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  1. It has been updated to fit the lore and new ideas that I had.
  2. Alright, I guess I messed up and should've played the situation differently.
  3. I honestly thought my first point was justified by the seemingly incompetent state of security. to clarify when I said that they did not instigate a fight with security, I meant that the actual gun fight, where the crew members got hurt, was not instigated by the SSC agent. when I walked in, I saw your character aggressively pushing forward to shoot at the SSC agent. The detective lost. I bandaged their wounds and they got up, and started fighting the guy again. And? All I saw was your character loudly screaming "He is a Pirate, he is a pirate!" I stopped caring after I saw your chara
  4. Me approaching the "fake" agent was mostly an engine for me to talk to the Skrell who fell from a drop pod , who had willingly joined the "agent" willingly, as told to me by comms. I was curious as to if this skrell was genuinely agreeable with the tajara or not for valid reasons, and I thus asked to be let in to talk. The Tajaras attitude was simply so infectiously enjoyable to be around that I simply couldn't help but keep around them: it made playing that early morning round worth playing. I did not leave crew to die. I was present for the later half of the gun fight, and although ther
  5. I really like all the points you have made regarding Glorsh Omega, and while I agree with the general idea, I have to ask: Do you have any specific plans with the re-work that Jade has worked on in the time of SnakeBittens reign and the period after?
  6. You were a blast to play with during the round in which the CoC rangers had came aboard, in addition, I like several of your unathi's and enjoy ay situation I have with them. + 1
  7. BYOND key:Warbidon Character names: Fros’Qerr Vel-Rena, Mallard Mukueteb(Assistant), Kerr’quil Decart, Hanira Yishu, Arielle Auriel-Qerk How long have you been playing on Aurora?: Approximately a year on this account, a bit more on a close friends account. Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: I want to partake in the events of the Aurora in a command & leader role. Why did you come to Aurora?:A front end solution to a back end problem: I like the skrell. Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?: Yes. H
  8. The relationship between Skrell and Dionae is understated. I feel like it has less of a stated impact on the Federation then the Cthur, who have only recently entered into the Federations graces. I don't know how i honestly feel about that. the general kind of feel that i have about Dionae in the setting is that they are "domesticated" by the Skrell. They are now parts and pieces of life support, terraforming, in addition to their status as a scientific curiosity. If I had to guess, the Skrell are view the Dionae with only a little fascination, in the sense that they only really interact wit
  9. Ckey/BYOND Username: Warbidon Position Being Applied For: (Species Maintainer, Wiki Maintainer, Lore Developer, Deputy Lore developer): Skrell Species Maintainer Have you read the Lore Team Rules and Regulations wiki page?: Yes Past Experiences/Knowledge: I've had dialogue with past Skrell maintainers on the discord as well as a few applications to introduce lore. I've attempted to write Skrell lore for a few servers based off of baystation or etc lore, most of which are probably defunct from player loss. Examples of Past Work: Additional Comments:
  10. +1 His Corporate Liason Karim golshan-Assad is very authentic, the few (two) interactions Ive had with them, especially the very humerous, and in character responses to the questions I gave them when they tried to recruit people for the hephaestus gig.
  11. 1. Immediately after the Collapse is a wild sort of situation that i think is underexplored. I particularly want to create short to the point set ups for interesting characters. We have alot of room for Skrell that are smart scientists and doctors, but there really isn't that much of a platform for Skrell that are part of engineering, misc crew or other such to be really "special". One way of rectifying this would be the aforementioned places: Slerr-Ex'Enica is the one that I wrote, but other ideas I had was some sort of world that was rebellious from the Federation before Glorsh Omega, a
  12. Ckey/BYOND Username: Warbidon Position Being Applied For: Skrell Deputy Lore Developer Past Experiences/Knowledge: I write as a hobby, most of it is not published onto the internet. Examples of Past Work: https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/13582-sler-exennica/ Additional Comments:I want to create lore that focuses on places, and the people that live in them. I want to create lore that makes a far closer, personal relationship between positronic core systems and Skrell before and during the reign of Glorsh-Omega.
  13. Paradox has always been responsible with Skrell lore and i would give them a +1.
  14. Holiday Lynn is one of the few characters that I cherish every interaction with. FLuffybirbs dedication to the character is exceptional. +1
  15. I've played with Leudos characters and I enjoyed the interactions I've had with them. They seem to seamlessly transition from character to character (I think ive met two of their bugs, one of their skrell,) that it is actually very hard to tell that they are the one playing it unless they discord message me about something with their character or another context clue. They are just so good at sitting to a tole that I would be very surprised if they could not pertain to the role of a Head of Staff very well. +1
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