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Warbidon's Permanent unban appeal

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BYOND Key: Warbidon

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key: Pratepresidenten

Reason of Ban: Rushing a rogue mining drone equipped with a thermal drill despite being lit on fire twice, deeming it weak. Having preventative medication in your system does not excuse your action to blatantly put yourself, especially as a doctor.

Reason for Appeal: I’d like to think that if I were unbanned, I’d follow the rules, make interesting characters, and be an overall positive player, now that I have had some time to think on how to properly play in the sandbox without tossing sand into other peoples faces. I haven't seen nor really remember my notes before my permanent banning, but I’d probably agree that the events leading up to it (The Murder-Melon incident in particular, and then the absolutely mad cyanide apple incident just before it was both my doing.) justifies the ban. I’d also agree that at some point before the ban, my characters believability and roleplay effectiveness went down, and I won't have an excuse for that besides that at the time I was getting burned out from SS13.

I took a break from SS13 and took up some mostly unrelated hobbies in its stead, and for about 3 months, I was happy.

Recently, however, the siren call has come again and I have been lured back into the dank depths. I cannot stop, won't stop, won't stop.

I played on another server, it doesn't matter what server it is, only that because of an agreement between me and the original account owner of Dreamseeker account “Wer6”, I made a new account, a new name and all that it entails (this one, its name is Warbidon). The original account holder hasn’t really played Aurora since 2015-2016, and they let me piggyback off of their whitelist applications to make my head of staffs and Skrell characters. I’d prefer if something about those notable events is transferred over to this account as a point of clarity between myself and any moderation inquisitions I come to contact with. I would prefer if I would get the chance to play my Skrellian characters again, but I also understand if I have to apply again for a Skrell Whitelist and that the antagonist ban present on Wer6’s account be copied or transferred over to my account. To clarify, I can no longer access Wer6’s account due the email/password being changed. I'd also prefer that the actions I had done be put to this account, they still deserve a chance to play on the server when/if they come back to Aurora even if I do not. 

When I made my “new” account, I logged onto Aurora and briefly observed for 15 minutes and I clunked around before logging off, switching to the “Wer6” account, attempted to log onto Aurora and then switched back again, so I essentially multi-keyed from another place on another computer and I apologize for that.

To save any confusion I was the one that perpetrated the actions behind the appeals and applications below. Even now, I cringe at this and I would like to apologize for the actions I perpetuated. If any questions on whether I did or did not do something come up, I would be happy to answer. 




Why have I made this appeal?  I honestly like Aurora, I like the people I played with, even if I can't put names to the ghostly memories I have. I’d like to begin again, and I am willing to compromise. I’ve been having some issues lately that I’m not gonna name that I felt needed time to mend, but I am excited, awfully so for a chance to meet some old friends and play some second dimension spacemen again.


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Hello and hello to you. Its been a long time now hasnt it.

First off, I want to thank you for your honesty about effectively ban-evading and multikeying. Better to have it out in the open and all that.
Now, as I understand it, you've had "Ownership" of the account since 2017, which I must admit, has not been a very good year for you.

That being said, it has been a bit over a year now since your perma, and in the spirit of the holidays, I want to give you another chance.

But the deal here is, this is not a clean slate for you in regards to former administrative punishment.  You will also have to reapply for skrell and command if you want to play those roles again, as you did not earn these in the first place.


So with that, you are effectively unbanned. Welcome back, merry christmas and keep your nose clean.

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