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Voyd2000's Diona(e) Whitelist app.**Removed** [Declined]

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Hello again Voyd! Sorry it's been so long, as always life has not been kind. Glad to see you've returned to round two- now it's time to D-d-d-duel! review!

So, first thing I see:

Please provide well-articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

I've been having a lot of fun playing Nymphs(One Who Sees) and want to expand my character into a full-blown Dionae, I find the species rather interesting and probably one of the most alien critters we have on board the station.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

like in any case when playing a nonhuman I believe the real challenge is considering or trying to plan out what an alien would think of a given situation that is very human-centric, and the challenges that arise when trying to adapt yourself to an alien's culture, social norms, and language.

Neither of the above were written in a paragraph minimum like it was requested on the forum stated in bold. Please fix that! The species is clearly different from playing humans. But you have to elaborate on how and why. And come on, I know you can find more reasons on why you want to play! Expand on your statements. Now, onto the background.


Character Name:One Who Sees Through The Lens of Many

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Alien oddity case file 001a - "The Seeds"

The "One who sees" genome originates from a core sample taken by a survey team for NT, tasked with finding mineral wealth in deep space, this particular rogue planetoid was caught in the gravity of a red dwarf, no bigger than the Earths moon but with the unique and perplexing fact that no matter where the survey team took a core sample a two inch layer of ancient seeds was prevalent, it was estimated that if the entire planetoid was covered that there very well could be trillions of seeds all trapped in a layer of rock between eight hundred thousand and a million years old.

Initially the seed layer was misidentified and a number of core samples went missing totaling about two million individual seeds, however, it wasn't long before word got out of the find for the Skrell to show up and ash the planetoid, destroying all of the remaining subterranean seeds.

The missing core samples containing the seed layer were later to be happened upon by a trader who had further misidentified the seeds as organic growing medium nutrient pellets.

This trader ended up docking with the Aurora and a hydroponics worker with a good eye for spotting Nymph seeds quickly bought up all of the "nutrient pellets" The hydroponics worker tried and tried but was unable to grow a successful Nymph from the seeds, until after around a thousand tries, a single pod opened up to reveal Two small nymphs holding tendrils and looking around curiously.

This entire bit right here is next to an impossibility, as well as more or less unacceptable from a lore aspect. I'm certain that NT survey teams would be able to identify Dionae seeds as it being a known species in sapient space, and that NT would want such individuals educated in the species for signs of life and the like in a place that could very well be populated. Secondly, Dionae don't ever plant that many seed in such concentrated and cramped conditions, nor in an underground cache. All seeds are sent drifting to far-off places in small numbers to reduce risk of overpopulation as well as expand on area covered for their own exploration and knowledge-gathering, which is stated in the lore, which makes me suspect you've merely skimmed over the information. Thirdly, the seeds would never be dormant. If it's exposed to space which is rampant with radiation beneficial to their health, it would germinate and grow. Fourth. A planetoid has been recently used to describe a dwarf planet, which means that was a hefty amount of seeds somehow buried beneath the surface. Such a discovery would've surely been added as lore as it's a rather important find, yet it's not. Unfortunately, nor will it as such a thing has no reason nor possibility to exist in such a way. And last but not least, Skrell would have no reason to destroy such a find whatsoever when it could have been used.


Ain oddity case file 001b - "The Twins"

The Twins Ying and Yang were the first recorded successful Nymph birthing of this ancient seed genome, further research at Central command discovered that they were inseparable, they went everywhere together and were often seen performing a sort of social grooming between the two of them, chittering and chattering as if sharing ideas and telling stories with each other.

At first, when researchers introduced them to other Nymphs and Diona they exhibited aberrant behavior to the norm, refusing to or being unable to understand their kin, being greedy and possessive and in some cases downright hostile towards Nymphs and Diona outside their genome

There was a mixup in the lab and the remaining seed samples were shipped and packaged with other normal seed samples tagged for distribution to The Aurora facility.

Again, more lore problems. Their genetics are still something I have to work through as well as their behavior, but if resources are plentiful and they aren't merged, there should be zero infighting between Nymphs. They can bicker. They can disagree. But all generally get along with one another, no matter where they came from. They are also able to communicate and understand each other well- there is zero seperation as that would suggest a culture. Dogs from different parts of the world can understand one another just fine, but not the people from those regions. And there's also a huge reoccurring theme of negligence here in the way of identification and the like... I doubt it's possible for it to be so easily done with so many successions.


Alien oddity case file 002a - "The Arrivals"

Ying and Yang were kept in a research laboratory for a long time, They became like office pets, the department mascots of the research division until one day when a lead scientist arrived at work to find Ying and Yang and a third Nymph all chattering and chittering away with each other.

It didn't take long before a fourth and fifth Nymph found its way into the lab and joined the twins, the origin of these extra Nymphs was unknown but the genotype matched that of Ying and Yang, they were coming from the same seed cluster that was previously misplaced, after a group of four nymphs showed up tracking became a priority and they were quickly tracked to be coming from Aurora station.

As of the current date, Ying and Yang have vanished into a hive-like structure that occupies the entirety of the back wall of the lab, the structure has roughly taken in over three hundred individuals, the lab is pretty much devoted to containing the Nymph mass for further research

The behavior of the hive structure has changed recently as a small herd of nymphs will break off and explore the environment, interacting with objects with a curious composure to its actions, mostly taking the form of what looks like a larger nymph made up of smaller nymphs. Or a blob-like structure that rolls around, 6 to 8 individuals making up the structures, some scientists have been trying to encourage other forms such as a more humanoid shape but efforts have been unsuccessful or fleeting at best with the creature only able to hold the humanoid form for brief amounts of time.

After continued work with the smaller blob of Nymphs it was determined that either Ying or Yang was inside a given group of nymphs forming these primitive Diona forms, two distinct personalities started to emerge, Ying is much more in your face curious, freer flowing and balanced movement vs Yang whom would much rather sit at a distance and quietly watch, is jerky and slow to move and make decisions.

The fact that a stowaway was treated so casually is a bit iffy, and the lost samples having all found their way back to one another is astronomical, not to mention the fact that they all came from the Aurora. Again, it would have been lore that would have been needed to be canonized and recognized within the community, which it is not to have this group of oddities living on station. There's also inconsistency here: Where did all the other Nymphs come from? Didn't the "samples" for some reason not get along with others? It's impossible for those "samples" of Nymphs to reproduce on such a scale as again, they only produce one seed per year. Additionally, you make it sound though as if two Nymphs act as a Worker's "core", which in the lore it's stated that only one takes the position. Without multiple cores, they cannot have "multiple personalities", and new Gestalt formations are in general slow and almost "cold" with how distant they behave. Although I do like the shape-experimenting as that's something they would do (and have yet to add properly), it again sounds as though you have not quite read the lore.


What do you like about this character?

One Who Sees Through The Lens of Many is quite the mouthful! however crazy name aside, I don't quite yet know exactly what I will enjoy about this character, I guess the unpredictability and first-timer alien thing is a fun thing for me and getting a chance of the split personalities of Ying and Yang to govern the actions and behaviors of a given shift

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

I don't think it's my place to rate my own ability as I could be bias, but I believe people have generally enjoyed my characters when they have interacted with people in the game space, such as One Who Sees, KEDI and Kanza and have always had positive feedback from it, so I guess I'm not bad? Which is better than okay.


I stop short on the lore as I was going to write a story if I didn't stop, I can provide any clarifications and answer any questions as needed.

Both of the questions above default back to the "one paragraph minimum" rule, and these are not done like that. But it's fine, it's a common mistake. I would like to know (via lore) how the Gestalt came to have their name, and I will have to remind you that Dionae cannot have more than one personality- their personality is emulated by the core/torsal Nymph. You will also have to explain in their lore what role they would like to have, and what their pursuit is- whatever that has attracted their attention and wish to study. We cannot have job-hopping alien races; that's what a toss-away human assistant/intern/apprentice character is for, to figure out different departments and learn them. And again, expand on what you like about the character. What are their quirks? Personality? Something that you can relate to? As for your role-playing, I'd like for you to expand on why you gave yourself that score- and it's absolutely fine to admit to faults or difficulties that you've had in the past while playing, be it IC or OOC mistakes. In fact, I encourage it!

Overall, I don't feel very good about this application. It looks though as if you need to re-read the lore (and I'm needing to elaborate on it further because there are things evidently missing). So, you can either continue to ask questions/answer this reply, edit this application accordingly, or wait to try to figure out something better. Just remember, I am always here to help and if there's something you're uncertain on, feel free to directly contact me through here or on Discord using the information on the signature below!

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