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[Withdrawn] Voyd2000's Synth lore dev app.

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Ckey/BYOND Username: Voyd2000

Position Being Applied For: (coder, mapper, spriter):
Synth Loredev

Past Experiences/Knowledge: 
I was head of Tajara lore on another server and have been a player on this server exclusively for about 4 years.

Examples of Past Work:

It's about 40,000 words or so.

This was another overhaul of Tajara I was working on., Creatively this version was more a clean slate away from being what I like to call "Space bums" 

Preferred Mode of Communication (Skype, Steam, etc.): Ingame or Discord if it's unavoidable

Additional Comments:

I'm a bit late to the party and it seems everyone has picked their favorite already but I figured I would throw my hat in the ring, nothing much to lose by trying, I would come in like a wrecking ball and let alberyk clean out the bloat of synth code and work with what is left. 

--- A small sample of a creative change I'd try and push.

This is a small snip of two changes that I would try and mold/make into the existing player base without dinking around with their own headcanon too much.

Positronic brains, what are they and how do they work? 
I would change how these devices work and thus fundamentally how IPC that use them are constructed/maintained, including their availability and usage.

The positron brain would become more of what you could consider a transmitter or a transceiver, each positron brain receiver is custom-built for the given IPC using it, they come in multiple iterations of quantum connections, from the low-end 2 bit transmitter to a high-end 256 bit transmitter,  A bit, in this case, refers to how many quantum entangled connections are available to transmit and receive data from an IPC's master core.

What is an IPC master core?
An IPC master core can range in size from the size of a refrigerator to the size of a bus, although theoretically with enough space there is no upper cap, limited by the ability to exhaust waste heat, 
    An IPC's master core is essentially "it" everything that makes up its personality, It's memories, it's controller algorithms, basically everything! and the quantum linked positron brain allows IPC's to pilot their surrogate chassis around and interact with the universe.

    This basically means that the beings we interact with on station are remotely controlled by master cores located elsewhere, because of the quantum link nature there is little to no time lag involved with master cores being far away in space.

    When an IPC goes home you could imagine them parking their chassis in an outlet like a rumba on the side of their master core, this process would also allow the remote chassis to transfer the bulk of its stored data versus trying to transmit through the quantum link, this means they can still suffer memory loss if they are taken off-line suddenly(killed) and reactivated, this would keep clone memory disorder thing intact for those pesky murderous antagonists!

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You mention more of the mundane life of synthetics. I like that, but as always I will ask the same question and a personalized few.

Can you walk me through a day in the life of a synthetic, 24 hours from start to finish?


This is important, because barring big political/ideological and community groups, at the end of the day the average robot is what players will play and as a developer I feel it is our duty to paint a picture of the average [INSERT SPECIES HERE] detailed enough so that the players can finish it. If you can't imagine the process, then how can you expect players to?

Personalized questions

How do see synthetic narratives in our setting? Example: What do you think organizations like Purpose serve in the greater lore?


What lore do you think the average player cares about when making a character? 

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I honestly don't know what I was thinking about when I considered this application, Kyres1 is the painfully obvious fan favorite here, So I'm pretty much going to back out at this point as I feel like this questioning thing is just a formality to say you considered other people when we already know they've got the job.

It was a great run! thanks to the eyeballs who came by and had a look at what I had to say.

But to summarize maybe one or two of the questions. Mainly the personalized ones keep in mind these are summarized answers since I'm basically pulling out of the race-

-How do see synthetic narratives in our setting? Example: What do you think organizations like Purpose serve in the greater lore?-
The Purpose is filled with mystery lore, And that's precisely they are a mystery, maybe there is a pile of hidden lore or headcanon somewhere but as far as I'm concerned, this group is entirety fluff or bloat as it has little to no impact on your every day IPC at the moment from what I can tell. 

-What lore do you think the average player cares about when making a character?-
It's a difficult question to pinpoint and predict what each person values when it comes to making a character and how they want that character to fit in the universe. However, whenever I would consider lore I always tried to develop things that were more of a framework or scaffolding that they could hang their character on or build around if they wanted to but never forced if they had other plans within reason.

But to be brutally honest in my experience in the past the average players don't particularly care about the lore unless it's going to impact them in the game space whether it be positive or negative, mechanical or social, or if they're going to be immortalized through some canon lore event. So if playing a particular species means they can't play a certain role, they're going to want to know that information up front and why they can't and the lore behind it.  If mechanically, for example, say they can only eat meat, that would be a super important detail they would probably want to know about and the lore as to why its a thing.

Anyway I'm rambling and basically answering questions for nothing! good night, godspeed!



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It isn't. At the end of the day our opinions are just that. Mofo and boots will ultimately decide. Even then, a willingness to write and a vision could make you a deputy if nothing else. Stay in the race and share your ideas. People will certainly read and be inspired by  them.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Oh no! I just started reading it and saw that you were withdrawing the application. Thank you for your interest and we will definately contact you if a deputy slot opens in the future.

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