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AMR replacement: SR-445

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This thread isn't quite Projects-worthy yet, as I've had a rough low energy week being ill as heck. Anyway, I did some brainstorming with Arrow for the most part. As spoken about in the last thread, it seemed Syndicates need a better candidate for a sniper rifle.

The SR-445 will have its own unique caliber of rounds, but new magazines can be attainable through a hacked autolathe (and the uplink for the lazy, of course), albeit quite expensive in materials (and TC!) as the .445 rounds will individually pack quite a punch. The SR-445 will have its visual design heavily inspired by the FD338, the SG 551, and its scope will have its design inspired from the decommissioned real-world OICW. As of most Syndicated gear, it will naturally have its typical edgelord jet black with red accents. The SR-445 will be semi-automatic with sensible firedelay to emulate having to re-sight the target, as well as preventing any potential issues of it being more useful as a close-combat rifle. It will carry six shots per magazine.

.445 rounds will not be hitscan. The nature of ballistics causing damage in ways more than just the upfront brute force damage lends itself to needing certain factors to be counterbalanced against those strengths. I will look into whether or not I can make an exception through projectile velocity, but for gameplay consistency reasons I can't make any promises as to whether this would be a good idea or not. .445 rounds will deal an average of 45 force per shot. Why not 50? Largely because I want the .445 to be able to at least maim someone enough to force them to leave the confrontation and consider the fight a loss as they spend time in medical, if they get hit. Likewise they will have a significant armor penetration value at 30. So generally it is optimal to hit someone 2-3 times. If they continue fighting against all reason, the user can magdump. It will at the very least reduce the effectiveness of non-specialized armor and put the hurt on those individuals, and will also be able to reasonably make ballistic armor wearers think twice before sitting in a SR-445 user's killbox.

I'll add haywire .445 magazines too, of course. Uplink-exclusive.

Certain attachments like laser sights and making the scope having an integrated thermal setting weren't out of the question at first but it is likely the SR-445 will have to do without them, as it will be versatile enough in the marksman's hands.

The aim (heh) of the upcoming project is to give Syndicates an actual sniper weapon that continues to have uses throughout the round. Unlike the AMR it will not go through walls, but I will be sure to make it penetrate through glass airlocks and windows.

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