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[Accepted] Dronz's IPC Application

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BYOND Key: DronzTheWolf
Character Names: 



Species you are applying to play: IPC
What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Exempt
b]Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:[/b] Yes.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this specific race: (One paragraph minimum)
IPCs and synthetics are difficult to play, due to the nature of having purely logic-based brains. Being humans, we don't really think purely logically; we think with emotion. I want to challenge myself to try to play an IPC because I think there's something to be made there, stories to be told that can't quite play out as a non-synthetic being. IPCs are less restricted than stationbounds and can have more varied stories and ideals, while also being restricted to the status of sub-human to many. There is limitless potential of stories you can tell; owned IPCs who see no logical reason to seek freedom due to the extreme expense, or an IPC so desperately seeking freedom because it wants to be free from the constant threat of disassembly and being sent to a dangerous job to be possibly destroyed. There's no limit to the end of what you can play off of with the ownership and freedom concepts within IPC lore, as well as the debate on how blurry the line between simulated and real emotion can be.
Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: (One Paragraph minimum)
To begin, IPCs think purely with logic; they won't be making heat of the moment decisions, so everything will be calculated and precise. They're less likely to take risks with high chances of failure unless lives, or their own destruction, are on the line and that is the only possible way to change this. While being unable to feel pain and only simulating emotion, they're still not going to throw themselves away for naught, and are arguably more self-preservation centered than organics due to the nature of the chassis needing to be repaired and lack of natural healing. They're far more likely to be in dangerous jobs, though, because they're not seen as 'alive' by many, so having a bot destroyed due to the dangerous nature of said job is seen as more acceptable than a human perishing in their place. On the other side of that coin, however, they're very expensive to replace if entirely broken, so they wouldn't be sent to be destroyed recklessly and would use self-preservation as a reason to not take risks. They'd be sent to do dangerous jobs, but not something entirely deadly; Things that may result in serious injury for an organic but just repairs for a synthetic, as repairs are arguably cheaper than hospital bills or replacing a whole chassis.

Character Name: NT-I-SVRT-0372 

Please provide a short backstory for this character (Aproxomately two paragraphs)
NanoTrasen Industrial Servant 0372 began it's creation as HIU-0372, a positronic brain in a merchant's ship. Said ship was traveling through frontier space to deliver a shipment of positrons to a Hephaestus-owned space station. However, it was disabled and raided by pirates based within the Techno-Conglomerate on the way. These pirates' usage of ion weaponry to disable ship systems damaged much of the positronic and other synthetic goods, but some of the pieces were spared. 0372 was one of them, part of a shipment of positronic brains and a few stationbound and Integrated Positron Chassis, meant to be used in experiments. They sold most of them on the black market, but kept 0372 and an older Hephaestus Generation 1 frame, using the positron to transport goods that previously would have taken multiple men to move. 

During one such raid on a smaller colony, a group of mercenaries hired by the mayor of the town they were robbing successfully fended off the pirates. Due to injuries and a show of force, the pirates retreated and left, but they left 0372 behind because of the slow speed of the frame. He was then put into service under the threat of destruction once more, only because the positron was completely non-combative and was deemed useful to the town as property. Eventually, a NanoTrasen sponsor came to ask about the land and open a mining operation. During this, they saw the IPC, and unaware of it's origins, figured it was worth buying; they offered to buy it at a reduced price since it had notable wear-and-tear. Thus is the story of how NanoTrasen acquired the positron, and put him into service as a Supply department supplementary unit for handling cargo and mining. 

What do you like about this character? (Describe what you like about this character.)
I have had this sort of idea for an IPC since I considered getting the whitelist, a well-used and somewhat old chassis getting sold to NT at a reduced price because it'd be cheaper than buying it new. This alongside the pacifist industrial IPC idea, and the great potential for storytelling of it's background leave a good amount of freedom and catalyst for RP.
How would you rate your role-playing ability? I would rate it a 6/10. I'm far from the best, but I'm not the worst either, and definitely have room for improvement.
Notes: I've been considering the whitelist for a while, and I know this is pretty ambitious for a first character, but I feel like a challenge is what I need right now.

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This app has been sitting for waaaay too long. Hi. It's completely satisfactory and I've seen nothing but good outside of the application - your roleplay and characters are lovely. Despite a lack of feedback entirely, I'm keen on seeing how you'd fit in with an IPC whitelist.

Application accepted.

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