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Mask Voice Tweaks


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I think we've all had that time when we're wearing a mask, hardsuit are sitting in space without an ID and someone asks us.

"Who are you?"

And we have no way to answer because talking would reveal us instantly.

Now I'm not proposing your name changes depending on what ID you're wearing, or that speaking over the radio with a normal mask and with someones ID would broadcast their name or anything. Or that ID reading range should be changed or whatever.

What I'd simply like is that when one doesn't have an ID and their face is covered and they're speaking to someone one on one. That their voice will simply state "Uknown" instead of "Unknown (Ann Tagonist)".

Emoting already does that and using your voice in a mask shouldn't be so easily recognizable.

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Or just a verb that changes your speaking mode to talking differently from normal, with the express purpose of hiding your identity. It wouldn't be that difficult to purposefully speak in a way that's unrecognizable from your usual voice.

But still

+1 as-is, it would be nice to not need a voice-changer unless you're actually trying to impersonate someone else

Concern, though: How does this affect radio chatter? Now everyone wearing a mask would appear as "Unknown" on common... That's one reason it might be better to make it a toggle-able verb

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Isn't it kinda disjointed that you could be speaking to someone in person, and your voice be masked, but have your voice be unmasked if you turn around and speak into a radio? Like, what's the IC explanation for how your mask only distorts your voice unless you're speaking into a microphone?

Maybe it's that you're wearing your headset inside your mask, but then that leaves no explanation for wall-mounted or handheld radios

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