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Clothes rework - modular, recolorable clothing

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Okay, I'm just gonna paste this from the PR.

As we know, sweaters exist. Sweaters are a great item: you can recolor them, you can wear them on anything and not take up an additional slot. Many people like sweaters. I like sweaters. In fact, I like sweaters so much that I want most of the current in-game clothing to take the sweater model.

My long-term goal is to have every or most "suit" items in the game, like the suits in loadout and command clothing, be replaced with separate clothing elements which you can mix, match and recolor. This would allow people to add much more flavor to how their characters dress, and what their fashion sense is. Also, this comes with a bunch of non-modular clothing becoming recolorable as well.

However, there are a couple of cons:

1. A feature like this opens up a whole new alley for snowflakes to make costumes that aren't really suitable on a space station. In my opinion, this is an IC issue rather than an OOC one, since characters can enforce corporate uniform regulations ICly.

2. I haven't yet looked at how to make multiple accessories be displayed in character setup - meaning that you can't, for example, preview both a tie and a dress shirt at once. They work perfectly in-game, but it's hard to preview them without actually entering the round as your character. You also need to put the second accessory on manually when entering the round. This can be combated by including a jumpsuit or another safe dress option in your loadout in case your outfit actually looks horrible, but this is still an issue.

PR link: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/5452

If anybody has an idea not included in the PR checklist, I'll probably gladly accept it.

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I love this! I've been asking for a thing like this for a while now. In my own opinion, suit jackets should go under the jacket slot.

As well, I believe that this should be enforced ICly which allows the old CIAA notice to actually be used for once by the ISD. It'll be nice to see this implemented if it will!

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Closed the PR, will be making this in smaller-scale PRs instead.
Checklist for my reference:

Add recolorable dress shirts

 Add recolorable pants

 Add recolorable skirts

 Add a different, more casual skirt variant

 Add recolorable suit jackets - they went in the suit slot

 Add recolorable sweater vests

 Add recolorable jackets

 Add recolorable bowties

 Add recolorable track pants and jackets

 Make ties recolorable, with options for short and long

 Make labcoats recolorable

 Make jumpsuits recolorable

 Make medical scrubs recolorable

 Make berets recolorable

 Make jumpskirts recolorable

 Make bandanas recolorable

 Make some other clothing items recolorable

 Add other modular clothing I haven't yet thought of

 Make suit jackets buttonable and unbuttonable

 Add a rolled-up variant of the dress shirt

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