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[Completed] Ziva's Bandana

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BYOND Key: SierraKomodo

Character name: Ziva Mo'Taki

Item name: Ziva's Bandana (Or 'Old bandana')

Why is your character carrying said item to work? It's a bandana she has had and worn since she first started doing repair work when she was young. It was given to her by her father as a birthday present a long time ago, and she's had it ever since, never seen on the job without it.

Item function(s): Worn just like any other bandana

Item description: An old, orangeish-yellow bandana. It is has a few stains from engine grease, and the color has started to dull.

Item appearance: An orange and yellow striped bandana (Similar to an engineering bandana) that is starting to show its age - The color is fading, and there are a couple of oil stains on it despite being washed daily.

Additional comments: Having a consistant look for Ziva's bandana would be nice, instead of having to swap out between engineering/others depending on whether or not she's actually in engineering. The bandana is just a part of her style and who she is, like Karima's flower pin xD

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