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Incident Report, 11/27/2460


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[b]Reporting Personnel:[/b] Quilp'Vlomn Nblek

Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Freelance Journalist


Game ID: bXx-cOE0


Personnel Involved: 

- Vince Barnaby, Captain, offender

- Nathan Sloan, Head of Security, Offender

-Witnesses to follow in recording of incident


Time of Incident: 11:00am

Real time: 12 pm PST

Location of Incident: Outside the merchant dock


Nature of Incident:

[]Workplace Hazard


[]Destruction of Property

[]Neglect of Duty




[]Other _____


Overview of the Incident: 

It was reported over comms that there might be an incident to look into and report on near the merchant dock.  Naturally, given that is my job, I went over.  I showed by press pass and entered the scene, but was promptly threatened with arrest, despite there being no visible threat, despite this being a public area, and despite my press pass.  I was cuffed and charged with trespassing while trying to get photos.  At no point was any threat communicated to me, aside from a vague 'it may be unsafe.'  It is my job to investigate and report these things, the press shouldn't be arrested for being present.

Naturally, I recorded the entire incident.

[00:44] Nathan Sloan asks, "Who's that?"
[00:49] Milos Twine says, "Sorry journalist.. you have to exit the area."
[00:51] Onishi says, "Freelance journalist."
[00:52] Nathan Sloan says, "Get them out of here."
[00:54] Quilp'Vlomn Nblek says, "But..."
[00:55] Brian Caruso says, "Journalist, by the looks of it."
[00:56] Milos Twine says, "Exit at once"
[00:56] Nathan Sloan says, "Now."
[01:00] Onishi says, "Its not safe."
[01:00] Sqrlesh Wuib-Xrl warbles, "It's best you stay behind the shutters."
[01:01] Quilp'Vlomn Nblek says, "But-"
[01:04] Onishi says, "Sorry"
[01:25] Angela Ulery yells, "Hello, captain!"
[01:29] Quilp'Vlomn Nblek says, "Uhm."
[01:31] Vince Barnaby asks, "Is it bad?"
[01:31] Quilp'Vlomn Nblek asks, "Sir? Captain?"
[01:33] Sqrlesh Wuib-Xrl says, "Not sure."
[01:36] Sqrlesh Wuib-Xrl says, "We are not allowed in."
[01:36] Quilp'Vlomn Nblek shouts, "I uh, I have a pass!"
[01:37] Angela Ulery says, "We were told of a combat situation, so."
[01:46] Robert Bretscher asks, "Can we take the journalist out of here?"
[02:01] Vince Barnaby says, "Mister.. Nblek."
[02:07] Vince Barnaby says, "This is a dangerous situation"
[02:13] Quilp'Vlomn Nblek exclaims, "Say You can call me Kevin is Quilp'Vlomn is too hard to pronounce!"
[02:13] Vince Barnaby says, "Please follow directions."
[05:11] Vyyal Qutaal warbles, "Have you seen anything interesting?"
[05:21] Quilp'Vlomn Nblek warbles, "No, they have been very restrictive."
[05:31] Vyyal Qutaal warbles, "I assume Binoculars could work here."
[05:45] Quilp'Vlomn Nblek warbles, "I should start bringing some to work."
[05:59] Vyyal Qutaal warbles, "Lets see."
[07:56] Vyyal Qutaal says, "Sounds like Exosuit."
[08:04] Awoken In The Void says, "Gygax."
[08:10] Vyyal Qutaal says, "Shooting at something."
[08:21] Vyyal Qutaal says, "W-.."
[08:54] Nathan Sloan says, "Wait there, CMO."
[09:04] Onishi says, "Waiting for the support officer to get into position."
[09:11] Milos Twine says, "I dont need it"
[09:23] Nathan Sloan says, "Out."
[09:24] Nathan Sloan says, "Now."
[09:30] Vince Barnaby says, "Arrest the journalist."
[09:30] Nathan Sloan says, "This is the second time."
[09:31] Quilp'Vlomn Nblek says, "I have a right to be here-"
[09:31] Milos Twine asks, "Onishi?"
[09:38] Brian Caruso says, "Come with me."
[09:39] Cassian Graves says, "You do not. Not right now."
[09:39] Nathan Sloan says, "Captain's orders."
[09:40] Onishi says, "Sorry, thought the hos was speaking to me"
[09:41] Vince Barnaby says, "Trespassing"
[09:42] Vyyal Qutaal warbles, "Better obey."
[09:44] Onishi asks, "Ready to breach?"
[09:46] Milos Twine says, "Yes"
[09:47] Nathan Sloan says, "Caruso. detain."
[09:47] Milos Twine says, "Im your hands"
[09:48] Angela Ulery says, "They..."
[09:50] Nathan Sloan says, "Move to brig."
[09:50] Quilp'Vlomn Nblek says, "But-"
[09:50] Nathan Sloan says, "Now."
[09:51] Angela Ulery says, "... They're with the press -"
[09:56] Brian Caruso says, "Go."
[09:57] Angela Ulery asks, "Aren't they?"
[10:03] Quilp'Vlomn Nblek shouts, "But!"
[10:03] Vince Barnaby says, "I told them not to cross."
[10:04] Sqrlesh Wuib-Xrl says, "They are."
[10:05] Brian Caruso says, "I will place you in handcuffs if you are unwilling."
[10:09] Nathan Sloan says, "Doesn't matter. The area is not considered safe at this time."
[10:10] Onishi says, "Of course the one thing they don't stick on here is a drill"
[10:19] Brian Caruso says, "Very well."
[10:20] Milos Twine says, "That access is closed"
[10:23] Milos Twine asks, "Can you destroy it?"
[10:32] Onishi says, "Stand back"
[10:39] Brian Caruso says, "You are under arrest for trespassing."
[10:41] Milos Twine says, "Its going trought it"
[10:41] Vyyal Qutaal says, "Found this."
[10:47] Quilp'Vlomn Nblek says, "You can't do that, I have a pass..."
[10:47] Vyyal Qutaal says, "Hello."
[10:56] Brian Caruso says, "Unfortunately, you were ordered out, twice."
[11:02] Quilp'Vlomn Nblek says, "B-but I'm-"
[11:06] Quilp'Vlomn Nblek says, "Freelance, I have a pass."
[11:11] Brian Caruso says, "I'm sorry, but I have my orders."
[12:07] Brian Caruso says, "Allow me a moment."
[13:07] Brian Caruso says, "Alright."
[13:08] Quilp'Vlomn Nblek says, "But-"
[13:11] Quilp'Vlomn Nblek exclaims, "I have a pass!"
[13:15] Brian Caruso asks, "You understand you are being charged with trespassing, correct?"
[13:26] Quilp'Vlomn Nblek says, "I have a pass."
[13:46] Brian Caruso says, "Irrelevant Sir, you were told to leave multiple times for your own safety."
[14:21] Quilp'Vlomn Nblek says, "B-but. A pass means I can go in, and-"
[14:26] Quilp'Vlomn Nblek says, "And I'm freelance, I-"
[14:29] Quilp'Vlomn Nblek says, "You-"
[14:50] Brian Caruso says, "That is not the case in this instance, Sir. If you have a complaint, please file it with the NanoTrasen Public Relations Department."
[15:07] Brian Caruso says, "You are being fined in the amount of 200 credits for trespassing, as per standard regulations."
[15:13] Quilp'Vlomn Nblek yells, "You can't do this!"
[16:10] Brian Caruso says, "A moment, while I copy your paperwork."

I later found 10,000 credits and a note in my office.  I believe this was a bribe meant to keep me from reporting the incident.  A picture of the bribe, the paper with it, and my security report are attached.





Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: The captain was the one who ordered my arrest.


Actions taken: I complied with the arrest and filed this report.


Additional Notes:

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TO: Quilp'Vlomn Nblek, Journalist, NSS Aurora

FROM: Mona Larabie, CCIA Incident Report Processing Office, NTCC Odin

SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report



Upon reviewing this record, the CCIA office has elected to close this report without investigation.

You are reminded as a subcontracted member of the Aurora's crew that you are expected to immediately comply with all Head of Staff instructions, especially in matters of potential security threats. It is noteworthy that in refusing both the Head of Security's order and the Captain's stated request to immediately vacate the area (as indicated in your provided transcript), you would have technically been liable for more severe penalties than you received at the time of your detainment. However, we have elected at this time to not impose any additional financial or disciplinary penalties as a result of this report.

Be aware that the Aurora's crew is required to carry out the orders of the facility's Captain, and that all visiting persons external to NanoTrasen who enter a Company facility agree to abide by our Corporate Regulations to the extent permitted by Federal law. In this case, in light of the provided records and the perceived security threat at the time, we do not find the orders of the Aurora's Command Staff as they pertain to you to have been unreasonable. The safety of our facilities, their crews, and visiting persons external to NanoTrasen are among our highest priorities at all times.

Please refer any additional questions you may have to the Human Resources department, or your designated company liaison.


DTG: 29-01:09-TAU CETI STANDARD-11-2460

SIGN: Mona L.


This report is being closed because there appears to be insufficient IC grounds to file it. If you have outstanding issues with the involved players' OOC handling of a situation, we encourage you to file a character or player complaint here, as appropriate: https://forums.aurorastation.org/forum/18-characterplayer-complaints/

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