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Zohra's cup of.. Coffee and tea.

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BYOND Key: Pratepresidenten

Character name: Zohra Mrakiizar

Item name: Cup of coffee, Mug, Generic cup, something of the sort. I dont really know what would be best, its not fancy or anything.

Why is your character carrying said item to work? As some interactions went some days ago, a few jokes was made regarding my character being best warden, and a reply given that its only true if its printed on a mug, so she went out to get one.

Item function(s): Its a cup, you drink from it.

Item description: A generic white cup. The words "BEST WARDEN" is printed on it in big, bold letters.

Item appearance: hyapJQh.pngABiR5lS.png Courtesy of Dronz (ily bby)

How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP? Well, I suppoooose.. Its gonna be visible on the security front desk to collect passing grins or questions by visitors or security dorks. Who has this kind of cup? Awesome right?

Additional comments: Wanted to take a shot at this due to.. Well, it was a very spur of the moment thing a few days ago and it sounded like a great idea!

Feedback would be neat, especially about the name I guess. Kinda walled on that.

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I honestly want to say no to this. Simply because I don't want to validate future "#1 Dad" or "Best Boss" mug applications. I think if something like this should be implemented, then it should definitely be through the loadout and not a custom item. Maybe a loadout mug that lets you pick what's written on it with a short character limit to prevent people from being stupid with them.

Application denied.

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