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The Cauldron on Aurora

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The Cauldron

on Aurora

After years of anticipation, the highly awarded chef Renard Salomon Sauvageon has arrived in Tau Ceti space, ready to illuminate the palates of Bieselites and offer a ride through culinary paradise with his 3 new restaurants in Mendell City and Phoenixport. His highly acclaimed restaurant/bar chain "The Cauldron", which has dominated the fine cuisine throughout Solarian and Elyran space, is now ready to expand into new horizons. But that is not all, since talks between the Three-Michelin-Star-Rated chef and Nanotrasen Corporation representatives have come to fruition, granting "The Cauldron" a place on board its flagships, the NSS Upsilon and the NSS Aurora, ready to present its crews with a more open and flexible, yet worthy menu.

Thus, chef Sauvageon is currently looking for Nanotrasen employees, versed in the culinary and service sector, able to provide their services to "The Cauldron on Aurora". In specific, the following individuals are requested:

  • Chefs
  • Cooks
  • Waiters
  • Bartenders
  • Hydroponicists


A standard of qualification exists, as members of "The Cauldron's" roster should be able to represent and support the chain's many awards and high acclaim, that have so spectacularly dominated the hearts and taste of many supporters and critics alike. Thus, chef Sauvageon will be handling the applicants himself.

Individuals of the Vaurca and Diona species are not having their services required.

Those interested are asked to declare their interest below this message, using the provided format:





Position interested in:

Preferred communication method ((OOC)):

Further details will be provided, and questions will be answered in private.

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Name: Zenodorun Vitusek

Species: Unathi

Age: 18

Position interested in: Cook

Preferred communication method ((OOC)): [email protected] ((Conspire#6335))

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