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Nanotoxin's Tajara Application

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BYOND Key:Nanotoxin

Character Names:Nick Straughan - Axel Dezember - SAM (Ai - IPC - borg)

How long have you been playing on Aurora:Since last october I think

Species you are applying to play:Tajaran

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt):Silver

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:I sure have

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:I want to play this race because I like to expand my roleplaying capabilities. I think tajarans with their speach impediments and the way they act will be a change from playing my synthetics and humans. I also growing up, played a lot of street fighter and my main character was felicia. Since then I've always kinda picked the cats in games. Khajit in elder scrolls, pretty much every cat woman, hell even puss in boots in the shrek game for gamecube.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:The Tajarans have their accents, the rolling of the 'R's, they handle themselves different, usually with more class, they are very family oriented, very protective of their own. It forces you to think differently, cause usually you'll be roleplaying a human and would know what a human would do, but now it's a bit different. A challenge.

Why does this species in particular hold your interest?As I stated before I've always tried to stick to the felines in video games when I could. I'd rather play this than the skrell, unathi or diona because I'd like to roleplay a character with family, and none of the other races seem to keen on that. My character Nick has a wife and kid, but Thundy doesn't play that character anymore.

Character Name:Ryud'aken Mo'Taki

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Ryud'aken was born into a loving home, he lived in a small house with his mother, father, two younger sisters, as well as thre younger brothers. Also living with him were his grandparents and his fathers pregnant sister. There was not to much money coming into the home as only his mother and father were working, supporting six childreen and five adults. They lived on a farm, with a small barn and a handful of cows they got from a human trader. This was a small tribe and the last remaining members of it lived in this household. One night,when Ryud'aken was eight, bandits had robbed them of their home. They burnt down the barn and as their began on the house, his parents grabbed their children and ran out. His father, strong for a M'sai carried Ryud and his three sisters away. His mother carried his two brothers away and assisted her sister in law away from the blazing house. He watched as his ageing gradparents scurried out of his home. As they were walking out, the house collapsed. His grandparents held each other as the cloud of ember and smoke englufed them. He then heard a gun shot, then silence. His mother had stopped keeping up behind and her fur began to turn a dark crimson, just above her breast. She dropped to her knees, releasing the triplet boys. Masked men were quickly upon them, stuffing them in bags and running off into the snow. He then heard the all to familiar sound of a gun shot once again, followed by the same deafening silence. He looked up at his father, as blood began to drip from his lips as he fell to his knees, he fell on top of Ryud'aken and his sister, leaving the other two exposed, and just like his brothers, they were quickly taken as well. After the sound of foot prints had ceased and the low murmer of voices had stopped, Ryud and his sister emerged from under their father and the snow. The snow was covered by a thick layer of ash. The snow and ash falling from the sky seemed to dance together, as it gently fell onto the two children. Ryud wiped the wet from his sisters eyes, and helped her out of the hole. Having not left their farm before, the two children had no clue which direction lead to civilization, so they picked a direction and began their journey.

Skip ahead seven months, Ryud and his sister finally saw a town, very far off in this distance though. Although they tried to be excitied, they had a hard time as his sisters ilness had gotten worse. She was dizzy to the point where she was unable to walk, and occasionally, she coughed up blood. It could've been a side effect of eating some off meat they had hunted, but that was neither here nor there. Ryud's main priority was getting his sister to safety. The trip to the town was a three day journey. Each night he was dig a hole in the snow and bury his sister, he'd give up his outer jacket and park to keep her warm as possible, he'd then stand gaurd to make sure nothing would harm her in the night.

It was the final mile, home strech. He could smell the scent of wet tajara. Probably some children playing in the snow. All of the sudden, his sister felt heavier, his knees began to buckle. Everything began fading to black, he began to drop, and all he could think about was the way he witnessed his parents drop and wondered if he had been shot.

When he awoke, his body was sore and he felt restraints around his wrists. He went to call out for his sister, but realized he didn't remember her name. The past months he had only been calling her sister. "Sister!" He shouted, but he did not receive a reply. He saw a shadow on the door, it looked as if they were weilding a weapon. He wondered who it could be. Is it a member of those bandits, is it that human trader, that was so interested in his fur, or some unkown party that just wanted to kill. If you asked Ryud, he would've told you it took three hours for that door to open. It was the longest he had ever known it to take a door to open. When it finally did, a small petite femine figure was standing there, with a stick in her hand. She looked as if she was eight years old, a bit older than his sister. He wondered if that was his sister, if he had been asleep for too long. She identified herself as Karima Mo'Taki. "My name is Ryud'aken Kr.. Rel.. I don't know" He replied, disappointed he didn't know his own last name. She informed him that he was restrained because he would sometimes claw out, or attack people who were trying to help him. She was playing outside and had brought him and his sister in, but his sister was in much worse shape than he was. She took off the restraints and took him to his sister. The doctor who looked like Karima but older had informed him that she had slipped into a coma. After a lot of emotions and tears, Karima's elders had walked in. Ryud'aken had told them of his travels with his sister, about his home life, about his job working with the cows, about how a human trader had visited his household once, about the bandits, about his journey here. Their faces not shifting throughout the entire tale, the elders sent him outside with Karima and her five other siblings. Ryud entertained the children with the tales of his travel, about the amazing things he had seen, about the thrill of hunting. The children stared at the silver tajaran with wide eyes and open jaws. In the middle of his story, Karima's elders called him inside. They noticed he was just a young child, he had no education, all he had known to do was carry farming equipment and food for the animals. They had agreed to send them to public school with their children, but in order to do so, he must one: get a job as soon as he is capable and help provide for the family and two: take their last name in order to register for the school. Very hesitantly, he accepted, but he wondered, what if what happened to his family happened to these people, what if the bandits find him again.

His first couple months there he tried not to get to close to anyone, going to school, going to work, then falling asleep next to his sister. Karima would have to remind him to eat, and to bathe. He worried that if he became close to them and then lost them as well, he wouldn't be able to handle it. He'd fall apart on the inside. Eventually, the Mo'Taki's snuck their way inside his heart, and he became very close and very attached to them. Even though he was four years older than Karima, he was behind her in school. She and him would stay up on weekends trying to teach him how to read and do basic math.

He completed his schooling as he promised, and got a job as a night time security officer at the docks. His life had consisted of sleeping all day, working all night and helping the younger kin get ready for school in the mornings, then going and telling his sister about how his day was. One day, Karima was offered a scholarship at an accredited college. After years of working the same job at the docks, Karima messaged Ryud about a security team opening on the station she worked on, encouraging him to apply. Now, he stands there at terminal A-13, the shuttle departing to the NSS Aurora, wondering what awaits him next.

What do you like about this character?I like how immersed I have become in this character (if you couldn't tell by the long ass story, I'm fairly into it.) I like how dedicated Ryud is to his friends and family, that he would lay down his life to defend them, no matter what.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?I'd say I roleplay fairly well, but i'm constantly learning and evolving. Far from the worlds best roleplayer though.

Notes:I'm sorry for the long story. I think that the story is perfect the way it is and shouldn't be cut down, but if you need me to, so be it.

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If you want I could tell you how I'm gonna play this character. If you'd rather it a secret, so be it. I'll throw it in spoilers :P


I'm gonna have this character as, he's going to have the Mo'Taki's backs, no matter what. He's extremely grateful to them for taking him and his sister in, that he'd die for them, cause he'd be dead without them. He's technicaly older than Karima, and possibly Ziva, I'm not sure, but to the Mo'Taki's he's really submissive. To others like, he'll be a hard ass, and distant for a while, and not to talkitive unless he's with people he knows. He's not going to have any sympathy for criminals, in the slightest. Not meaning he's going to be abusive, but say someone was beating someone up cause they insulted their dead mother or something, he's not gonna give the guy any breaks. He's going to be the face of blind justice, unless it comes to his family in which case "Oh two minutes is good enough for stealing the nuke" :P


I'm /so/ freaken excited to play this character

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