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Fairness and Honor - Security Unban

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BYOND Key: Fairness and Honor

Total Ban Length: don't know

Banning staff member's Key: Alberyk

Reason of Ban: fell asleep while playing security for second time and was ssd for 1 hour

Reason for Appeal: I'm appealing because the reason of the ban is me falling asleep on one round, which I understand is wrong. I'll cease from playing non-visitor roles while I feel sleepy. My sleep schedule is messed up and I had to wake up on some hours so I went off to bed and tried to sleep about 30 minutes so I don't spend the day extremely tired, ended up sleeping for much more time instead and my character was ssd for 1 hour. I'm ok with lowering this from permanent to temporary if it is permanent, which I don't know. This is my second time falling asleep as sec and first one was like 5 months ago. Disregard this if the ban duration is really short like 1 day or hours. note that the stuff I mentioned about getting another sec to torture a ling was on the round before that and I was a ling and said guy agreed to it since he was a ling and wanted to escape via morgue but got chloral'd.

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