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Unban Appeal Rhizones/Magosnacht(???)

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BYOND Key: Rhizones
Total Ban Length: Permanent
Banning staff member's Key: Adminbot
Reason of Ban: "Griefer, inappropriate names" 
Reason for Appeal: I attempted to join the server and was greeted with a ban message for a BYOND key I haven't ever seen. A friend of mine suggested Aurora as a great option for a character driven server that takes itself at least a little seriously, something I was finding lacking in other roleplaying servers, but unfortunately I think I've been miscaught by an auto ban system? However something to note is that the laptop I'm on was a shared computer in the past between my whole family, but I've been the sole owner of it for the past two years - Not that I know of any family members who play Space Station 13!

Thank you for your time! ?

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since the original ban in 2015 there are about 8 mirrors showing login attempts. Your ckey "rhizones" is linked vis CID to the original banned ckey of "magosnacht". a CID is a unique identifier for every physical computer. Do you have any explanation for why you share such a link to a ckey you've never seen before?

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My computer was shared for a long period of time, which is my only possible explanation. Is there a way to see linked ckeys in the BYOND client?
Also, BYOND has been installed on my laptop since I was given it, it's not a clean installation or anything.

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