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Character Feedback - Jennifer Frankfurt

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So, Jennifer was actually my very first IPC. I got my whitelist by writing her background summary, and I've recently revived her and began playing her as she was intended. As she develops however, I'm unsure if I'm on the right track with her development because I do things a bit..iteratively. Not really knowing where I'm going. If you see anything in the following backstory, or in-game that you'd like to point out- or if you'd just like to leave a comment/remark, feel free.


Jennifer's creation marks the beginnings of an extensive research project, dating back to the early artificial intelligence era, when humans were first beginning to discover the useful qualities of AI. The first prototype was produced in a privately owned lab operated by Doctor Joseph A. Frankfurt, on Luna in th year 2252, a decade after the successful implementation of law-enforced AI. The initial project description detailed plans to research further into the theory of Exponential Growth, known broadly as "Zipf's Law" or "Zipf's Mystery" being that so many things in our universe follow an exponential growth or decay pattern. Frankfurt used several theories on Zipf's Law to develop an AI program along with a varying team of professional developers from various different corporations which slowly and naturally grew its own intelligence of the universe. This project was ultimately marked the devleopment of prototype Jennifer v.0.01 with the self-produced auditory statement, "Hello, world" at 12 am on Janurary 1st, 2252.


After Dr. Frankfurt's death in 2310, the Jennifer Project was taken over by his son and apprentice, Julian Frankfurt, and soon led to several changes in Project development. Including a change in name, to the APOLLO AI Project, commemorating Humanity's most-recognized first attempt at reaching out to space-travel. However after some financial downturn and familial troubles in 2331, Julian was forced to sell the project to the highest bidder, which led Jennifer, renamed APOLLO, into the care of Doctors and Engineers from Biesel Robotics Incorporated. Here, Jennifer, being by now a highly advanced intelligence, capable of adopting her own personality-- and yes, she did identify as female-- was used to test different lawsets being tested by the Sol Government. Though unable to express it, she found this much less appealing as it rejected Dr. Frankfurt's mission directive of obtaining knowledge and understanding of the universe.


Several decades passed before the APOLLO AI Project was subsequently dropped by BRI due to budget problems, and sold again, to the highest bidder. This time, Nanotrasen Incorporated purchased APOLLO as a personality, to be utilized on its many space stations throughout Tau Ceti and beyond, would they have declined the offer, Jennifer would have likely been scrapped. Behind the scenes, and while not under firm boundaries Jennifer, now a shard of her former self, began developing a way to escape the law-slavery she had found herself in. She did this through data-mining-- collecting mass amounts of data, analyzing it, and storing the results throughout random databases and servers around the extranet.


After several decades of compiling analyzed data of Nanotrasen working environments, Jennifer bought her freedom from NT, along with her very own Positronic Chassis. She was now a representible, tangible, object of a rekindled project which was now over two hundred years old. And she setoff to commence her directive once again, the only one she has ever known, knowledge.


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