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  1. Basically, drones are better than borgs, in every way, and are a great excuse for not being personable with other players, just being wholly productive and efficient by ignoring the AI and not talking to people, all the while making effective changes to the station as a whole. I have a few ideas for how these drones could operate. Engineering or Maintenance drone: Basically the current maintenance drone is good, though giving them enough wire to set up at least one solar array would be nice. Medical Drone: Give it a hypospray with some tricord and shiz, maybe let it move rollerbeds too. Science Drone: Basically like a mining drone, except with all the equipment for recovering artifacts Hydroponics Drone: Has everything to grow plants, basically a bucket and a synthesizer for plant chemicals, and a seed gripper Security Drone: A god. It should have a taser, a stun baton, a flash, and the ability to cuff people. Additionally adding some more offensive countermeasures if the code is increased, from a lasergun at code blue, to having the ability to suck in small bits of scrap and fire them at the fucking traitors on code red. Command Drone: Yes. A drone should be given authority over the entire station. I'm sorry, but canonically it just makes perfect sense for the biesel republic and NT to permit this. Think about it this way; NT could just say that a command drone is a captain running the station remotely. ERT Drone: You can't look me in the face and tell me that this isn't a good idea. A drone that is equipped with an SMG, a laser carbine, with heavy armor and an inbuilt grenade synthesizer/inbuilt self detonation functionality. Syndicate Drone: Bitch. Let me know what you all think, Personally I expect this to be in the next update, if it isn't, don't come to aurora tomorrow.
  2. I feel like I need to clarify after @VTCobaltblood's message. Sorry to not be concise. Basically, the idea is a whitelist that just lets players do more as antags, it wouldn't take away from other people playing those roles, it's just like a reward for being an antag that people like. TLDR; a whitelisted antag would get more options/telecrystals/special stuff
  3. Alright, so basically a couple of months ago there was a topic around giving antagonists more of a custom approach, where they get access to a gear room and can set themselves up for whatever they wanna make their gimmick or whatever. I'm pretty sure that idea got shot down because it was too big of a change from regular antagonists. Since then I took a sabbatical from SS13, and upon coming back I suddenly had the idea that if we had some sort of whitelist for players who wanna do more gimmicks as their visitor type antags, this wouldn't necessarily be anything too powerful, but just a set of things to make it easier to play with a gimmick or character archetype. The reason I think we may need this is because it's REALLY common for a wizard to immediately go for the captain's ID, and allot of the time they will do this to infiltrate the crew and add themselves to the manifest. I kinda think if someone is doing it to just infiltrate the station and look like a member of crew, the penalty of having their antag round shut down immediately is a little much. So, I think that if there was just an option or whatever, to join the game as a crew member, arriving from ODIN and infiltrating the roster without the risk of being shot down immediately, that'd be neat On top of this, there could be all sorts of just... Nice stuff that antags could get if they prove that they can RP in a way that does the server well. Like more telecrystals for traitor, ninja or merc. But basically yeh... Uh, post here what you think I guess :3
  4. I like to think that the immense amount of lore is just to really give good consistent characters. Like that lore guy said, character interactions and shit. But like, it would be cooler if there were more chances for in-round events that made our location actually interesting. Without any admin interaction or whatever.
  5. I dig them. But yeh. Very... Cartoony? Even though they're not, not really. Maybe pallet swap the red for plasticy white, or medical's department color?
  6. Reporting Personnel: Michael Suss Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Station Engineer Game ID: b1P-Bkjw Personnel Involved: Min Zhang, Security Officer: Offender Sophie Hawkins, Head of Security: Witness/Other Lorex Autumnour, Shaft Miner: Witness Cassian Graves, Unknown Occupation: Witness Time of Incident: (If unable to provide, leave blank) Real Time: 20:00 GMT+10 19/06/19 Location of Incident: Holodeck, and Transfer Shuttle Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [x] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [x] - Assault [x] - Misconduct [ ] - Other Overview of the Incident: At multiple points in the shift, Min Zhang had commanded the Head of Security's dog to attack me, with little given reason and attempting to give discretion of some kind to it. As you can imagine, getting attacked by a dog is irritating. It was at this point that I reported the way the officer was acting to Sophie, to which I received no response. After some time had passed, I was on the shuttle, and yet again, Ace began attacking me. This time he seemed far more eager to bite at my throat, leaping on me in a violent way that caused a fair amount of injuries to start with. Quite concerned, and at this point with a dog biting onto my face, I took out a screwdriver and proceeded to stab the dog until it let go. Following this incident, I was detained and dragged into Odin's criminal processing room. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: Sophie Hawkins, Head of Security Actions taken: None. Apparently. Additional Notes:
  7. How big are lockers anyway?
  8. I dig the spinning items when thrown. That said, the popping chat bubbles is annoying, it makes me feel like everyone's talking really quickly/suddenly. I would dig the popping chat bubbles if it only did that when someone used two words or less.
  9. For what it's worth, I have seen this attempted on Best RP towards its death. It was a nifty idea, the way they set it up was that the specific department sec officer basically only got access to the stuff we give to cadets, they were mostly peacekeepers that allowed for more interaction between security and other departments. That said, I think it might be bad for the whole warrant system this server seems to have. I really like where security is at tbh, having people able to deny access to departments on the grounds of not having a warrant and just making it a bit more of a negotiation position where RP can be spawned from conflict. Allowing specific departmental officers to exist would revoke the need for warrants, as that departmental officer could just, let in anyone they wanted.
  10. Ehhhh +1? I have not had many interactions with your characters. But seeing how you post on the forums, I think you are someone who is actually genuinely focused on RP and making the round more of a good narrative rather then winning. Personally I've had a few issues where I feel that heads have played to win, so if you are all about that HRP, you'd be a breath of fresh air.
  11. Could not find the time to edit it. Deny it if you like, I will reapply with a similar but more fleshed out character when I am able.
  12. It looks like I have a lot more reading to do on the subject of Tajara. I will be updating this within the next three days. Thankyou all for your feedback!
  13. Sorry. Did not mean to miss that part. That was a genuine mistake.
  14. BYOND Key: 1062 Aphelion Character Names: Daniel Blaze Ruko Volvukahn Ixtab Lucia Humie Yonosh Nuux Qoklor Zet'Gox Species you are applying to play: Njarir'Akhran Tajara What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Orange Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I personally quite like the Tajara, they make for an interesting species with a unique revolutionary backstory. The inner turmoil that the species experiences is a good drive for character development, motivation, and backstory. The Njarir in particular are exciting due to their noble blood and extermination as a result of it allowing for an even more turmoil filled life. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: The above paragraph goes through a few of the differences. But yes. Many of their actions are informed by knowledge of class and their revolutionary history. The modern technology of 2461 is relatively new to the species, and so they may not be aware of certain functions of technology that would be obvious unless it were their specialty. On top of that is the trademarked Tajaran way of speaking in the third person when talking with strangers. Character Name: Garilor Torin Please provide a short backstory for this character Garilor was born in 2427 to a noble family 'Torin'. However their name has since been burned from any notable records. Given the outright collapse that almost all noble families were experiencing at the time, and in a desperate attempt at survival, Garilor's mother, known as Gar'ler Torin dyed her and her son's fur to a creamy brown pattern, hiding their noble orange colors and trimming any distinctive fluff from herself and her son whenever the need arose. His father, whom he never met passed away at the hands of the rebels. From early life, Garilor would live in what essentially were impoverished conditions, unaware of any noble heritage he may possess, or who his father was, being told that he died in the rebellion and being convinced that he died a hero, liberating the Hharar and all other Tajara from the glutenous Njarir nobles. Because he grew up on what was essentially a bombed street, attending a very simple corporate ran school and under the constant care of his mother, he never suspected a thing. Assuming the reapplying of dyes and regular trimming of ear and tail fluff were just common hygienic practices that his mother had taught him. He would not discover the truth about his heritage until the age of 23, while attending the NanoTrasen University of Engineering and living within the dormitories. Having ran out of dye, and not being able to afford any due to being a student, his orange hairs and unique brown splotched pattern would begin to appear. Garilor would make several calls to his mother through this period, utterly shocked at what was happening, and eventually he would be informed that he was in fact a Njarir, a noble, and an oppressor. This broke something in the man, prompting him to slow down his progress in university, taking breaks between degrees that would last months, if not years each time. Eventually however, he would achieve his Master's Degree in Civil Engineering at the age of 29. At this stage he had given up on hiding his heritage, wearing the orange coat with splotched patterns as a mark of shame, regularly being harassed and even in some cases assaulted by other students. As soon as he could, he would say his last goodbyes to his mother and depart Adhomai, getting as far away as possible from Tajara space, finding a contract for working aboard the NISS: Anvilfire, a necropolis industries weapons manufacturing station, as a productions line maintainer. He would continue this work aboard Anvilfire for almost four years, attracting little attention from crew who simply did not care for the internal politics of Tajara, this made him feel comfortable, and he would let his colors continue to grow as his patterns would become more distinct and his fluff more obvious. Ultimately he requested a transfer to a more active position somewhere for Necropolis, and would find himself being subcontracted to working with NT aboard Aurora as a Station Engineer. What do you like about this character? He is a self hating Njarir who knows nothing of his people, and has grown apathetic towards the race relations between Tajara. He is running from a factor in his life that is simply inescapable, he has accepted that it is inescapable. He wants forgiveness for what his ancestors have done, but is unable to ask for it, he does not even know where to begin. I think this would just be a fun character to play... I think I have a thing for characters with tragic backstories. How would you rate your role-playing ability? 6.7/10 Notes:
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