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  1. I honestly don't know what I was thinking about when I considered this application, Kyres1 is the painfully obvious fan favorite here, So I'm pretty much going to back out at this point as I feel like this questioning thing is just a formality to say you considered other people when we already know they've got the job. It was a great run! thanks to the eyeballs who came by and had a look at what I had to say. But to summarize maybe one or two of the questions. Mainly the personalized ones keep in mind these are summarized answers since I'm basically pulling out of the race- -How do see synthetic narratives in our setting? Example: What do you think organizations like Purpose serve in the greater lore?- The Purpose is filled with mystery lore, And that's precisely they are a mystery, maybe there is a pile of hidden lore or headcanon somewhere but as far as I'm concerned, this group is entirety fluff or bloat as it has little to no impact on your every day IPC at the moment from what I can tell. -What lore do you think the average player cares about when making a character?- It's a difficult question to pinpoint and predict what each person values when it comes to making a character and how they want that character to fit in the universe. However, whenever I would consider lore I always tried to develop things that were more of a framework or scaffolding that they could hang their character on or build around if they wanted to but never forced if they had other plans within reason. But to be brutally honest in my experience in the past the average players don't particularly care about the lore unless it's going to impact them in the game space whether it be positive or negative, mechanical or social, or if they're going to be immortalized through some canon lore event. So if playing a particular species means they can't play a certain role, they're going to want to know that information up front and why they can't and the lore behind it. If mechanically, for example, say they can only eat meat, that would be a super important detail they would probably want to know about and the lore as to why its a thing. Anyway I'm rambling and basically answering questions for nothing! good night, godspeed!
  2. Ckey/BYOND Username: Voyd2000 Position Being Applied For: (coder, mapper, spriter): Synth Loredev Past Experiences/Knowledge: I was head of Tajara lore on another server and have been a player on this server exclusively for about 4 years. Examples of Past Work: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UGunQQQX_DJ9rzQCr7IcNwplXbEw6FLNLnR582s3ij8/edit?usp=sharing It's about 40,000 words or so. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UcMbnEDOugep5p8ls0UGzn0tW5bPxDdOFpYDjwk16E4/edit?usp=sharing This was another overhaul of Tajara I was working on., Creatively this version was more a clean slate away from being what I like to call "Space bums" Preferred Mode of Communication (Skype, Steam, etc.): Ingame or Discord if it's unavoidable Additional Comments: I'm a bit late to the party and it seems everyone has picked their favorite already but I figured I would throw my hat in the ring, nothing much to lose by trying, I would come in like a wrecking ball and let alberyk clean out the bloat of synth code and work with what is left. --- A small sample of a creative change I'd try and push. This is a small snip of two changes that I would try and mold/make into the existing player base without dinking around with their own headcanon too much. Positronic brains, what are they and how do they work? I would change how these devices work and thus fundamentally how IPC that use them are constructed/maintained, including their availability and usage. The positron brain would become more of what you could consider a transmitter or a transceiver, each positron brain receiver is custom-built for the given IPC using it, they come in multiple iterations of quantum connections, from the low-end 2 bit transmitter to a high-end 256 bit transmitter, A bit, in this case, refers to how many quantum entangled connections are available to transmit and receive data from an IPC's master core. What is an IPC master core? An IPC master core can range in size from the size of a refrigerator to the size of a bus, although theoretically with enough space there is no upper cap, limited by the ability to exhaust waste heat, An IPC's master core is essentially "it" everything that makes up its personality, It's memories, it's controller algorithms, basically everything! and the quantum linked positron brain allows IPC's to pilot their surrogate chassis around and interact with the universe. This basically means that the beings we interact with on station are remotely controlled by master cores located elsewhere, because of the quantum link nature there is little to no time lag involved with master cores being far away in space. When an IPC goes home you could imagine them parking their chassis in an outlet like a rumba on the side of their master core, this process would also allow the remote chassis to transfer the bulk of its stored data versus trying to transmit through the quantum link, this means they can still suffer memory loss if they are taken off-line suddenly(killed) and reactivated, this would keep clone memory disorder thing intact for those pesky murderous antagonists!
  3. -I figured the toolbox item was a long shot, hence I never put much work or anything into it, This is good to know! Thank you! -Does this mean if it comes down to a choice, I'd have to pick Glitch or KED-IO - Oh boy, hard choice as I think I would enjoy both! However, the KEDI-IO set was more of a hypothetical what if/maybe backup if the Glitch concept was unacceptable. But faced with the choice I would likely lean more toward KEDI-IO, I would put a little more work into said sprites if it was an acceptable concept.
  4. How I planned to RP out more complex communication locally using Glitch's side screens and simply an emote like " /me turns and flashes the text. "I understand" On its side screens. " In the event, a player can't cope with other forms of communication. Or another example /me turns and flashes the text. "Danger do not enter" On its side screen whilst buzzing frantically. The fallback from non-vocal is to literally spell it out lol For coms, it would be emoting such as. " ;! beeps twice, responding to the request for a Borg unit followed by a quick chirp signifying it's awaiting more detailed instructions. " As people will interact more and more with the unit they will figure out the Beeps boops and chirps on their own without me having to sort of narrate the intent. Like with my non-vocal nymph play, it took a few rounds before people started to willingly let me feed, before this I made it a personal challenge to only feed off people whom properly RP offering up a wrist or hand, Some even learning that they have to also take off their gloves, all by way of consistent behavior from my Nymph, with no words started to feed on "regulars" who knew that this particular nymph only feeds when offered a hand.
  5. Ok fixed up some mistakes I made, New file set for Glitch below! glitch-toggle_lights.dmi glitch-smashed.dmi glitch-open-c.dmi glitch-open+we.dmi glitch-open.dmi glitch-open(M).dmi glitch_resting.dmi glitch-eyes.dmi - Updated with simulated glow glitch(M).dmi - Updated with better walking animations. glitch.dmi - Updated with 800 tick delay idle animations when facing east or west. Please Note: The OPEN, RESTING and SMASHED sprite states all have "Baked in" lighting and shouldn't use the "EYES" lighting sprite meant for normal operation. When I say lighting I only mean the visual look, not the in-game mechanic of glowing or lighting areas. 2nd Please Note: I'd like it if the TOGGLE_LIGHTS sprite state was bound to the in-game ability to turn on and off your borg lights I'd like it if the RESTING sprite state was used when using the "rest" emote A few samples of what's in the DMIs Just a demo with baked eye-lights and what the toggle lights look like. Ignore the white line, that's alpha transparency glow losing quality as an animated gif. Animated Glitch - No baked lights - - Idle animation plays once every 2 or 3 mins. when facing east long enough. Claw play and kitty face - Idle animation 2 plays once every 2 or 3 mins. when facing west long enough. Game of Tetris crashes at the worse time. Glitch, Idle stance, No baked in lighting. Glitch in Resting state. Baked in blue lights and flashing Z Z Z side screen. - Animated (From left to right) Glitch Open for Repairs, Showing off its posi-brain and expansion cards - Glitch Open for Repairs Power cell removed - Glitch Open for Repairs, wires stripped down, no power cell. - Animated Glitch Smashed/Dead, Side screen flashes ! ! ! ! in between static bursts - Animated ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. BYOND Key: Voyd2000 Character name: Kanza Al'Falak - KEDI/KEDI-IO - Adama Al'Rafati/One Who Sees Item name: Custom borg skin. "Glitch" Why is your character carrying said item to work? It is the body of the character. Item function(s): Item functions as a borg unit. (Engineering/Miner to start) Item description: Glitch is a hodgepodge of various components. Item appearance: This borg is a mix of various parts and bits, It's origin and or builder are unknown at this time. Pictures of Glitch are below. How will you use this to better interact with the crew and/or stimulate RP? This is Glitch, A larger construction drone chassis built from parts of other drones and even a few custom parts, It houses a positronic brain inside but is a non-vocal critter, using action emotes, flashing lights, beeps boops and pointing in order to interact with and help the crew. Much like miner drones, it is not small enough to fit in drone doors. Glitch stands taller on its legs than normal drone chassis and relies on a lidar sensor atop the chassis to augment its two green ocular sensors to the right side of its chassis Additional comments: N/a
  7. I understand and I hope this ban can be lifted, I will choose my words wisely when dealing with staff in the future and will be more careful with my actions ICly. Thank you for considering lifting this ban and all parties for their input both good and bad.
  8. I would also like to add that during the conversation the topic of power gaming was never brought up, the escalation from a warning to permanent ban came after I said "do whatever you want." Knowing that I had zero power in the situation only for said Admin to come back with "because of your attitude I am permanently job banning from science." So as far as I'm concerned the escalation to perma job ban wasn't related to lack of fear role-play or power gaming, it was because I wasn't being pleasant and it was assumed I was giving "attitude" when I wasn't, You even stated so when you decided to escalate the punishment to a permanent ban, power gaming wasn't the stated issue, it was "a negative attitude" during my interrogation. You're damn right I'm going to be in a negative mood when I'm being accused of things that I didn't do from an individual who doesn't know me, doesn't know my character, has never interacted with me and is now painting my picture however they wish because all decisions are final, okay Judge Dred, you are the Law, can I go now? was my view on the situation.
  9. The misquote above critiquing how Kanza says things is first wrong and doesn't mean anything with regard to her knowledge of a given topic or tech, Her use of what she calls "human words." Has always been incredibly awkward and difficult for her, she refers to guns in two different ways based on which type of gun she is talking about. a "pew-pew gun" means laser-based weapons, a "loud pew-pew gun." means projectile based, She calls binoculars "Zoom eyes." and she calls bombs "Booms" she universally calls all nonhuman aliens "Bugaboos." How she communicates things don't mean a damn thing and is irrelevant. Any Tajara that talks with her can tell you, she is fully articulate with her words if they can get her talking in their native tongue, however this is also rare because she won't do it when humans are around, she considers it rude and she grew up in a place where it was incredibly taboo for human ears to hear that kind of thing from her or members of her family, it was incredibly discouraged and harshly punished.
  10. I'm going to start off by explaining a few things with regards to Kanza. First off she is deceptively young looking and is much older than she looks, she has been around the station for many years and has survived multiple horrific canon events, she has learned that being scared doesn't help situations, it doesn't help humans feel safe, She tries very hard to stay brave and will sometimes give herself a false sense of security by having a gun that she would never use. This wasn't her first time in the science laboratory, Shes been there for a good month and a half or more under the tutelage of some incredible players within science, all of them more than willing to teach Kanza all sorts of things, She's always considered the force gloves the ultimate in passive resistance, employing a strategy of push and run. In this case when I was dealing with threats to her well-being, initially started with the threat of amputation of her arm she was trying to maintain a brave stance for the human behind her that was indeed scared of the situation, my initial plan for the situation was to engage with a single shove and run back to the lab in order to lock the RnD computer, however She was knocked out in one hit with the baton, when she stood up she attempted to enact the original strategy of push and run, the first shove failed on an RNG level, then her and the antagonist traded blows, she was knocked out again and the RNG gods pushed the antagonist away with a power-shove from the gloves. When Kenza woke up from being knocked out the second time she attempted to run and gun her way out of the situation using a limited use plasma cutter that only had six shots, (She used up the previous shots trying to kill invisible monkeys from hallucinations) it wasn't my intent to kill but to fire wildly in the direction of said antagonist and try to run away, be it driven by fear or will to survive, She made it two steps out of the door and was about to throw the plasma cutter itself at the antagonist and run when her head exploded, and rightfully so. keeping in mind that I also had a fully functioning pin installed gun that I could've chosen over the plasma cutter, but I didn't, because it's not in Kanzas character to used close range weapons on people, give her a sniper rifle and it could be a different story but that wasn't the case and the above situation. This wasn't Kanza's first time handling a firearm, she has always been fascinated by them working in cargo, she even tried to become a security cadet in order to foster that curiosity, whether she wants to admit it or not her M'sai lineage is that of brave warriors and fighters, it's literally in her DNA, she may be hyper and objectively cute and sit on the floor but she's not a perpetual victim, especially when it comes to dealing with non-human alien races and keeping humans safe. Kanza has always been quick to hand over a weapon to someone that will use it better than she can, I am personally not robust, I don't play antagonist roles and I have always strived to make antagonist feel safe around Kanza that she would never try to Hero smash them like 85% of the people that play for the valid salad, in the situation above was the first time I had ever gotten a fireing pin from security, and surprisingly he threw the whole box at me. In closing. Yes I still believe what I did was a completely valid escalation and I paid the ultimate price for my escalation and rightfully so, I didn't accept said admins "ruling" because it was based on ignorance, lack of knowledge and assumptions of my character like he said in his post above he's never interacted with me and doesn't know me or my character, And furthermore "tone" was assumed and implied when there was no such thing happening. Granted I wasn't thrilled to be talking with the administration over what I felt was a completely valid situation and outcome but I never once claimed I was going to ignore your warning, I voiced my opposition and wanted to be done with the situation. If you were looking for a "yes sir" "no sir" "please and thank you Sir" attitude, you were not going to get it and if I stroked your ego the wrong way I apologize.
  11. Unfortunately, I don't have any logs and thus a lack of evidence, I've never been through this process so I don't know how to access the relevant data, I apologize. I figured the game ID would help you guys on your end of which I was able to provide.
  12. BYOND Key: Voyd2000 Staff BYOND Key: ShameOnTurtles Game ID: bWq-aEMO Reason for complaint: unfairly job banned, Evidence/logs/etc: Additional remarks: Kanza was job banned from science unfairly because the admin above decided I was giving attitude which I wasn't, and my escalation was perfectly valid given the situation at hand. Kanza was being beaten and tried to run and gun to get away from the situation, she suffered the consequences and that was it. But this person decided they were going to try and police my role-play with false accusations and harassment and false claims, I believe this job ban was an unfair escalation because I wasn't happy to speak with them on the subject and they made the object of claim that I was giving attitude which is untrue, this was a power-play move to slap me with admin dick and I don't appreciate it. I've been playing here for years and this is the first time I've ever had an issue
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