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  1. FreshRefreshments

    Mira's Alchemist Set

    Interesting, which for creating RP is good, and already coded together. Plus, any Unathi would be curious about a "Mira Akhanzi", anyway. +1.
  2. FreshRefreshments

    Aboshehab Letter of Resignation

    You've been here since I started, and you left an impression. Did a great job with your time as Headmin, and although we didnt really talk extensively in PMs, I still liked talking to you, whether it was on the main discord or the relay in OOC. Your only problem is that you never held me gently.
  3. FreshRefreshments

    [Accepted] FreshRefreshments Vaurca App

    I find myself making foolish errors with formatting daily. Also, I removed the formatting of bolding and breaks, due to seeing another application where they did not work, due to the codebox. The actual questions remain the same. As for other hives, they view them the way C'thur perspective has; a neutral third party between the K'lax and the Zo'ra. They hold a small level of worry and distrust for hives that are not C'thur, as is natural with things that are different from the norm to them, though the society they find themselves in may lead to this distrust being unfounded, or backed up. Only time can tell. For non-Skrell xenos, things have gone about as well as they can outside of Glorashi. Ztak has done as best as they can to prevent blaming the species, and instead the individual, but Vaurca are not a universally liked species. Due to their relative acceptance in Jargon, Ztak inherently trusts Skrell, and Dionaea by their relation, more than other species, though by no means to the degree of Vaurca, C'thur especially. As for passive-aggressive comments, Ztak takes the advice of the Queen of Masques herself, even if they are not of her brood- show your best face to everyone you meet. As a medical member, they can only hope that their work in the field will help with their reputation.
  4. FreshRefreshments

    [Accepted] FreshRefreshments Vaurca App

    Because for some reason the Forums, at the time of posting this, go side to side indefinitely instead of having an edge and filling downwards, I have compiled it into a Word Document for easier viewing. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HeA-w98Cag6KaBexj6lOmeZkXcNlTxREkG2XTjw2tcQ/edit?usp=sharing
  5. BYOND Key: FreshRefreshments Character Names: Right now, Suzuul Guwan, Erin MacGregor, Jerome Keyes, Dead-Lift, and Olektirov Mazzkajari are the most relevant. Species you are applying to play: Vaurca What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): RGB 150, 180, 255, the color of Unbound of the Recondite Queen. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question Why do you wish to play this specific race: As far as aliens go, Vaurca are pretty, for a lack of a better word, alien. They have had a lot of emphasis in the lore recently, and not without any reasoning. The Lii'dra and everything they have done has been a large changing factor in the lore, and how people react to Vaurca gives me interest. I enjoy playing a character that creates conflict, even if they are not an antag, and for many people, Vaurca simply being themselves does this. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Mechanically, they have two types; Ka, workers, and Za, warriors. Warriors are more resistant to fire, Workers, to brute. All Vaurca breathe phoron and will die without it, and many of them have implants, including internal tanks. Theres the difference between Bound and Unbound, with Bound being an absolutely massive collection of lobotomized workers, while Unbound are the sentient upper segment. Bound Warriors simply arent allowed on station. Role play wise, they dont like bright lights as they have sensitive eyes meant to see in the dark caverns of Sedantis I, they have an ingrained, undying loyalty to their queens, and the Unbound often exploit the Bound. Character Name: Ka'Akaix'Ztak C'thur Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs Ka'Akaix'Ztak was born to the Reconditue Queen, Ta'Akaix'Mouv'lek'tanta C'thur, in the year 2456. Raised the same way any other Unbound Worker, being organically raised for six months before gaining a neural socket and, for another six months, learning all that it would need to to learn to benefit the hive once it was finished. As it entered VR for the first time, it set upon an interesting subject; death, and bodies. More specifically, how to fix, and prevent death as long as possible. Ztak showed interest in medical work, and set themselves to fixing bodies, over and over. Of, at first, Vaurca. Then Skrell, then Humans, then more and more. Eventually, the floors of their VR became caked in blood, though they still set themselves upon repairing, the damage to the bodies becoming more vivid, and more otlandish, and still, Ztak repaired them, no small part due to a subtle flat repair being made to many of them, perhaps without realizing it. As Ztak entered the real world and got into medical work on Glorashi, the realities of life hit them. They were not a world reknowned doctor who knew what they were doing, all the time, and always fixed whatever came in. Sometimes, during Ztak's required internship, then residency, they had to ask questions. But through the whole time they spent, not once did a very important aspect of them falter; a curiosity, and a desire to better themselves. Through this, Ztak learned. Ztak learned enough to become a fully fledged doctor on Glorashi, though even then, they still did not know everything. Ztak spent a couple years making a very local name for themselves as a doctor that at least wasnt going to let you die. More recently, Ztak is a part of Skrellian contract workers, for NanoTrasen, which has led them to their position; requiring to complete a residency on board the Aurora. What do you like about this character? Ztak will admit they dont know anything, but they will first admit that it isnt from a lack of trying. They want to be perfect, even if they are far from it. Their personality is something of unintentionally creepy; spending so long sticking up truly lifeless bodies is where much of Ztaks first experience came from, and injuries fascinate them, in a morbid way. But that is not to say they enjoy causing them, but rather learning to fix them. How would you rate your role-playing ability? 8/10. Not perfect, but I do try to RP as much as I can, and I think other people enjoy interacting with my characters, one or the other. Notes: None.
  6. FreshRefreshments

    Player Complaint - TheOrleans

    I was indeed breaking my hand. After it broke, I was able to slip it out of the cuffs. Thats how I attacked you, the first time. Which, led to you draining me, twice, and then leaving me buckled unconscious to a chair, not doing anything about it once I was. You just left me knocked out.
  7. FreshRefreshments

    Player Complaint - TheOrleans

    There is a reason the mechanic is in place. Its to prevent just flat out being stuck to a chair, like this. When you're a terrified assistant, and all you know is this guy can tell you what to do, on command, you do what you need to do to try to escape. You can fix a broken hand. You can't fix being dead. Again, the mechanic is specifically in place for a reason.
  8. FreshRefreshments

    Player Complaint - TheOrleans

    Yes. I was stuck, handcuffed, due to your own decision. You cannot easily break out of a cuffs and chair, unless the other person is paying 0 attention. One of the mechanics, set in place to combat this, is chewing your hand, which can cause the cuffs to slip off. You cannot handcuff someone with one hand. There was nothing else I could do in the situation that did not end in me being thralled, or vamped.
  9. FreshRefreshments

    Player Complaint - TheOrleans

    I don't know how you didnt notice that, considering I told you. Also, you drained me twice. I had a broken hand, yes. I also did not have nearly enough blood to keep myself alive. You asked me, I presume, ICly what I wanted. And because I could not answer, ICly, because, again, you drained a large amount of my blood twice, you just let me slowly die from a small wound, and from the oxygen deprivation from a lack of blood.
  10. FreshRefreshments

    Player Complaint - TheOrleans

    Yes, I was Olek. You walked up to me, and because I dont meta, you told me repeatedly to look in your eyes. So, I did. And then you dominated me, told me I was not allowed to say a single word, and to follow you, where to took me to this farm, and locked me up. This doesnt allow for any sort of RP. I made it very clear, over and over, that I was not allowed to talk. Because I was unconscious, you just left me there. What made you think I wanted to die, slowly, bleeding out, in a chair, with no medical available because you wrecked the medical bot that was in the room. Is it not natural to assume, yes, I would like to be free, and I would like to be alive, and actually awake. It wasnt fun interacting with you, and it was enjoyable, albiet one sided as it was, to interact with Aimee what little I did. You kept going on about ruling the station, making us vamps and then releasing us, which, when I said I did not want to be a part of, ended my round with me being unconscious, bleeding out because I tried to escape by biting my hand off, and you drank a large amount of my blood twice. Prate quoted a cult round you were a part of, where you went on a massive murder spree, decapitating multiple people, even ones that were dying, simply because you could. I was then informed after trying to get you killed, never directly doing so but instead egging others on, that cult members, even if they are murderboning and going on a rampage, are not allowed to go against other cult members, in any way. So, I stopped. There is also the round I remember being a part of where you, as a merc, were unhappy with the train we were taking. We were leaving, because we got what we came for and no one was really enjoying it, and you and someone else set up a nuke and asked for 3 sacrifices, going on about human trafficking. Overall, I dont think this should be a character complain. I think TheOrleans should be antag banned, because this is three seperate occasions where he has made incredibly unfun situations. You kept going on about how Aimee forced us to be there, when you COMMANDED her to restrain us and sit us in place. My interactions with you as three very different characters, The Dragon, a merc, Dead-Lift, as a cultist, and now Olekitrov as a victim for a farm? We didnt have to be there. You understand the game well enough to unbuckle someone from their chair, and drag them away. It was very easy to remedy the situation as best as you could, but you simply made it worse. Your attitude in LOOC was very certainly not helping.
  11. FreshRefreshments

    Incident Report - 11/16/2460

    Reporting Personnel: Dead-Lift Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Cargo Technician Game ID: bXn-afGw Personnel Involved: (Name, Job Title: Offender/Witness/Other) - Dead-Lift, Cargo Technician: Victim - Zakim Al’Mansur, Head of Security: Offender - Nick Volvalaad, Security Officer: Offender - Obi Mwang, Quartermaster: Witness - Julia Rodriguez, Head of Personnel: Witness - Muhawir Nawfal, Hydroponicist: Witness/Offender - Darrel Hughes, Warden: Offender Time of Incident: (If unable to provide, leave blank) Real time: Reported 10:08 11/16/2018) Location of Incident:Arrest took place in Surface Meeting Room, assault took place in Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury [x]Destruction of Property [x]Neglect of Duty []Harassment []Assault [x]Misconduct []Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: (General description of the incident, to include as much detail as is deemed necessary) A cargo bounty called for Corgi meat, and after much deliberation, Julia Rodriguez called this unit to her office, and told them to kill the corgi, quietly and painlessly, with no suffering. While walking past Hydroponics, unit saw Mister Nawfal and got the idea of getting a leather knife. Muhawir Nawfal, after being asked and learning it was to dismember a dog, instead told this unit to hand off the corgi, and that they would kill it. Unit waited for them to do so, and took the meat to Cargo, sending it to Central. Unit was called to a meeting with the Quartermaster, presumably for Cargo matters. Security interrupted, and arrested this unit under the charges of suspicious conduct, animal cruelty, and threats of injury. While being processed, Nick Volvalaad smashed this units head against the window, for all this unit can assume is religious glory. Suspicious Conduct: None. Accused of being faulty and violent, when this unit did nothing faulty nor violent the entire shift. Animal Cruelty: Killing Ian, in a painful way. Ian was dismembered painlessly by another crewmember, and it was under the order of Head of Personnel Miss Rodriguez. Threats of Injury: Because Mister Nawfal, under his own decision with no pressuring, killed Ian, and then attempted suicide because of it, this unit was blamed. Someone claimed this unit forced them to do so, when this unit did not. As Security was busy with other matters, they were unable to give any evidence, and even after they did, it was nothing relevant. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: Julia Rodriguez, Head of Personnel. Actions taken: Nothing, as far as this unit can tell. Additional Notes: None.
  12. FreshRefreshments

    [1 dismissal] Remove Ion Rifle From Armory

    Id be all for lowering the two shot drain em and slain em of Ions, at least for IPCs and maybe borgs, with Geeve's answer of on par with a laser rifle, which, for unarmored targets, still deals plenty of damage. Maybe even ghetto armor that Synthetics can get to give a chance of an Ion failing to do any damage for the shot? Removing the ion entirely sounds excessive, though.
  13. FreshRefreshments

    [Accepted] FreshRefreshments IPC Whitelist app

    Indeed, Tau Ceti is their first time off world, and as such, all the policies that differ will come as a surprise, with all the character development that comes in the new light of Biesel, and workimg for NT. But, with more freedom, comes more opposition to Synthetics. Aristalus is particularly going to be a polarizing spot, what with a Synthetic freedom advocate, thats also siding heavily with NT, something that conflicts with his owners ideals.
  14. FreshRefreshments

    [Accepted] FreshRefreshments IPC Whitelist app

    As a result of swapping hands so many times, they now have a difficulty in becoming truly attached to other people, ironically, especially Dregs. Their whole life, everyone they've had has been swapped from them, and although they aren't truly sad about losing certain people that treated it poorly, it was still left with a bitter, lingering feeling. This is its first time in a place where IPCs can be citizens, but the idea of a free IPC is so foreign that they aren't sure what they would do with it. Interacting with crew all depends on how they see synthetics, but it isnt the type to speak out about synthetic rights or stand up for their inequality. Beneath a rough, rugged paint job is an IPC that is totally complacent in its position, and one to take hits rather than fight back.
  15. Agreeing with Doxx, Essh is an amazing officer who I love to interact with as Karak, and as others, including our two interactions while I was The Dragon. The jobhopping seems a bit much, but its not the biggest problem and just sticking with Officer, Miner, or Chef would solve it. I had a problem of Jobhopping before pretty much making a set character for most jobs. Also spent some time talking to Amy Wright, shes good too. If anything, the app seems a bit short, but you do show an understanding in what is there. +1 from me, from your interactions as Essh, even if there are other people who are better than yourself, your RP is easily a 7-8/10.