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Hemshire (spelling?) Character/Player Complaint

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BYOND Key: SatinsPrist666

Game ID: Many rounds this happened over so.... One specific one can't be gave

Player Byond Key: hemshire (spelling may be off)

Staff involved: I asked Alb over a ticket in game if a complaint should be filed. They said to go ahead, since it would be a lot to look in to over just one round.

Reason for complaint:

Character development and the De-canonization of something that had been built up over a reasonable amount of server time.

Niko Palmero was a cadet aboard the N.S.S Aurora. Niko developed a lot of cannon interactions between not just security staff, but some Command staff as well. My Captain has seen them as a cadet, as well as my officer and chemist. Last night (or night before last, I have a bad memory), Palmero came on as Warden and not cadet. I'm totally chill if there's a reasonable RP reason why a cadet would immediately go to warden. Maybe that's what they were trained to do! Cool, as long as they have the education behind it.

That... wasn't the case with Palmero. Hem stated in ooc (that very round he joined as warden) that because they hadn't joined any cannon rounds, Palmero's cadetship wasn't cannon, and thus he could be a warden. (what even is a cannon round on Aurora? Cannon event rounds? Extended? unsure what they meant in the first place!) That's... not how Aurora's cannon system works.

Now, people decannonize things about their characters all the time, but to completely wipe out something that broad and influential is quite a step and should have been told to everyone that interacted with that character. Someone asked them ICly how they went from cadet to Warden and their response was "I haven't been a cadet for 5 years". Hold on. That... completely pushes 5 years of lore onto those that interacted with them (and aren't clued in to Hem decannoning their time as a cadet on the Aurora.)

Furthermore, Niko developed a lot of character to character relationships (both private and co-worker) while he was a cadet. It's very strange to just do this without taking into consideration all the other people you've interacted with.

Now, Niko is his character, and he's more than welcome to fiddle with his timeline/cannon/interactions as much as he wants, but I feel like he should have made a better effort to inform people OOCly about the change to his character. Now we're stuck with characters that know him as a cadet, but are unsure how to treat him ICly. (As an old friend from 5 years ago? As a new co-worker? What's going on here?). It messes with everyone elses cannon, and I feel like they should have taken more time to prep people for this big change in a character that's already somewhat made a name for themselves in the department.

Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? Yes, but Hem wasn't on when I made the ticket regarding the incident(s)

Approximate Date/Time: Ehh... all this week and some of last week, mostly evening rounds (CST time)

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Both party's were talked to and a agreement was made. Due to confusion on Hemshires part, he changed his character around to play warden which he wanted to but couldnt due to the ten day limit. It has been agreed that Niko is 27 and was a cadet canonicly and finished his training just recently to become warden, but that he was a cadet elsewear before. This means there is no gap's in forcing other's roleplay and he has been talked to about what is canon and ic and whats not and how this impacts others. Leaving this open for 24 hours before locking and archiving.

[mention]SirCatnip[/mention] I DID IT DAD KACHOW

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