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Replacing Surface Janitorial Closet with a Recycle Plant

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Hello everyone, this is my first suggestion to this community. I took some time to search the forums to see if someone already made this suggestion, and I didn't find much. So I took some time to think and polish out the concept of this suggestion. I hope you will appreciate my proposition and take enough time to consider it. Have a nice day.


Suggestion: Recycling Plant

TL;DR: Replace surface's Janitor Closet with a Recycling Plant, where the Janitor will select junk from the trash crusher and bring it to the plant for recycle, to fetch extra steel, glass, plastic and other useful tools and materials back into the station's chain. To achieve that, developers would need to clear surface's Janitor Closet and replace it with a basic recycling facility. Autholates can already recycle some items such as tools back into steel. If it was possible to code a "Recycling Machine", maybe by taking inspiration from Mining's Processing Plant (Conveyor belts that leads to some sort of Decomposer, and from the Decomposer into a Stacking Machine, so you can have a "Junk Box" that is full of veding machine's cans, empty mo'gunz meat pies wrapping, empty chemistry bottles, beakers, empty plates and all things you can throw to disposals. Janitor's would have a new task, fetch junk from the crusher and process it back to usable materials such as: steel, glass, plastic, biomass and all. Having some random starting trash could be useful too, so Janitor could have something more to do rather than waiting for lights to break down, floors to be in need of cleaning, machines in need of maintenance and general other Janitor things. I proposed this because I feel like Janitor does not have much to do when there's nothing to fix or clean, or there are no pests.


About recycling

Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new materials and objects. It is an alternative to "conventional" waste disposal that can save material and avoid to waste it. When I think about a futuristic setting, waste recycling seems like a common and important task to consider while designing starbases, starships and generally every human-inhabited environment. NSS Aurora is mostly a Research and Mining station, meaning that materials are extracted and processed locally to be redistributed in the internal chain of the station, and to be shipped to CentComm too from Cargo. Raw ores are turned into materials, and from materials, to profit and products.

However, living spaces produces waste too, things like trash, corpses, broken down items and useless junk. These items are usually left on the floor  disposed via the mostly efficient trash disposal system of the station. Every item or corpse that is disposed this way, makes a long run inside the disposal pipes, their final destination being the crusher or the external outlet if it's medbay's quarantine waste. From there, trash basically sits down until round end or is compressed to inexistance. (Or sometimes scavenged by Cargo Champs) Don't you think that if there was a way to process those waste back into valuable materials or maybe even spare energy, it would be way more efficient?


Surface Level Janitor Closet



Do you know, this little and lonely custodial shack?

It is a small closet located in Surface Level, near the Merchant's Airlock and Cargo entrance, featuring just the bare necessities for a Janitor: a cart, a mop bucket, an hazard closet, a supply closet, a bucket and a water tank.

It's hardly used, and most of the times it just sits there doing nothing.


Introducing: the Recycle Plant

(I used standard sprites with an image editing software)


After new studies on recycling and waste repurposing, NanoTrasen Corporation decided to modify Tau Ceti's Stations to include a state-of-the-art Recyling Plant. After a small crash course to update on new waste disposing protocols, Janitors will now be tasked waste handling and processing inside the new plant, located in Surface, in the place of the old surface closet. There, Janitors will find new equipment to aid them in their new duty. Tools of the trade found there:

  • An Autholate spacer.png to turn waste materials back into steel, glass and/or useful tools or objects produced by said machine.
  • A Biogenerator spacer.png to turn waste biomass back into biomass, and from biomass to other useful things produced by said machine.
  • An intake disposals chute spacer.pngthat will toss on the zone marked by the striped lines all the things that are disposed in the chutes.
  • An outlet disposals chute spacer.png to throw away waste that can't be recycled. It will end up in the crusher.
  • A Waste Converter (sprite from baystation12's autholate) spacer.png that will turn rubbish into waste materials, waste biomass or plastic (maybe even paper recycle) to be processed by the Autholate and the Biogenerator.
  • Closets with emergency supplies and tools.


What would be needed to implement this:

  • Spriting and coding the "Waste Converter", a machine that would take trash and turn it into temporary items, "waste materials", "waste biomass" etc...
  • Remapping the Trash Pipes Network to divert all waste directed to the crusher into the Recycling Plant, and from it, a single line delivering unrecoverable waste into the crusher.
  • Remapping Surface Janitor Closet into a Recycling Plant.
  • Testing.


I hope you will enjoy my proposal and find enough time to give it a read and/or give me feedback or ideas to further expand the concept.

Thanks and have a nice day.

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