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  1. Kind of taken out of context there, did you read anything else?
  2. Ah, jeez. Okay, one of the main issues I read was that it would be particularly easy to destroy divided security as an antag team (merc, raider, cult, et cetera). While I don't have a guaranteed fix for this, I know that Departmental Security is a thing we should embrace - that being said, in order to avoid situations where Departmental Security gets steamrolled - I'd recommend a directive, or otherwise something that Command can enact upon for Code Red (possibly even Code Blue) situations that would result in all officers, regardless of department, to assemble under the direct orders of the Head of Security. Something that popped up in my head during the shower and I didn't want to forget it, so that's why this is so barebones at the moment.
  3. You don't need to turn on autohiss, and it's optional.
  4. I absolutely love this idea, however, I have to agree that humanity is way too diverse for what has been suggested. Instead, I think we should continue with this idea and run with it - except how we should have different "languages" I suppose based on a character's place of birth (galaxy) and main spoken language. I don't think this idea should be ditched.
  5. I agree. I'd like to see more features like this on the PDA, especially those relating to what has been proposed. +1
  6. I love all these thus far, and it would give some sort of distinction between the Humans rather than just "yeah bro look at this flag," and I have my own idea - although not very original. Seeing and recognizing the fact that the Republic of Elyra at this time is extremely militarized and extremely prejudiced against several fronts around their border, I'd just recommend a passport card. Sort of like an ID, except with the user's photo printed on the left-hand side and some Elyran coloring to it.
  7. Hear me out on this one, ISD Windbreakers - similar to that of the blue windbreaker found in the Forensic Technician's locker, however, this would be available to all of Security. It would also include some gold, large fonts with the letters "ISD" on the back. I don't know.
  8. VT is a great all-round roleplayer, and as I have seen with their Skrell and other characters, I think they can beautifully be a great IPC player, and I'd love to see their Synthetics on the station. Not a lot else to say, in my opinion. That aside, +1.
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