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Jake Jarvis's Woofer Plushy

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BYOND Key: Dark1Star
Character name: Jake Jarvis
Item name: Woofer

Why is your character carrying said item to work?
During a shift on Aurora, breeding got out of hand with the HoPs corgi, Ian. Over 80 Corgis breeded inside the HoPs office and spilled out in to command. One officer and cyborg were ordered to "cull" the corgis before oxygen and food consumption got out of hand. During which Jake saved one corgi puppy and from then on their bond grew immensely. 
Item function(s): It's a plushy... it's a toy, maybe it goes "wuff" when you press it.
Item description: A plushy of of a dog that Jake had that went "wuff" so he called it "Woofer" 
Item appearance: It's a plushy of a corgi, not much different.

How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?

When people ask about woofer, he can tell them the story but also show the plushy to people wanting to know what he looked like and what he loved doing most. Eating and going "wuff!"
Additional comments: I really would love this. I feel after that round, ovbiously you can't spawn with an actual dog every round, so a plushy will do!


Attached below is Jake playing fetch with Woofer.


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