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Character Feedback: Edward Sholl

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I'm a bit late to all this, huh?

Anyways, I genuinely do not know what people think about my "main" character, Edward Sholl, so I figured I'd make a feedback thread for him. I'll try(?) and improve Sholl after this, depending on his criticisms.

If you don't want to mention anything here, you can reach me on discord - I'm Wigglesworth #0782 there. 

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Sholl is a great security bro. I interact with Sholl a lot as my characters, may it be from being inside security helping him out (or not depending on the situation ;) ) or being normal crew and having interaction that way. He's ok... for an ATLAS supporter :P Now for the actual feedback :^)


On the outside, if you've never interacted with Sholl, he comes off an abrasive jerk, when I first started playing Aurora back in september of this year I always kinda felt awkward around Sholl because it felt like I was always irritating him, but to be fair I was an incompetent noob lol, but that's not really a fair shake.


Yet the beauty of Wiggle's character is that when you actually get to know Sholl, he's not all that bad, Sure, Sholl never gives up that thick skinned personality. Even when he is literally at death's door he sticks to his character. Usually most of security is a hard ass until death to them part,  Sholl is a hard ass, but he's a character who's jerkiness I enjoy. Overall, Edward Sholl is a character that is truly notable and iconic within security up there with names like Tokash and Carson (and others but dont make me list them all).


Continue the good work, Wiggles.

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I find Sholl to be a good character. Even though I don't play security myself, based on my Command Character I get quite a bit of interaction and its all decent. They appear quite believeble and entertaining. You're a piece of actual human shit that makes me want to quit playing and you're decently funny. But you watch too many fucking cameras, stay out of my office you bish boi   Overall, love Sholl, want to see more. 

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