because you arent going to be loaded in either way. If certain people have a gamemode toggled off, then it means they do not want to play it. Same as not having enough antagonists, and a gamemode not getting passed on Secret, which happens frequently, again, because people do not want to play the gamemode. I'll be entirely honest and clear in the idea that my intention, if this were added, is to avoid Borer rounds. I personally hate the premise of the gamemode, and I would much rather skip out on the rounds before I get stuck with a Borer in my head that I now have to listen to and go completely against what I would rather do. But I don't want to just dodge every single secret round because of its appearance in the rotations. This is the only gamemode that genuinely makes me not want to play Secret. Other gamemodes that are usually bad exist. Ling rounds tend not to be that good. Vampire rounds. But Borer is the only case that I feel like I would request a way to flat out avoid the rounds they exist on. I would much rather an antagonist cause chaos to my friends day, or even my day, than be stuck for an entire round being an antagonist that either i'm not going to enjoy, or they are not going to enjoy, depending on who gets their way.
  12. I do think that it would work in the same manner- simply denying the gamemode if enough people fall under "I do not want this game at all and opt out", the same as it would people unreadying because they do not want to play a gamemode. I would be vaguely fine with this? Its not a terrible idea, IMO, and id rather take the L and lose out on the round (after all, if I am blocked from the round this way anyway, I did not plan on playing in the first place) than have to deal with the rounds either way.
  13. If secret is chosen, and there are 28 people, and less than 25 actually even want to play Crossfire (not are ok with or without it, but genuinely hate the gamemode and the chaos it brings), then now is the same problem of people voting Crossfire and not readying up. Less than 25 people want to play the selected gamemode, regardless of what it is. How is it fair to them to have to either endure something that they genuinely dislike or just go to cryo with half an hour wasted (assuming this is how long it takes Mercs and Raiders to board and announce they are there)?
  14. You can metagame a gamemode anyway. If someone avoids a gamemode, and then latejoins, and clearly knows whats happening already, that sounds like a ahelpable issue. I don't think that peace of mind for certain people should be withheld due to certain others abusing it, especially when metagaming is already against the rules.
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