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Character Feedback: Mira Akhandi/V.e.r.o.n.i.c.a

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If I can discribe both characters at once with one word. Unique.

You somehow managed to make a very unique character named Mira Akhandi. From my experience with her, it is a pleasure interacting, and has made me more curious about her. Outside that, I am trying to figure out how a lab assistant can be so brilliant with telescience and R&D while not being an actual scientist as NanoTrasen should see fit, not regarding the muteness the character carries.

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Mira AkhandI was a very sweet girl i met in front of the kitchen when i went there to grab Food for Ian, I was Security Cadet James Campbell, at first i found her weird since she started to mess with me, with my hat if i was not mistaken? then I found her.. very.. uh, whats the word... extrovert, cheerful? i was a complete stranger to her, and since i'am not in the station for too long alot of people don't start dialogues with me or not in the way she did(Except Security, i know many peps there).  sadly.. i did not knew Sign Language (I should, since i was a Security Member, thats when i realized.) for my Luck Anya was there was the Chef, and started to translate.. I was carrying and taking care of the HoP dog, Ian.. (the HoP was going to abandon Ian on the bar and i could not let and took him and started to take care off him), turned out.. Mira was carrying Chauncey and wanted to trade pets and i wanted to keep Ian....

You know those moments... the person is soo sweet and if you refuse that person your heart will break? i had to trade Ian.. soo i gave her Ian and took Chauncey(i started to really like Chauncey in the end) almost got in problem for that.. when Bob, was playing the warden saw me on the brig playing and feeding Chauncey.. ''What the fuck are you doing with the captain's fox?!'' said Bob, i was like.... THE CAPTAINS WHAT?!

I have to agree with @Soultheif96 you're indeed very unique and i liked it, even though you're mute, you know how to put charisma on  your actions(Using the ''Me'') i wish i knew more about Mira.. i could not stay for too long in the kitchen...(Bob, the warden did not knew i had sneaked to buy food for the dog) i still have not met V.E.R.O.N.I.C.A.

Soo... tell me.. how the hell did you get the captain's fox? i bet the captains could not refuse you either... did you take good care of Ian? i tried to find you later but could not.



Sorry for the long post, i trough it was better to tell the situation of the first time i met her and how my character reacted to her, that way you know the impact you did.

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