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  1. You shall Click here. Thank you @Faye <3, For the Format and help aswell! credit to faye#4607' if you're interested in the format, PM faye#4607
  2. @DanseMacabre , Okay.. now seeing the sprite, i trough it would be more like the HOS(i like the thickness feeling of it, feels armored) or Warden one(the Warden one even have plate on the chest soo it makes sense) the jacket is.. that is too thin... thats Formal Uniform. Now i agreed with Danse.
  3. No You do not sacrifice, it does Make sense, i just posted a picture of one, In the case of the picture the vest is attached to the coat. Magical Enchatment? Does not seem very magical on the picture, thin cotton? where did you read that? because the Armored Trenchcoat of the Head of Security says : ''A trenchcoat lined with a protective alloy and some slick leather'', Protective Alloy seems very different than Thin cotton. Have you seen the sprite? if so can you post for us? Even assuming is the Same Armored Trenchcoat of the HOS, nothing that a small sprite fix to add sec c
  4. I like it! They look really really good, also the new One fits Sol flag color/aesthetic way more. The only thing i find weird is the jodhpurs, but thats because the sprite/px nature, i had to use the google images to have a better understanding of it, after doing so i started to enjoy it. The old one looks more of a Dominian Uniform honestly., 1+ from me.
  5. This is pointless for my Case because it would be the same effect of not wearing a ring at all, just leaving the ring at the bag would have the same effect, the gloves hide it. why: Because it does not show you're using a ring when you Examine someone when the gloves cover the Ring. The idea would would be, to show like : He has some black leather gloves on his hands. Attached to it is the engagement ring. Like the other acessories. Well if Watches also get marked was accessory, it would accept and attach to the gloves no? , i did not understand the explanation, i'
  6. I Have 2 loadouts , Loadout 1 is my Job Loadout, and 2 is my visitor Everytime i failed at the job lotery i had to change my backpack to enter was a visitor because i did not enjoy the backpack i used in the job with my visitor Loadout clothes, then i had to change back later, rise and repeat. Extra : Make the Same for the PDA Type.
  7. 1 . It would be nice to have the option on the Global of the Character Setup, for the station time in the status tab to be in 12 hour or 24 hour. 2 . 12 hour formatted digital watches too.
  8. Majority of People i see, if not mostly Security Uses Gloves, Reason is to not taint the Evidence with fingerprints, and those who do not use, Because they prefer Watches it gets complained by Investigations team. Make it so you can use solo or was a accessory for the gloves? The Watches was a Acessory you will still be able to use it by using the ''Check Time'' Verb on the ''object'' Window anyway. I would like to wear my engagement Ring together with my leather gloves, people would see it and open dialogues about it or somenthing. good flavor.
  9. Keep the Armor values please, i Bet the officers dont want to be deciding between the Armor Vest and the coat in hot moments for defense, and having to switch jackets slots all the time. that is just annoying, and having to keep the Armor Vest on the bag eats alot of space i belive.
  10. All good for me, that is good Perfect, i enjoy those tweaking. Looks good to me. I like the Armored coats, I'am fine with this, dunno how more choices would hurt, if you dont want it/like it you could just not use it? theres always another option(Armor Vest) for those that don't like the Armored coats., Soo good enough for me. Very good, i hated the old ones hided your eyes, and those look really good.
  11. Kyres Posted Another resprite Variation of the PumpShotgun and Laser Rifle. My Feedback : My Point still Remains for the shotgun resprites. My Feedback, The funky Stock remains, theres a better Grip now, but the Colors make it look like a Nerf Gun, Don't like it,
  12. This is Kyres ongoing resprite : Mini > regular > magnum Disruptor Top - old Middle - new stun Bottom - new lethal My Feedback: The trigger and trigger guard on the new one is amazingly better, The handle looks more like a handle now, the shape is very well done, thus a huge improvement aswell. altrough i find the color of the handle consistent, i wonder if a black Handle would be better, currently is like a Dark Brown. the body of the gun trough, altrough is way more well done i a
  13. @Schwann#4814 Suggested this , thank him for such good suggestion. That would work really well, cops use holster on they belt, would make sense.
  14. You prove a good point, I dont mean remove all the loadout points, just department loadout itens, things that are labelled on the loadout and you can only get from the loadout if are working on that department, Then what about the most basic? theres no powergaming whatsoever, its just the basic of basic, things that should be provided by the corporations. Like faction itens, its just jumpsuits, beret armband, cap.. all uniform/jumpsuit and beret/headwear that are related to departament on the loadout. i dont see a powergaming issue with those at all. they are basic
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