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  1. I'd be down to write a watered down version of the suggestion.
  2. I like this idea, for the reasons listed above. However, how would it work with extended rounds and events (canon or otherwise)?
  3. While I wasn't here when they were originally active, considering what other agents who were present with them have said, I would be open to welcoming them back.
  4. How often do you see humans having to run across the entire station in combat? Or, rather, when do you see a Unathi or Tajaran beat a human in terms of speed during combat? Almost never. People reference that humans are endurance runners in gameplay, but in reality that's almost never used.
  5. Make a policy suggestion. I digress, we're hijacking this thread now.
  6. It's not my decision to make, and the benefit doesn't exist if nobody does said benefit. None the less, we need something at least to set humans a distinction between others rather then just the ability to "look, I can run long distances on a space station but that doesn't matter because why would I need to run across half the station?"
  7. CCIA isn't the problem, and we aren't going to be biased anytime soon. I don't think it takes a genius to predict that in an Incident Report, where your character can be permanently removed from the server - however many hours you might have - is just removed because "oh, you're tajaran" isn't exactly nice for both the player, and the inevitable staff complaint. EDIT: However, I'll relay your suggestions regardless to Mofo.
  8. I don't think that's necessarily that helpful for the species. That would be nice and all, but that mostly doesn't exist. Captains aren't one-hundred percent human now, and most Heads of Staff are non-human. Additionally, institutional discrimination almost never occurs - and when it does, people white knight and call it out in an instance, likely just leading to an arduous IR. CCIAA aren't ICly biased either.
  9. Would people know of it's (general) existence? If so, how will it be dealt with through regulation - and if not known, what would be the expected process for people to deal with it? Otherwise, pretty neat suggestion.
  10. Hot. Often times, when I'm not playing as my synthetic, I feel overpowered and overwhelmed by all the Xeno abilities and cool stuff while I just stand there and observe, being a stinky human. Would be neat to have this, either as a higher pain threshold or just healing faster.
  11. The complaint itself was made prior to Crozarius’s involvement in the thread itself.
  12. I inserted myself because you were shit talking my character, as well as all IAA by the way you said most things, and insinuated that they were all doodoo heads because of one isolated incident which you made worse by twisting the story. The point isn’t you blocking me, as I don’t need to describe how that’s within your rights, but the fact that you take this on an OOC level on the discord and shit talk me and other players as seen in the images above.
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