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Promanguy1223's Character Art

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Hey guys, just wanted to start this up for myself, in order to appropriately showoff my art in a organized manner.   I have been recently inspired to draw my Character Opamator, as I am very much obsessed with him again.  

So to start it off.  I did this drawing yesterday, and I painted it today.  It could be worked on and made better, but more drawings similar to these will be done soon.  Thanks! 



By the way: This is Opamator in his Head of Security Uniform. 

(I looked closely at the pixels, and this is an accurate representation of the uniform - excluding the red armband.)

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I have improved a bit with my art skills. I recently just got to Norfolk Virginia, and currently in port with my ship. I recently also bought a Surface Pro 7, for my art needs.  So with the newly formed inspiration I had inside me, I improved my art for Anemostrovilos.  Thanks!


P.S For those of you who don’t know what Anemostrovilos is, it is a City that I made for the lore! 

Anemostrovilos is a floating city within the Tau Ceti system, on the planet Reade.  

Here’s a link to the lore: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Tau_Ceti



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Its been awhile since I posted in this thread, its not just about character art anymore, although I have some other crazy off-topic creations to share. Art. 

This is a set of planets I drew on my IPad. I got really good at drawing them, so I have a few here I can share, including a galaxy.





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