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Bauser ban appeal

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BYOND Key: Bauser

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key: alberyk

Reason of Ban: "Multiple cases of breaking the Don't be a dick rule by insulting staff an other players when interacting with the community"

Reason for Appeal: Same reason as before. I've got nothing but good intentions and sincere hope for getting back to my record of peaceably contributing to Aurora. In pursuit of this, I've come to terms with the fact that I did some things incorrectly - namely, resorting to rudeness when I felt betrayed by a framework ostensibly designed to protect me, instead of entrusting that framework with its own eventual self-correction (at whatever personal expense necessary).

My appeal is layered: on one hand, there's the forum ban, and on the other, there's the server ban which was only placed on me because staff ran out of ways to punish me on the forum. Naturally, they're both of concern to me, but the server ban is more significant.

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Alright. First, do you understand the issue with your past behavior? If so, what exactly was the problem with it?

Second: I would only unban you from game, and if you show that you can behave, I might consider unbanning you from discord/forums later, do you understand this?

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The problem was that I made a problem worse (or, something I thought was a problem), when I had the chance to make it better. Who I (or anyone) thinks "started it" is not relevant in any situation, because I shouldn't base the quality of my behavior on the quality of anyone else's.

Second: I do understand that. I don't believe I've ever brought trouble into the server-space, and I don't plan to start. This is in line with the principle of "don't shit where you eat."

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I will unban you from the server, but, if I spot any moreĀ of the behavior that you displayed to get banned to any member of the community in any way related to aurora, I will re apply this ban and I will not consider lifting it any time soon.

Appeal accepted.

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