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  1. Holiday Lynn is one of the few characters that I cherish every interaction with. FLuffybirbs dedication to the character is exceptional. +1
  2. I've played with Leudos characters and I enjoyed the interactions I've had with them. They seem to seamlessly transition from character to character (I think ive met two of their bugs, one of their skrell,) that it is actually very hard to tell that they are the one playing it unless they discord message me about something with their character or another context clue. They are just so good at sitting to a tole that I would be very surprised if they could not pertain to the role of a Head of Staff very well. +1
  3. It takes far too long to actually inject people with drugs. its faster to make them drink the stuff than actually inject them with it. This compounds with the fact that I didn't realize that wearing armor slows down injections because there was no way of knowing until you compare the two exaggerates my frustrations. The surgery steps take far to long in my opinion as well, but it is less of an issue. I would prefer if you could click a container with a hypospray to draw reagents from it. As it stands the weird click delays on moving objects in your inventory (grab bottle, fill hypospray, put bottle away, taking ~5 seconds) make it frustrating to put reagents in my take-too-long-to-inject hypospray when comparing it to other brainmed servers I have played. if I could code it, I would have it that hyposprays could draw from containers, but cant fill, youd ahve to remove the vial inside it to empty the hypospray. I would prefer synthetic blood be implemented rather than the universally compatible blood we have now that for some reason has types. Being a Skrell and being ping-ponged back and forth from the dream dimension that skrell have and real life actually sucks. Either make me stay in unconsciousness or send me to the dream dimension, plase fix this bug.
  4. Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Planet Describe this proposal in a single sentence (12 word maximum): A Skrellian Tomb World is not a Tombworld anymore. How will this be reflected on-station? Skrell now have the option of a background of: Post apocalypse survivor. Does this faction/etc do anything not achieved by what already exists? I don't think so. I envision a group of skrell with a combination of culture shock and Why should this be given to lore developers rather than remain player created lore? Newspaper articles and development can be made. I think the lore developers could create something cool with it too. Do you understand that if this is submitted, you are signing it away to the lore team, and that it's possible that it will change over time in ways that you may not forsee? yeah Long Description: Sler-Ex’Ennica was a quiet, ashy ball of rock after Glorsh Omega had collapsed. On the teetering edge of global catastrophe as billions of tons of industrial engines fully dedicated to shading the planet in ash kept on burning until their fuel bunkers were emptied, Sler-Ex’s people was assumed to be another grave, another monument to the cruelty of the synthetics. Glorsh-Omega used the planets once vibrant organic feed stocks to fuel massive refineries for petrochemicals and plastics on an unimaginable scale. The byzantine computer-ran refineries stopped with the Collapse, but with one exception. Mechanically automated fuel reserves kept in specially created underground reservoirs continued to pump to the gravity-fed refinery sites, and almost all of them had eventually ignited. The planet was choked, and the fire eventually burnt to the blackened tar that coiled at the bottom of each reservoir: Ash began to rain upon the world, and what the locals called the Deafening Quiet began. The planet experienced a complete biosphere collapse as the atmosphere thickened and tempestuous, but eventually, it became cold,. Survey vessels deployed from the Jargon Federation in the early Supernova Era jumped to the system of Sler’Ex’Ennica expecting a mostly green, contaminated word that would be perfect for re-integration, as all sources pointed towards the fact that Skrell would be able to survive without assistance on the planet, being just warm enough to be comfortable, and reports from the few Skrell who once lived there to be favorable for inhibition. It wasn’t to be when the scouts had found a tomb world, a grave to millions, perhaps even billions of victims to a omnicidal machine’s neglect. The planet was entirely covered in thick, merciless cloud cover, of ash that constantly gets blown into the air. A beacon was set in the orbit of the world, and the scouts moved on. It was a human vessel that found Sler-Ex’Ennica’s survivors. Whether it was a nanotrasen vessel prospecting for phoron too close to skrellian space, independents seeking to defile a grave or a sol alliance patrol vessel picking up a happenstance transmission, the result is the same. I think something cool would be something like a human research vessel of positronics coming in and creating a tense situation would be cool too. Skrellian authorities leap into action after said human vessel moves to Jargon space, carrying about a dozen ashy wanderers from a completely different era, all weeping in joy for reintegration and first contact with another species. Combing through the ash and the distinctive blurred radar pings of industrial systems, electromagnetic signatures of hard-won habitats and even cases of small-scale combat in between bands of looters have been detected. in between the worlds vast ruins was another world, a world of hardship, despair and an unceasing cold. Sler’Ex-Ennica is one of the few worlds were civilization was brought in by the point of a pulse rifle. The intensively isolating conditions of the world as well as the very low psi counts of living creatures meant that the skrell here are prone to psychotic tendencies. While the population of the world is effectively unknowable, estimations are put to the tens of millions. Survivors are almost equidistantly spread out as they subside on localized organic material stores that can be turned to a revolting food source, and be used to filter out ash from reclaimed snow-melt. A concentrated effort by the federation is, or will be put to evacuate the planet, as its considered universally cruel to keep any sapient individual in such poor conditions. All Skrell from Sler’Ex-Ennica are pale specimens, discounting for especially gregarious genetic modification. They are either augmented or weak due to the constant exposure to dioxins, sulphur compounds, ash and the occasional radioactive material omnipresent on Sler’Ex-Ennica. Perhaps they wear some specialized rebreather mask all the time, ala Metro 2033? Exposure to toxins in the has resulted in an unbelievably high rate of disorders and issues, similar to other tombworlds who had this flavor of annihilation. Major differences in social situations for these skrell is a heavy, HEAVY curiosity of the world around them. It is no exception that the younger skrell are the ones to move to human territory, and are much less learned than most other skrell. They litterally just got told that a whole new universe exists and they get to see it! They are feely touchy people. It gets cold enough that you have to huddle up if you didn't want to die alone, and prefer to talk to people real close. One very distinct clash they have is the idol and pop culture common in the federation. They hate it, absolutely to the void, as it's seen as something wasteful, when time could be better spent on putting thought to surviving. They are not very good at telepathy: it hurt to use it, as the Wake still has the suffering of those who died. Maybe they can also speak oddly because of this, very short, stilted sentences is something they prefer. Something like this. They talk like this. I like talking like this. Especially in Nral’Malic. One big mystery is that there no Listener was found on Sler’Ex-Ennica. Skrell who move off can become listeners, and modern Skrell who move on are still listeners, but all long-term inhabitants are receivers. The Nlom of the planet is scarred, terrifying and twisted, and is universally unpleasant to those who visit. Sromkala are especially interested in this occurrence. Skrell from Ennica are superstitious, and should not be afraid to explain crack-pot theories of spooky psionic beings going around putting salt in their nutrient paste and giving them the bad luck to stumble upon a Glorsh supporter that needs directions. All or most Glorsh sympathizers were systematically murdered in Sler’Ex-Ennica by way of being casted out to the Deafening Quiet without a mask and instructions to move their corpse somewhere where it wont bother people. All of this is open for reinterpretation by the devs. I do not proclaim myself a person so i understand if it gets re-written to better fit, but I want tombskrell.
  5. Hey Jarvis. You're pretty cool. Froskur probably won't forgive you for being a turncoat, but that's okay. +1
  6. +1 Maintiance adventures with anton was fun, and i like this guys lore knowledge.
  7. BYOND Key: Warbidon Total Ban Length: Permanent as far as I know. Banning staff member's Key: thedococt / ShameonTurtles ? Reason of Ban: Abusing a bug with chemicals from thrown plants going through walls, killing multiple people. Also killed upwards of six people with little reason as an antag. You have been warned previously for both of these offenses. Reason for Appeal: I feel like I could be trusted with playing antagonistic roles now. I perfectly understand why I was banned from doing so earlier and I feel that it is no longer needed for the simple reason that I have matured as a player, and in such a way that I can contribute to Aurora by being the bad guy.
  8. Could you also have it report information like the healthscanner would, in terms of how much damage each body part has as well as the chemicals in their blood? It really helps out for keeping a patient on the meds they need. I also noticed several cases where patients would naturally recover from brain damage while on dylovene, or norepineprhine, I am not sure.
  9. 1.The body scanner does not report blood volume in exact numbers, not does it count dylovene as a chemical, merely as other. Ideally it shouldn't report any chemical unless there is more than 1, and report all medical chems in the blood stream and non medical chems as other. 2. the surgical operation computer sucks. it does nothing at all and is worse then a health scanner, I would apprecaite if it was the health scanners statistics but updated every second so it was useful. 3. Synthblood is cool. 4. The chems confuse the fuck out of me. but thats okay. 5. I hate the confusing necrotic organ situation, how are we supposed to fix them? 6. You cant be on the same tile of IV's and it makes me mad
  10. I'm actually with greenboi, and I would advocate for this if the alternative was only to remove cloning.
  11. Cloning as it stands now is a process that is fickle, unpleasant and usually ignored by all senior staff members because it is a headache to deal with. here is how I propose it is to be changed. A Security Officer, Daniel Turing, takes a deep breath, gun drawn and pointed ot the floor. Bullets and the half second roar of a laser rifle firing past his cover nearly omnipresent. He was dying. Blood was pooling ont he floor, trickling down fron his abdomen. putting a hand ot his radio, he quietly calls out, "Medical to Port Hall-Way." Looking ot his left, he sees on the other side of the hallway a man in only leather straps and a loincloth, sporting a bright pink mo-hawk. He didn't even catch his name, but he was a good guy, as according ot the Head of Security who probably cooked his brains with blow. "I need a WEAPON" screamed out the mohawked maniac. Obliging, he tossed his gun out towards the man before passing the fuck out. Medical responded a short while later, moving the cadavers of officer Turing as well as the entire syndicate assault team. he was labeled a hero, even as he was brought into depths of the medical bay for the msot complicated procedure yet, the pre-empt to cloning. At this point, there are two paths that I can see happening. #1: The body is moved to Medical. After a brief amount of time, the body goes through a complex machine that scans it, finding everything it needs to clone the person in question, and then dumping the now useless pile of meat. Than the whole sum of an entire person, his feelings, his thoughts as well everything that made him, him, is put into a complex data storage called a life Cylinder. Except for some small details like the last 30 minutes of his life span, what his three kids looked like, and the fact that he gave a gun to a guy with a Mohawk He'll remember everything, as long as that Cylinder gets to Centcomm. This process has to be done soon, as it has a time limit, as the tissue will degrade eventually. #2.The body is put through a machine that systemically preserves it, with a special care for nervous tissue. Maybe it looks like that machine that puts muscles on a Synth in fallout 4, and the body is preserved just long enough so that if it makes it to cent-comm, they get cloned. This has to be done quick, or else the tissue wont be good enough for cloning. Afterwards, they are put into a special shrink wrapped bag so they dont rot in open air. There should be a loading dock in either medical or the Red Dock to hold these cadavers. Both of these processes take time and resources, and there must be some sense of urgency before someone is dead forever. If they are interrupted before completion, the end result is a dead body, dead forever. Interrupted scans result in corrupted data, and interrupted preservation results in a fouled body. What are the benefits? 1. Cloning takes place off station. 2. An effort can be made ti bring people back, even if it is costly, at least in terms of consumable resources (Life Cylinders or whatever the preservative machine will use.). 3. It can be sabotaged like anything else.
  12. +1 Every time I have met with the guy he's been pretty pleasant to talk to , and Issaac is pretty good.
  13. Sinclair Khaings role play is notable. He emotes. I dont have the memory to recall what he did, but i know i liked his character at the time. +1
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