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AI Map Location


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To be frank, the location of the AI on the map is atrociously easy to break into - an AI has very few options to fend off anyone trying to breach the core area from the wall opposite Cargo. Simply moving back and forth also prevents the turrets from being able to eject and fire upon intruders quickly enough, and I've seen them dispatched by an individual with a fire axe moving up, taking a hit, then moving back to force them under the turret covers due to a lack of target. My suggestion is a rework of the way the AI is positioned. Instead of being two reinforced walls away from destruction, we could restructure the zone to make the entire thing a bit more reminiscent of the way the AI core was set up before:

- Return the AI to the position it was in before (that is, sitting at the top-center of the area designated for AI equipment.)

- Remove the "command hallway" and situate the door at the bottom of the entry to the AI equipment area. Alternatively, place the bridge-access doors around the entrance to that hallway.

A huge flaw of the current design is that instead of the AI having the rear portion of its core facing a high-security area (such as the bridge,) it is now facing a public hallway, and the map balance has suffered as a result.

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