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What Lovecraftian Horror are You!?!


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I am Yog-Sothoth

You are Yog-Sothoth, the Key and the Gate. You are Time and Space and the patron to all wizards. Anyone who wants time and space at their control must serve you and must become part of you when they die. You care nothing of humans and their mental state but rather give anyone who is worth of your powers that which they desire.

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Of all the threads the deserve some necromancy, this is the most deserving.

Arise, and blight the world anew.

Is there a questionnaire thingy or are you expecting people to just think of their own and post why.


It... Um... Wasn't a yes or no question Ten...

But I choose Hastur for myself. While not quite native to Lovecraft it is hinted at in Lovecraft novels to note that the lore runs along the same lines. I choose him for his mysterious ways. Many claim to know him but they all only know facets and many of them are not the same.

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