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Itanimulli's Unban Request.

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BYOND Key: itanimulli

Total Ban Length: permanent

Banning staff member's Key: alberyk

Reason of Ban: Bug exploitation combined with uncontested warnings/notes.

Reason for Appeal:

Eugh, it's come to this. Well, I'll not complain, but I will say that an attempt will be made to clarify each and every little thing I find wrong, as leaving sleeping dogs to lie has lead to them all waking up at once, so to speak.

Here's to putting forth ample effort into completely understanding Arurora's...everything. It's been a journey, from learning the real definition of a gank, to learning to avoid anything that faintly smells of a bug. With new tools in hand, I shall march onwards, and, hopefully, once more in the server.

I'm requesting a formal unban. If my staff complaint has taught me anything, it's how to approach situations and, to a degree, the understanding of a lingering perception that I'm a troublemaker of sorts. I'll work to rectify this. 

I would like to make a very important statement: I am no liar, and I wish not to be taken as such. If something needs to be clarified, clarify it with me, as a lack thereof has caused too many issues in the past.

There was a point in time where I wouldn't even touch the ahelp button because I thought that pressing it for something that wasn't an absolute emergency would get me chastised. No longer is this the case, and a variety of other things have become...more apparent, so to speak.

I do hope you take this as genuine; nothing in this post is a joke or is remotely intended to be one. I leave the decisions in your hands...of course, as it's up to the administration to cast judgement on whether or not I am fit to rejoin the in-character antics of aurora once more in the first place.

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Oh no. Made a goof-up on format.
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I can. I exploited a game mechanic in a manner that it wasn't intended to. I will still attest it was not for malicious reasons, but it was wrong, and actions have consequence.


I'm unsure about behaviour, however, though I have at one point disregarded rp in favor if setting people on fire. I also need to put forth effort into commiting to my readying (instead of cryoing roundstart) and ahelping when I need to get leaving. 

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