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[Accepted] Dronz's Ban Appeal

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BYOND Key: DronzTheWolf
Total Ban Length: One Week
Banning staff member's Key: ReadThisNamePlz
Reason of Ban: As a shaft miner, you engaged three heavily armed raiders and ended up suicide bombing them with a weldertank. If they'd shot first, this would be different, but you shot them first. Not only did you validhunt them heavily, you also ruined the round for the raiders and shut down their gimmick. Don't do this in the future, it'll lead to a permanent ban. You can appeal this on the forums.
Reason for Appeal: I actually didn't mean to shoot the raiders themselves, I meant to fruitlessly fire in their general direction of the one who had taken my materials box, but one walked into the place I had clicked and it ended up hitting them and causing the aggression. While I did, in my death throes, shoot the welding fuel tank they were carrying around with them, it was because I was already dying. That doesn't excuse my actions, but due to the fact that I did not intend to hit them I think the ban time should be shortened. I undeniably did bad when I decided that bombing them as opposed to just dying quietly was a good idea, but I wasn't trying to validhunt as much as express frustration.

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Alright, so, I will shorten this to three days, I understand being frustrated, but it does not excuse your actions in any way shape or form. The fact that you are willing to take responsibility for your actions, and recognizing what you did was wrong and why it was wrong is the reason I'm shortening the ban. 

Refrain from acting out of anger/frustration in the future though, it clouds out judgment as people. This behavior will end up landing you with a permanent ban as well, so just, keep all of that in mind.

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