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Ban Mistake?

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BYOND Key: 3qualize

Total Ban Length: indefinite?

Banning staff member's Key: Mattatlas

Reason of Ban: You, or another user of this computer (ballsymacgee) is banned from playing here. The Ban Reason: Griefer, detonated a maxcap in medical then logged off. This ban was applied by mattatlas on 2018-07-21

Reason for Appeal: I tried to login, as i recently started playing the game again and I think I use to play on it, however I was banned and was given the name of ballsymacgee in my ban reason , My byond name isn't ballsymacgee, its 3qualize, ...and I don't think I've ever successfully created a maxcap by myself let alone attempted to since I played in highschool.

TLDR: logged in for first time in a while, was banned under another persons name (not really sure how that works so any help or clarification is appreciated, especially if this is intentional)

Thanks for you're time


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Not using a proxy server, and I don't share my laptop with anyone. I used to live in dorms for a couple of years, but I have since moved out a couple months ago. Never played while i was at my dorms if I recall correctly, but I'm sure BYOND opened on accident while I was there. Also used to play on a shared connection in high school, but that's way before 2018.

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