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Antag Chances Statistics


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So what I've noticed is that a lot of secret gamemodes tend to occur a lot during gameplay. More so that what is statistically reasonable, I think, so I did some investigating.


I created a chart that shows which antag type gets picked the most. As it turns out, there are quite a few surprising flaws that I'm not sure that the people who chose these chances are aware of.

Flaw Number 1: Ninja occurs way too often.

Ninja has a 16.3% chance to occur in secret. The median gamemode chance is 9.1%. That's almost double. While it is fine for a gamemode to have a more than average occurrence, ninja doesn't' feel like it would be fine to have this attribute. So far it has the greatest advantage when considering mixed gamemodes, greater than something has flexible and well-known as traitor. A solution would be to lower the chances of a single ninja occuring on the station.

Flaw Number 2: Raider/Merc occurs way too often.

Ninja having a 16.3% chance to occur is pretty high, however when you consider merc/raider as one type of antag, merc/raider has a 16.4% chance to occur. Also considering how often that gamemode is voted, it's pretty damn high for an HRP server. A solution would be to lower the chances of merc/heist/crossfire so those gamemodes don't happen every other round.

Flaw number 3: Changeling Exists

pls remove changeling

Flaw Number 4: Single Antags occur way too often.

Gamemodes like ninja/wizard/malf can be super fucking boring if the antag is bad. So much of the round relies on them being interesting, and most of the time, they're not. I think these gamemodes occur way too often and need to be adjusted.

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