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[Completed] Nicks Medical Necklace

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BYOND Key:Nanotoxin

Character name:Nick Straughan

Item name:Medical Necklace? If there's a better name, I'm down.

Why is your character carrying said item to work?Nick Straughan was in an accident while working on a farm. He ended up with a multitude of prosthetics and his body doesn't agree with his mechcnical eyes (They bleed and he gets intense headaches). The necklace is there incase of an emergency so the doctors or whomever will know to not let him open his eyes without them.

Item function(s):Just like regular glasses

Item description:A small silver necklace with the words ""Prosthetic Rejection Syndrome. Body rejects mechanical eyes. Shaded eyewear needed. Nick Straughan." engraved onto it.

Item appearance:Just a small silver chain that goes around the neck with a little tag.

Additional comments:If it's denied it's cool, just wanted to add something more to the character.

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