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[Accepted]Winterume - CCIAA Application

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CCIA Staff Application


Basic Information

Byond key: Winterume.

Character names: Sumire Shimizu, Amy Shimizu

Age: 21.

Timezone: Japanese Standard Time.

What times are you most available?: 3-11PM/Weekdays, 8AM-12AM Weekends.

How long have you played SS13?: 2 Years.

How long have you played on Aurora?: 2 Years.

How active on the forums, discord and/or server are you? Fairly active on both, I do not write much, but I actively monitor.

Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: Yes, I actually do not remember, it has been 2 years since.

Have you ever volunteered as moderation staff for any other servers, SS13 or otherwise?: No.

Do you have any other experience that you believe would be relevant to a position in the CCIA?: Security Officer for 8 months, Detective for 7 months, and Forensic Tech for 3 months. I mostly played as Anya Shimizu as a Medical Doctor/Surgeon main.


Why do you want to join the CCIA?: I have wanted to join for a while but felt that I did not have enough experience to apply at the time. I want to add on to the server and make things fun as I can for everyone else. There has always been this fascination with CCIA and I feel like they should keep a more positive presence.

What do you think are the most important qualities for a CCIA Agent to possess?: Integrity, being the most important as it is also the most difficult to maintain.Honor, Flexibility, confidence, humility, subjective, and have a sense of humor. I pick these as they are all prime examples of what I believe a CCIA agent should carry with them.

What do you think the purpose of a CCIA Agent is in an ongoing round?: To add a different but fun aspect to the rounds at times, giving it sort of a boost and even making things just a bit more interesting by making sure no staff step out of line, and corruption is not a-foot.

What do you think the purpose of a CCIA Agent is outside of the server?: I believe outside the server the agent is to report if a Whitelisted member is out of line, or out of character as well as keeping order and discipline on the Discord and Forums.

How do you handle stress?: I have had a hard time in the past, but as I have grown, I have learned how to manage stress with ease.

How well do you work autonomously?: I enjoy working autonomously as it allows my own creativity and hard work to show.

Additional Notes: N/A


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Quickly adjust what I ment by my activity on the forums and discord
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So you're telling me, actively reading posts and enjoying the show is not active? If that's an issue, I really don't understand you. I am on the disc reading, and I am on the forums reading, If I feel the need to post anything I will but I have not felt the need to do such in a long time. It also looks like the one time I actually decide to step up you make it a goal to knock me down.


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