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CrystalClear's Antag Ban Appeal 2 Electric Boogaloo

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BYOND Key: IAmCrystalClear
Total Ban Length: Forever and ever.
Banning staff member's Key: Alberyk
Reason of Ban: Unacceptable antagonist/cult play, attacking and working against their fellow cultists, while attempting to abandon the cult to become a vampire. You have a lot of notes and warnings, feel free to appeal this ban.
Reason for Appeal: This was maybe a month or so ago now. Just less if I recall correctly. My motivation to RP has dropped, I'm now busy with work, half the characters I used to play no longer interest me, and entire sides to some of my characters have been lost to time. I recently got a Unathi whitelist, with several people agreeing to my RP potential, and showed reforms to mistakes and complaints on the whitelist.

My previous application was denied as I was temporarily banned by another member of staff for sort of rules lawyering, in which I witnessed a crew member attacking other crew to a critical state, was attacking myself, and i perceived as a general threat to all crew present. As a medical borg I decided it was safer to subdue the offending crew with a circular saw in an attempt to break or amputate the leg and then stabilise the patient, thus reducing their ability to violate the protect law I had, seeing them as a threat to both themselves and others. I accepted that ban, spoke to friends about it, and no longer play stationbounds because of my difference in logic to others.

So now I am going to appeal to play antag again as I actually enjoy antagging, and all my characters are designed to create openings for antags and similar. I will not play cultist; I had it disabled for months and decided I wanted to give it another shot, leading to this ban.

If I recall correctly, the ban was at first let off by a different staff as a warning, which I acknowledged, and Alb only added themselves to the ticket after the round was over.

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I see this sort of issue in your game play still. Example being during a round, you literally broke into the Bridge/Captain's office as a robotist. You broke all sorts of regulations and gave Command staff a hard time when they did arrive. Not to mention there were ways to avoid doing this, as you did have an active station bound to set the power. I think it would be best for you to avoid these actions in the future if you do plan to move back to a point to where you can play an antag without the need for administration intervention. 

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The stationbound didn't talk at all, went mining instead; having checked the manifest, I can't be blamed for not knowing it existed. No command staff was present at the time and my character, an IPC, was worried she'd be stuck in a station with no power. I had the motivation and was aware that I was the only one with the electrical know-how to get into the bridge to contact central. I told crew that I was doing it, and did it. Sent a fax saying that I wanted advice on what to do, and waited by the machine. When command arrived, I explained myself clearly multiple times, fixed what I had broken into, served my time in prison, and then went about my shift.

I could of chosen to meta it and just break into the engine room to set it up. Instead I decided to do something that my character would know how to do, acting fully within reason out of a real fear. I only gave Command staff a hard time because they were giving me know slack for taking initiative and submitting.

There was an issue whilst I played warden in a crossfire round where I accidentally left the armoury open whilst guarding the vault in a situation where as far as I knew, Command was Deceased, Two officers were dead, and all my officers were geared up. That was cleared up at the time and I will stand by what I said in it being valid.

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While I am not so sure if I should unban you, mostly after you getting banned some days after being antag banned, you should take in consideration that you already have a lot of notes and warnings, and more rule breaking behavior will result in at least a server ban, do you understand this?

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