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[Accepted] VTCobaltblood's Namespace Nerd App

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Ckey/BYOND Username: VTCobaltblood

Position Being Applied For: Wiki Maintainer

Past Experiences/Knowledge: 5 years wiki editing experience. Familiar with templates, eager to familiarize myself with wiki bots. Some CSS savvy.

Examples of Past Work: Worked with Chada1 on Science alt-titles pages. 

It appears that I am knowledgeable on wiki technicalities more than Chada1 currently is, and I think the wiki could use my help in that regard. I also want to continue improving woefully outdated job pages. 

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This was a pretty easy decision to make -- VTC has worked on the Lore team for a short time, but has shown themselves to be decently dependable, and so I'm not very worried about adding them to the wiki team. Ontop of this, their activity gives me no reason to think they'll have second doubts or drop out without informing me.

Application accepted.

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