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Ingame antagonist guides/difficulty indicators


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Another antagonist related suggestion. Many people I've seen play antagonist for the first time make their biggest mistake immediately. This, of course, being forced to read the wiki for a basic description or summary of their capabilities as an antagonist.

This obviously can't be fixed in its entirety but we can at least do some things to assist players in regards to it.

One : Difficulty indicators. Next to the antagonist preference, it can be there in bold red text. Very blatant and visible. For example, ninja and malf would be extremely hard, while wizard/merc/vamp would be hard, while rev/ling/traitor would be normal and raider would be easy.

Two : Making pressing on the preferences link you directly to the wiki page for that preference, including ERT, and excluding event roles such as xenomorph and borer.

These two coupled together could hopefully help us ease stress on new antagonist players, as they'll basically be inclined to access the resources on whatever role they intend to ready up for before they even toggle it in the first place.

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