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  1. At the moment feel like there isn't anything I can do without being nit-picked into extended lessons of do and don't that aren't really detailed in the wiki, all I can really do is sit back and agree to everything and try to remember a bunch of these unwritten rules when I eventually decide to play the species. I feel like the species may have a lot of headcanon that isn't quite listed, but in the end, I will try to respect and evolve my character according to the rules set within, although I do wish there was more framework scaffolding for creative choices versus a Bible of rules both written and unwritten, however that's not my call and I look forward to playing the species regardless if given a chance.
  2. My narrative would be to play the nymph as I usually do when I play as the nonvocal critter, I repeat this process through enough rounds until I've gone through enough nymphs to compile a body or if I do well enough in a given round, grow and maintain the form that way, my past narrative before the changes was to grow and struggle to hold form the first few times, once or twice it grows ICly but tends to struggle to stay together and come apart at first, refusing or not quite getting the hang of solidifying the connections between individuals, instead relying on the mentioned "tight handholding" strategy of tendrils coiled tight around each other. after a little while of loose connections and bipedal form confusion it will solidify into your everyday walking talking critter.
  3. Sounds good to me, I will play a few rounds as One Who Sees nymph as I have in the past, only with whitelist I will be able to grow and continue the characters development, Once the Nymph establishes a more permanent Cyclops form it will adopt the name "One Who Sees Many"
  4. Alright so I over thought some of this stuff and a lot of it isn't necessary as far as the mechanics, the only thing that needs to work is to be able to rename the miniature sculptures into new "complete descriptions" The carving tool and its suggested functionality doesn't need to be a thing and can be more of a prop, I'd also like to remove the "curved knife item" more space in the box for the other items (species figurines/pipe/fork'n'spoon) So essentially the only real coding mechanic here would be on the individual wooden sculpture items and being able to change their descriptions/name, preferably one time only. And maybe a special container that will hold only said items. (carved trinkets/curving multitool prop) but this would only be if the item set didn't fit in a standard container code-wise.
  5. Character name: Liza Al'Falak Item name: an ornately carved wooden box with metal accents. Why is your character carrying said item to work? It is a pastime hobby of Liza's, others may go to the bar for a drink, or stop for a bite to eat, Liza would rather sit quietly and carve wood. The box contains a small tool for carving wood, a few small wooden figurines, one for each species, and a set of utensils carved from wood and a Pipe. Item function(s): Ok to summarize what this is, It is a small wooden box, the box contains a unique "carving knife", mechanically doesn't need to do damage and serves another purpose detailed below. Also inside the box are a number of small carved figures(one for each playable species) are no bigger than the action figures that exist in the game, and a set of basic utensils carved from wood. All of this would be super simple items with no special coding attached..But..BUT! The main gimmick here is that I would like to be able to give the various carved items a one-time description, so, for example, I would give someone a spoon, but the description of the wooden spoon would be customized to the individual receiving it, to apply the description I would use the "carving knife" item essentially working mechanically like applying a label to something with the label maker only the label would be permanent and unchangeable once set, the player could then if they wanted to continue to have that item on station, apply for for it here, keeping its original custom description and allowing them to have the custom sprite as well, or just "Take it home" and not apply for the custom item. I don't know how things work when it comes to custom items and actual coding for special behavior of said items, so I haven't done any sprite work, but if this was a viable concept I would get to work on a set of sprites, one for each utensil, and one for each species figure, the carving tool, pipe and the box itself. Item description: -The Box. "An ornate wooden box, hand-carved and covered in fractal patterns and geometric shapes, parts of the box such as small corner reinforcements are inlaid with an unknown metal that refracts similar fractal designs from its subsurface that are carved into the wood, on the front of the box, a silver thin strip of inlaid metal takes the shape of an infinity symbol and stretches the entire length of the front face." -The carving tool. "This strange looking tool has a handle design fit for a Tajara with both ends sporting sharp cutting tips, on one end a small knife like blade with a slightly curved tip, the other end of the tool sporting a three fingerlike blade with each finger of the blade having a different shape or contour, the blades appear incredibly sharp and well-maintained." -The Items.(Without special label applied) "The item appears only partially finished," the above description would be the first part of the description for every item then continuing with a small description based on each unfinished item. "This item resembles a spoon." "This item resembles a fork." "This item resembles a knife." "This item resembles a small unfinished <insert speciesx7> figurine." so an example of a full description of an unfinished item would be.. "The item appears only partially finished, This item resembles a spoon" "The item appears only partially finished, This item resembles a small unfinished IPC figurine. " Each of these descriptions would obviously be replaced once a custom description is in place signifying a finished product, I don't plan to change visually at all from their "unfinished" to "finished" state, just a description change. Item appearance: I haven't made any sprites at this time as I'm still wondering about the very concept of the item and if it's a thing that could be coded with the intended functionality. How will you use this to better interact with the crew and/or stimulate RP? Liza would gift people small trinkets once in a while when she thinks it's appropriate or wants to appreciate someone, maybe she hears a Unathi she knows, talking about a son, so she gives said Unathi and small carved figure of a Unathi holding a weapon and looking like a fierce warrior. Or another random example of giving people utensils when she sees them eating with their hands, she wouldn't be handing these things out left and right, I would choose special moments or even have individuals meet hidden criteria before she would consider such a gift, like a hidden quest lol. Additional comments: my additional main comment is that I haven't provided any sprites just yet as I'm looking for more of a "green light" on the concept and possible functionality with a willing coder take up the challenge and pull it off.
  6. Alrighty after considering my options, forget the second story let's do the first original application thing. For the shorter name will "Who who sees" work? any other outstanding issues?
  7. getting hung up on a small detail like rations or food supplies seemed a little bit silly to me, maybe it was a big cargo ship holding lots of food, I can make up all kinds of stuff. As for the radio waves, the colossus has never encountered technology like this and just absorb the radio radiation as an energy source. since it was already big and entering a starved for energy state before the ship showed up. from what I understand the bigger they get the slower they learn, such as the case that I was going with here. No it's not. dark for the sake of being edgy, I'm almost 40 years old not an edgy teen, granted the story doesn't have a happy ending, and the story wouldn't be known to people, it was just flavorful fluff,I honestly thought it was a better story than the first one. What other inconsistencies are you worried about? I'd rather make the second-story work to fit with the 5hr extended round that I was part of.
  8. Ok so here is the deal and I will try to clear things up as best I can. The first story in the main section of the application was a heavily modified version of my previous application and is still showing the same issues as said previous application when it comes to the seeds and Skrell reactions and if I was still wanting to run with the story I'd be willing to change and redact whatever is necessary to make it qualified. I think my main issue now is that I don't know enough about the Skrell and their intimate relationship with Nymph and Dionae The second story, on the other hand, was a bit of fluff I was inspired to write related to an extended round I played mentioned above, wherein I played a single surviving nymph from a destroyed colossus that was attached to a ship that had crashed on one of the away missions. I came back to the station and began interacting with the crew, mainly the people who replied here and listed their names ICly over a five hour extended round, but I don't know how I would write the round itself into a story like the application above so I decided to write this little short story of something that happened before the away mission. There are two versions of the story universe and that is a much bigger story, it gets dark at moments but has its charming bits in the greater detailed story, The girl can change species from Tajara to Human, that really doesn't matter, I picked Tajara due to the crashed ship ICly being full of Tajara skeletonized bodies, I assumed in my own headcanon a silent narrative of a crashed nobles ship, as I observed the away team before getting spawned as a nymph. I will try to summarize the bigger story in a bit of point form, keep in mind the girl's age has changed in a recently revised larger story that's developing, So let's just jump into it. -Originally the structure that is the Colossus was stuck to an asteroid, orbitally bound around a weak star, very old and ancient but has never experienced anything but life on our asteroid in orbit around a particularly uninteresting star. -Human or Tajara Noble/Wealthy family ship enters the system and makes an emergency crash landing unknowingly onto the colossus causing the entire ship to sink into the Colossus. -All but two crew members are killed with the survivors being A small girl, the family daughter and one of the servants/slaves/live in worker, whatever the case may be,the servant is older and his 20s and 30s, the girl is very young at the beginning of the crash at between 6 and 8 years old. -The two survivors are stuck, unable to send a help transmission as every signal sent ends up getting absorbed by the Colossus, this encourages the Colossus to grow inward, breaching damaged areas of the ship and continuing to grow inside the ship over the years initially fuelled by all the various types of radiation coming off of the ship and its technology, invigorated as well by a primary reactor core ejected after the crash. -Three years since the crash and the two survivors have aged and are still hopeful of rescue, the colossus continues to grow and infiltrate various corridors and rooms, silently watching these new forms of life with eyes in the walls only opening when the survivor's backs are turned. -Four years since the crash, the Colossus has grown to have a presence in every room and corridor on the ship, the girls somewhat still blissfully innocent but the older servant becoming more and more hopeless, aggravated, blaming, and spiteful towards the girl, the little girl being observant has begun to notice the eyes in the walls secretly watching because kids are observant like that, she begins to secretly talk to the walls like one might console in a stuffed animal or other comfort items. -Five years since the crash, the little girl becomes more and more introverted preferring to sit in various rooms and secretly talk to the walls versus hanging out or spending any time with the now angry and spiteful servant guy, things get worse between them as he begins halfing her food rations, the little girl 13 or 14 at this point by age but still in the mind of a six or seven-year-old is very much helpless to do anything. -5 1/2 years since the crash, Our servant guy incredibly paranoid and suspicious now has heard whisperers of her talking to the walls alone in the various rooms of the ship, Only to have her hiding the fact from him when he enters the room, only this time is different he catches her red-handed talking to the walls and has a meltdown freak out, convinced there is someone else on the ship or some other paranoid reason he attempts to threaten it out of her with violence, both physical and attempted sexual before losing his balance as he backs away in shock and horror when confronted with a wall of eyeballs opening behind the girl; unnoticed by her as she lay pummelled and still defiant on the floor, The man tracking backward and away before tripping over a bulkhead and cracking his skull open, he seizes and bleeds out as the frightened girl now traumatized from the whole event runs from the scene. -The girl frightened and terrified avoided that area of the ship for a week, but in her innocence became curious when the guy never showed up again as he always did in the mess hall when it was time to eat, so she worked up the nerve and return to the area only to be unable to find any trace of the man, his blood or even any evidence he even existed, unknowing to the girl his body consumed by the Colossus, she wanders the ship looking for him, calling for him but finds nothing. -It's during this fruitless search by the girl when the Nymph we now know as "The one who sees amidst many eyes watching" makes its first appearance, they go through a process of bonding with an initially rocky start of the girl being frightened of the critter at first but eventually warming up to it like a family pet but with more intelligence. -7 1/2 years since the crash, Over the next two years, the girl and the Nymph build a wonderful relationship, with a mental montage that includes the girl teaching the nymph how to play hide and seek, how to have tea at an imaginary tea party, and a host of other random things a childlike mind would introduce their toys or beloved pet to, even a touching scene where the nymph resists giving her a jab for a quick burst of learning when she recoils in fear from the sharp appendage, the nymph then adopting a much more gentle stance trying to brush and heal and tend the small wound incurred from a game of tag. -The bonding process between the nymph and the girl is ongoing even as the ship and its systems fall apart around them, that is where the final more detailed story I wrote above takes place, no transmission will ever make it out, no one will ever find them, and she's going to die eventually, at this point as the story mentions, they full on talk to each other now and consuming and preserving her memories is the Colossus's way of trying to help this experience live on somehow inside itself through those memories. And that brings us to the away mission and this Colossus's second encounter with sentient life. this part of the story happens ICly over the five hours extended round. with that said, The above would be considered a heavily reduced version of a story that I would use in place of the original applications Lore outline with the planetoid and discolored seeds, instead, I'd be running with the listed summary above that connects into the five-hour extended round that I played as the Nymph.
  9. The short final story of a lone survivor of the crash. A soft chiming alert echoes down empty dark hallways lit every few dozen feet by the soft red glow of dim emergency lights marking doorways. "Alert: failure in primary life-support system detected, backup system has been initiated. estimated time until the complete shutdown of all life-support systemz-zttbztss-sss-." The alert continues as garbled gibberish mixed with bursts of static as the superstructure of the ship groans and strains. "Computer? How long has it been since the last transmission was sent?" A young Tajaran girl, no older than 8 sits in a dark room nestled in the corner holding a small tablet-like device; the device softly glowing as it comes to life due to the sound of her voice, The girl surrounded by blankets and pillows and other various plush animal toys, strewn about the room many ration packages empty of their contents, long ago eaten and the package discarded.. A gentle feminine voice from the computer pad replies. "The time since your last transmission has been two years, three months, sixteen days, thirteen hours, fourteen minutes, and thirty-eight seconds." The girl starts to sob and cry softly into her hands, casting the datapad aside. Her soft cries echo and reverberate throughout the entire ship as the superstructure of the craft groaned and strained once more the sounds of straining metal replaced by the groaning crackling drone of some unseen mass in the dark. *ticktickticktick* something skittering in the dark suddenly rushes past the dim glow of the discarded data pad and up onto the crying girl's lap, A nymph. Without missing a beat the girl muffles her crying and begins patting the critter like one might stroke a cat gently down its back. The nymph begins to purr and chitter softly as the girl begins speaking to the little critter. "Will I remember mother and father? Will I get to see them again?" A crackling groan of movement in the dark all around the girl as the walls move and shift, the glint of countless Nymph eyeballs suddenly emerge, illuminated by the glow of the discarded datapad twinkle on every wall like stars in the night sky, the girl looks up and around briefly before turning her attention back to patting the Nymph on her lap. The walls groan and creak once more before producing a low rumble that comes from everywhere, a soft droning. "You will... Experience them... As they remembered you... As they remembered themselves... Your memories will become... Their memories... Their experiences will become... Your experiences... You will change... We will protect you... As you remember yourself..." The girl sniffles and lays down in her makeshift nest of soft blankets, pillows, and plush toys as she listens, comforted by the droning response all around her whilst still clutching the nymph gently to her chest she barely huffs out the words. "Will it hurt?" Interrupted by a soft sniffle. The groan from the walls grew silent as if considering the question in deep thought before once again grumbling a droning response. "No..." "And I'll get to see mother and father again?" The girl questioned again to a droning response. "Yes..." "O-oh-k, ok, I'm going to go to sleep now, when I wake up I hope mother and father come back, just like you said right?" she talks softly at the Nymph sitting with her as her eyes slowly close, "Can you sing for me like before?" her soft question barely audible, the Nymph stares at her then turns its gaze to the walls, the droning of the walls becomes rhythmic and serene, soft whistling echoes from the walls and ceiling, the twinkle of hundreds of eyes take turns humming and whistling at each other in unison... ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNdFu6bnhfU&t=1s ) the girl lets out a relaxing sigh feeling the calm and serenity of the droning melody and softly whistling walls, The glint and glimmer of her personal starlit night of eyes begin to shift and move almost like a fluid as hundreds of Nymphs flow down from the walls and over the girl like a wave, and with a single muffled yelp, she was no more, and in that instant every wall on the crippled ship undulated and groaned before joining in humming and whistling the soft melody amidst thousands of twinkling stars.
  10. I apologize and stand corrected. Did you have the RD's rig suit? not sure why I thought it was the research Director that returned alone lol, this is why I asked people involved to put character names here so that I don't forget
  11. The round started like any other, I was observing as a ghost when I noticed the away mission map had a Colossus stuck to a ship so I asked admins if I could be spawned on board with the intent to skitter around and creep them out eventually have them take me back to the station, however not thinking through my request I promptly died in the dark of the crashed ship never actually interacting with the away team. I facepalmed and realized my mistake, so I continued to observe the away mission and saw a chance later after they accidentally destroyed everything with a super matter implosion that the RD had returned alone looking for something, So I asked to be revived and quickly ran on board the away shuttle, and that's where the story begins, I'm not sure how I would put it here is an origin story but it's definitely a thing I'd like to run with versus my presented origin story above. My original plan was to do this for exposure and then link my application at the end of the round, but it turned out to be a pretty solid origin story so now it's a thing if I'm accepted for whitelisting.
  12. BYOND Key: Voyd2000 Character Names: Kanza Al'falak / Liza Al'Falak / Glitch(Custom borg chassis) / KEDI & KEDI-io / One Who Sees(Nymph) Species you are applying to play: Dionae. What color do you plan on making your first alien character: N/A Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: I certainly have. Please provide well-articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I wish to play this species because I've always enjoyed playing the Nymph stage as One Who Sees and would finally like the ability to progress and develop a into a full on Dionae and experience the unique challenges that come with playing this species within the game space. I've always gotten good feedback from my Nymph play, even when I'm giving them the heebie-jeebies they would report enjoying the effort. All whilst maintaining a strict non-vocal interaction with people and managing it quite successfully. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: One of the major differences/challenges of this particular species would be a lack of typical human emotion or drives, this would range from your obviously happy and sad down into concepts of personal space and the ability to think outside one's self and how your actions may hurt or help others, other than maybe a hunger feeling or an equivalent thereof that the absence of radiation would cause. You pretty much share nothing in common other than maybe a thirst for knowledge. Another unique challenge in my mind as a potentially immortal species is just how they perceive and value the passage of time and how one might view the other species and their limited existence within the concepts of limited linear time the other species live and the process of gathering and retaining knowledge outside sucking it people as a nymph. Character Name: "One Who Sees Amidst Many Eyes Watching." Please provide a short backstory for this character Alien oddity case file 001a - "The Seeds" The "One who sees" genome originates from a single surviving core sample taken by an outside contractor survey team for NT. tasked with finding mineral wealth in deep space on a rogue planetoid caught in the gravity of a red dwarf, no bigger than the Earths moon but with the unique and perplexing fact that no matter where the survey team took a core sample a two inch layer of ancient seeds was prevalent, it was estimated that if the entire planetoid was covered that there very well could be millions of seeds all trapped in a layer of rock between eight hundred thousand and a million years old many, many, meters down. (((OOC breakdown of what's going on here, a very long time ago this planet was almost fully covered in a layer of Nymphs, a catastrophic event occurred that made all of the Nymphs shit a seed at the same time in some ill-fated attempt to survive or escape, only to become quickly buried in global radiation blocking sediment from said catastrophe, the seeds unable to propagate due to a shielding effect from the sediment on top of them so they simply remained dormant.))) Initially, the seed layer was misidentified as the seeds didn't resemble a typical Dionae seed, with different coloring, texture, and shape, later upon closer inspection to be discovered for what they are. However, it wasn't long for the Skrell fleet to show up and ash the planetoid fearing a Titan scenario should the seeds become active, destroying all of the remaining subterranean seeds and cracking the small planetoid in two. (((OOC breakdown of above, the Skrell found out because they are the Skrell and know shit, fearing a theoretical Titan they were very quick to eradicate things with extreme prejudice, not ask to many questions or wait for NT to make some legal claim and cover everything up thus avoiding any major lore canon changes, as coverups means no one knows.. and you're certainly not going to get a lore story dump from the character itself over some bar fuelled monologue that breaks everything))) The incident was covered up and the surviving core sample containing the last batch of seeds from this ancient genome was taken back to Central command without Skrell knowledge for further research. The scientists and various other experts tried and tried but were unable to grow a successful Nymph from the seeds, until after around a thousand tries, a single pod opened up to reveal a smaller than average runt-sized nymph staring back at them curiously, indistinguishable from your modern known nymph genomes other than its smaller than average size. Other seeds from the core sample batch had proven just as difficult to cultivate with roughly one in every thousand successfully gestating, and the time between the first and second successful hatching was roughly 2 years, after this time gap it was discovered that allowing the two existing Nymphs to help in cultivating and caring for the seeds saw a dramatic uptick in success with four new nymphs being born within a year, all proceeding Nymph was "normal-sized" for newborn nymphs, only the first one they hatched was runt-like in size. "One Who Sees Amidst Many Eyes Watching" is now a loosely bound collection of nymphs of your typical Cyclops configuration with the OG runt Nymph sitting on top as the dominant Nymph, Finally getting out of the lab it has lived its life in and into the world as a registered person (Owned by NT) The Aurora was chosen so that NT can continue to monitor the Dionae and the continued development of their asset. Because of the limited number of seeds left the scientists have stopped trying to cultivate new Nymphs from these particular seeds until a higher success rate can be better guaranteed. What do you like about this character? As a non-vocal action/emote oriented character, I tend to have a lot of fun just fleshing out over time how I plan to behave, how I evolve the character based on interactions in the game space and how that changes my behavior over time or evolves my characters in unexpected ways. Playing the Nymph version of this character has always been incredibly fun to come up with different actions a character can take and the reactions of people around that have chosen to interact with me, is probably the more rewarding thing when playing any of my characters, especially the nonverbal types. And I hope the same is true for this character. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I feel like my honest answer is that I can't really answer this? I mean I can say that I've had good compliments and praising reactions in LOOC sometimes, but I wouldn't say I'm top-tier, I don't emote a lot of things that I could/should in some cases, I've never had someone tell me I'm shit? For a long time, I've mostly played Tajara which carries a stigma of automatically being something perverse in your OOC life(A furry) and that your personality is judged accordingly with terms such as ERP Bait and other bullshit. The great thing about this species that I'm applying for is that none of this preconception horse shit will follow me, because when you play Groot, no one automatically thinks you want to fuck trees IRL, Not so much with Tajara/furry assumption connection, which is basically the bulk of my role-play on the server as a "Tajara main" however I have also recently branched out as a Custom borg skin called Glitch, which is an all-new challenge and super fun to play, and although I had my doubts at first, I think people enjoy the character. So basically I'd say I'm not qualified to rate myself but if I had to, I'd say I'm not bad. And that's better than just ok. Notes:
  13. I honestly don't know what I was thinking about when I considered this application, Kyres1 is the painfully obvious fan favorite here, So I'm pretty much going to back out at this point as I feel like this questioning thing is just a formality to say you considered other people when we already know they've got the job. It was a great run! thanks to the eyeballs who came by and had a look at what I had to say. But to summarize maybe one or two of the questions. Mainly the personalized ones keep in mind these are summarized answers since I'm basically pulling out of the race- -How do see synthetic narratives in our setting? Example: What do you think organizations like Purpose serve in the greater lore?- The Purpose is filled with mystery lore, And that's precisely they are a mystery, maybe there is a pile of hidden lore or headcanon somewhere but as far as I'm concerned, this group is entirety fluff or bloat as it has little to no impact on your every day IPC at the moment from what I can tell. -What lore do you think the average player cares about when making a character?- It's a difficult question to pinpoint and predict what each person values when it comes to making a character and how they want that character to fit in the universe. However, whenever I would consider lore I always tried to develop things that were more of a framework or scaffolding that they could hang their character on or build around if they wanted to but never forced if they had other plans within reason. But to be brutally honest in my experience in the past the average players don't particularly care about the lore unless it's going to impact them in the game space whether it be positive or negative, mechanical or social, or if they're going to be immortalized through some canon lore event. So if playing a particular species means they can't play a certain role, they're going to want to know that information up front and why they can't and the lore behind it. If mechanically, for example, say they can only eat meat, that would be a super important detail they would probably want to know about and the lore as to why its a thing. Anyway I'm rambling and basically answering questions for nothing! good night, godspeed!
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