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[Accepted] Diggiez's Antagonist Ban Appeal

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BYOND Key: diggiez
Total Ban Length: permanent
Banning staff member's Key: aboshehab (some form of that name, i forget how to spell it some times)
Reason of Ban: "I've spoken to you personally about the habit of joining a round and leaving the round very early when you don't get antagonist
Reason for Appeal:

I got this ban nearly 5 months ago now and I'd like to believe I'd be suitable to have this removed. After getting the ban and then job-banned from what was at the time my favorite job, I lacked any real reason to play on Aurora so I took a 2 month break, came back, deleted a lot of the character slots I found to be ties to the Old Me and spent 2-3 days making my most complex, in-depth character. Fast forward through that time, I get better at roleplaying and hear constantly about how there's a lack of antagonists and falls to the same few people and all that mess, but that's not the point of this appeal. I've recognized there's more fun to SS13 on all servers than getting Antagonist and how being an Antagonist can be more boring than being a normal person a good amount of the time.

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Hi, after some careful consideration, I've decided that I will be lifting this ban.

You have not received any recent warnings or notes since your ban. This is an excellent sign. So, I will be giving you another chance at being able to antag.

However,  if you begin to slip up as an antagonist or play soley for antag roles, I guarantee you'll be antag banned again.

By slip up, I mean like, maxcapping departures for no reason, etc, like big issues. Not small mistakes. 

Locking and Archiving within 24 hours.

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