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Looking for Tribunal Priest

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I'm looking for a local Tribunal Priest who has clearance to board the Aurora Station. I'm hoping to form a study and shared worship group but have yet to meet an actual Priest. Let me know by replying to this notice and we can discuss.


Many thanks and praise the goddess.


Dante of House Volvalaad

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The Goddess bless,


I have received your call to be summoned for this 'group.' I am interested in seeing how this could develop, and how to include more in our praise of the Goddess as a worship group. When would you like to meet, when available, and who else would you like to include?


Belai Caladius, Priest of the Tribunal

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Hello Belai,


Apologies for my late reply. No one else to join the group as of yet though I know there will be followers on station who would appreciate it, alongside some Sk'akh brothers and sisters who would be interested in joining in what with the lack of Sk'akh priests recently. We can meet up on station or in the Odin, which ever is easier?

Many thanks,


Dante of House Volvalaad


((I'll see if I can get some time this weekend but if not I'm happy to do some ERP on the relay ?))

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