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The Best Level 7 Biohazard

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BYOND key: HunterRS

Character names of all involved: Uriel Evans, Ryan McLean, Kuhserze Ioraks, Ka'Akaix'Yava C'thur

Documentation of the event, Link to post/Screenshot in game. If multiple screenshots please compose an album: http://prntscr.com/kbehck

Have you read the application rules??: Yes

Have you made sure this incident didn't result in administrative action? Yes, complete RNG

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each.

Why does this moment deserve a spot in the Hall Of Fame?: Level 7 Bio hazard announcement, engineering get emitters for a blob, hour rolls by and no one knows where it is, turns it out got stuck in the arrivals dock grass area. After Engineering went to look at it they just stated they don't need to deal with it, and Uriel Evans asked McLean about the "Art". Which is the quotes provided. I believe this deserves to be here because engineering was ready for a massive bio hazard and saw this little cute bio hazard get stopped by windows

Are you certain we are all laughing together are not shaming someone?: We are shaming the bio hazard, he tried so hard to go somewhere but got stuck in a box.

Final thoughts/anything you want to add?: Praise RNG

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