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Hypospray rework etc.

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Its always irked me why hyposprays can be used against armored targets, as it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

The hypospray utilizes compressed air to inject its contents into the patient, needle and blood free.

It mostly works through clothing aswell, but it working through a 2+ inch layer of armor, plating and whatnots is just ridiculous.

So I propose the following changes:

The syringe: Stays the same as it always has.

Autoinjector: Will act as a syringe against EVA gear (Voidsuits, rigsuits) and cannot be used against armor.

Hypospray: Cannot be used vs armor at all, not even void/rigsuits.

I feel this will contribute to a more realistic system when it comes to injections.

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You don’t want to be the person dying from this. Granted, I always have a syring me on me anyway.

But in any case, the syringe flavor text indicates there are injection ports. A hypospray would work on these.

And in a world where RDs have research to support them, CEs have void suits, HoPs have armor and guns, being a cmo with the most useless syringe and a nerfed flash is getting mighty spooky.

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