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Rename Boxes


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I'd half agree with hand labelers being reproducible by way of an autolathe, but I'm afraid of people naming their pet mice:

the mouse (dick hat) (dick hat) (dick hat) (dick hat)

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Sounds pretty simple, and it is. It would be nice to have the option to rename boxes with a pen. Or even like you do with paper, by right clicking it. Just some way to rename a box by your name or by what's in it without having to scrounge for a hand labeler.


This is actually something I've been working on. As it is, you can do this with pill bottles, but it renames the entire bottle. I need to transfer the code from the folders to make this happen, so I'll see about getting something done on it. (Pending Sound's or Skull's approval.)

EDIT: The code's changed. This is already done for pill bottles.

edit edit: Delta was here.

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It would be nice to have the option to rename boxes with a pen.

It sounds simple until-

Urist McBureaucrat has put the pen into the box.

I'd say just give it the paper method of renaming. Make it a right-click verb. Folders are already finicky in that you need to be holding them for the pen renaming to actually work, they can't be on a table.

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