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[Accepted] Riqpley_Dagasd's Moderator Application Part 2

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Server Moderator Application

Basic Information
Byond Account: Riqpley_Dagasd
Character Name(s): Za'Akaix'Ku Zo'ra, Giil'klun Nriuul, Qriil-Kual Nriuul, Karime Ikram, Forgotten In The Depths, Urrushid Mrokai, Mazkarr Mrokai, Arraz Mrokai, Dekel Zaydam, Delta MkIV, Dhrarmela Al-Irryavga, Derzhka Zhabbar, Zaekrai Korisskaru, Ikaholir Sahookrul, Charles Kvanne, Kenneth Freudenstein, Zaman Saufamasi, Samuel Sandford, Arryat Prrojiiki, Karyzi-Mrojikii Al'ushad, Jack Kutznetsov, Prravoji Mrujkayriz, Beckah Finlay, Za'Akaix'Zkny C'thur, Noryu Qukixi'tin, Ruztyik Murrzhahal, Apollo, Rurohaizi Guwan, Nazrii Hirrunarik, Sosaor Reial. There are many of which have been deleted, though.
AI Name(s): Atlantis.
Discord username + tag: Lone Caravan#6907
Age: 16
Timezone: UTC-2
When are you on Aurora?: Mostly from 3PM to 5PM at week days, I can expand that to more on weekends with some effort, though.

How long have you played SS13?: I'd say about 2 to 3 years now.
How long have you played on Aurora: 2 and a half years, if I remember correctly.
How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?: I have a moderate understanding via experience.
Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?: I don't.
Have you read through the criteria thread; https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=4198 - and believe that you mark off all the criteria?:I think so.
Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: I was banned several times for several reasons, though I was permabanned once for validhunting. People say I'm better now though, and I personally think I am.


Why do you play SS13?: I play SS13 because it has something that I didn't find anywhere else. I love the complexity level of it, and that it looks so simple, but it's not.
Why do you play on Aurora?: I play on the Aurora because it's by far the best server I found so far. I absolutely love it's community, and the RP level. I really got attached to it.
What do moderators do?: Moderators, for me, are the ones that make sure that everyone on the server is having fun, and abiding by it's rules at the same time. 
What does it mean to be a moderator for our server?: To be a moderator on the Aurora means to serve as an example to other players, and aid them whenever possible. A moderator's job is to, as I said before, make sure all players are having fun, and abiding by the rules at the same time.
Why do you want to be a moderator?: I love to help people with things, and to be useful. This is my chance to do it, I guess.
What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?: I'm honest with people, I'm not afraid of asking questions, and I always ask for more opinions, which I think is a good thing.
How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?: I handle insults and anger pretty well. Stress makes me doubt myself, but I find a way of countering it by asking for more opinions.



Anything Else You Want to Add:
I really don't know if I'll make a good moderator. In my view, I still think that I can't handle too much responsibility. Though I've been getting a lot of support to do this, and I decided to try. I wanted to say that I absolutely love this community, every single person of it, and that I'd love to try and be of more help to it.


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