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IntraNet URL suffixes + Are Signals transstellar or bounced

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For the purposes of this post, I will be following the google definitions of Intranet and Extranet and not just calling them Extranet because I believe there is a reason it's called the Extranet and not like the Exonet of Galaxynet.

The title may sound confusing, but I just mean stuff like .com or .org, I've had this question arise as I've been wondering myself...what the fuck do people use besides .nt to end their things? Syndicate must use their own thing as they use their own Intranet and wouldn't ever insult themselves by actually using ".nt" when they're meant to be NT-haters in some sort of way. I've checked the On-Forums SyndieNet and I've seen some contracts use .tau, does this mean intranet suffixes is just the name of whatever system they're in or originated from? Are Intranet and Extranet signals even transstellar and go past star systems? Are there stations dedicated specifically to telecommunications to bounce around signals from one system to another?

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