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[Denied] 1062 Aphelion's Baseline IPC Application

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BYOND Key: 1062 Aphelion


Character Names: Michael Suss, Desmond Rorig and Sophia Starlone


Species you are applying to play: Baseline IPC


What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Light Beige 


Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes I have. 


Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.


Why do you wish to play this specific race:

I like playing IPCs on other servers. I think I enjoy playing them because I often find the perspective of a synthetic to make for an interesting one, due to the grey area between item and person. Another reason would be that some of my favorite characters in SciFi settings have been androids that find themselves conflicted due to the absence of their organic characteristics (Mostly Data from StarTrek, but I also really dig where Bioware took the Geth in Mass Effect).


Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

The main difference would be the synthetic perspective, and the political disagreements surrounding the concept of its Sapience. While the character still feels emotions similar to a human, it would express them through imitation body language. As the wiki says, "Their imperfect understanding of human qualia should also prevent them from completely comprehending their vocal mannerisms. This is to say, speaking perfectly like a human should be avoided. AI is very analytical and precise, erring away from using words for their colloquial meaning as opposed to their defined meaning." Meaning the character would avoid using accents, puns and slang in favor of quantitative defined words.


Character Name: Circa


Please provide a short backstory for this character 

Circa's Positronic Brain was first activated in the year 2423, being designated NTP U071. Its line of Positronics being marketed as "The Future of Starship Management"

In the years between 2424 and 2437 NTP U071 would be installed in a small belt miner, being tasked with managing the ship's subsystems and navigation which in turn allowed the small crew of industrious miners to collectively go EVA while NTP U071 would maintain relatively close to its crew, avoiding any dangers that might be present. It was a very lucrative innovation for managing expeditions and so it ultimately ended with the small company that NTP U071 was property of being purchased by 'Magra Space Tech' (MST), a larger company that worked within the Free Trade Union. NTP U071 would continue functioning as a system's management AI for various crews and ships until 2451.

In the year 2451 NTP U071 was seen as a prime asset for the relatively new concept of Independent Positronic Chassis. However, due to the fact that MST at the time only worked in automated star ship manufacturing, the company took to simply buying IPCs (both occupied and unoccupied) and re-branding their models. NTP U071 found itself installed in an original 'IBX Circa' Independent Positronic Chassis and being given as a 'complimentary independent EMT Doctor unit' that was sold in combination with brand new MST ships.

The ambitious corporate move would sadly result in Magra Space Tech collapsing on itself, to be bought out and ultimately liquidated by yet another company within the FTU. Leaving NTP U071 working as a medical unit and adopting the name 'Circa' from commonly being referred to as the retro model of its relatively well maintained Chassis until being sold for a steal to NanoTransen in the year 2459. Given the maintained status of the unit's chassis, NT would immediately put Circa to working as Chemist and medical doctor aboard various NT stations within Tau Ceti.

Circa is still considered property of NT, and due to various upgrades and maintenance fees the value of its chassis has increased greatly over time. It will not be buying freedom any time soon and is not usually open about its feelings on this. Although disliking the absence of its freedom, it is not in any hurry to earn it.


What do you like about this character? 

It's OLD. Well, I like the concept of a character that basically looks like a well maintained IBM PC from the late eighties, the retro looks are good. On top of that I feel like its experiences of being starships, belt miners and doctor units would make for a character with depth despite its flat appearing personality. I think its relationship with NT as an outdated yet highly functional utility also would allow for a wide variety of situations

I also lowkey kinda dig the technomancy idea which I fail to really get to in the character's story, that being that Circa's Body once was inhabited by another positronic brain at some point in the past.


How would you rate your role-playing ability?




Circa is a chemist or doctor, and will not be working within cargo, mining or anything else that its extensive history might detail. This is due to the fact that it has received various updates written directly onto its positronic, overriding previously learned information and altering it to be an ideal medical unit.

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You're a very, very new player. In fact, you haven't even been playing the server for longer than a couple days. I understand the haste to acquire a whitelist, but generally I do not accept applications from extremely new players. I would give it some time before reapplying but you are absolutely free to do so after a few weeks.

Application denied.

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