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  1. No truer words have ever been stated
  2. IMO, lots of people have most traitor roles disabled at this point. 'the pick of the litter' is more likely to be fellas who are desperate to be the centre of attention, and activate all the roles instead of people who genuinely want to make the round more interesting. Without some kind of incentive that isn't "You get to break the rules, and get fucked up" I don't think most people will wanna experiment with antagging. Especially new players. I honestly think lots of the problems stem from this idea. Like either people just don't wanna antag cause they don't feel robust, or don't wanna b
  3. Kinda reminds me of that one person who used to have a custom borg sprite that was a holographic catgirl. This is far more down to earth though, I dig it.
  4. you'd think the staff would approve or deny something after a whole year, is all I meant by this.
  5. Is this thread a joke? How've we talked about this for two months and not come to a conclusion? RP in wizard rounds is actually alright, most of the time. If you asked me the main problem with wizard is that it's such a double edged sword based on which school of magic the wizard is. Either they're nearly immortal, and can teleport, shoot fire from their fingers, or they're rather helpless, and can only summon seeds and shit. The vast majority of wizard players have the capacity to absolutely wreck shit, but half the spells are basically powergaming, and the other half are incredibl
  6. I get that we're meant to keep it like an open door, but I think it would be nice to add some more information to go on, than is present in the wiki. I like that it's a super dense element, that somehow is in a safe zone, and cannot be reproduced, but I reckon we can add a little more to the theories of Phoron's origin. Like, one huge headcannon of mine is that Phoron is bordering on 'strange quark matter', where essentially it operates on rules a fair bit different to regular matter. The other name for Phoron, "Plasma" could also make sense, since it could be said that Phoron is ba
  7. More often than not, research makes shit for sec because they just want to see the cool shit they can make actually used for once. IDK where most players are at, but I'd honestly be absolutely over the moon if an antagonist stormed into robotics, held me at gunpoint, and told me they would kill my entire family if I didn't make a sick combat mech with a gravitational catapult for them. Same goes for R&D and freeze-rays, and gravity guns, and all that shit. Also, antags are 'logical moves come secondary to making the round more interesting'. Like it's logical to destroy the armory, i
  8. Just to have people do something other than grief science as a way of interacting with the department.
  9. It's just not that fun. People in science need a good set of circumstances around people actually working and having effective staff to be effective. Then there is only a small handful of scenarios where anything science does is needed in the round, and actually allowed. By taking the materials from the equipment, or deleting the research you're undoing a good half an hour of work from two to four people, just because of valids. I'm honestly not sure what we can do to prevent it, I know that it shouldn't be against the rules, since there are situations where science definitely
  10. I kinda agree, but also it's hard to do that with SS13, since a huge appeal of it is the bloat in mechanics relating to violence, pain, and horrible ways to die. RP is fun, but exploiting these things is why combat is so successfully fun, usually.
  11. Yes, but I didn't have the printout, and the CMO (after a very long shift) thought that the sprite having blue eyes was an indication of the prosthetic eyes already having been installed. It would just be easier to identify, although I know, it doesn't come up that often.
  12. Sec is honestly, genuinely fun for most when played right. the trouble is that lots of players are in the wrong. It feels too frequent that we see sec act overtly violently if not outright sadistic for no reason other than valids. I'd rather not have sec as a department removed, but for anyone who mains cargo, service or science. I think people can agree that the majority of the rounds feel like extended with an increased chance of the parade-act that is the heroic security team and their fight for justice against the filthy antagonist entering your department for a minute or two. I
  13. I had this issue just recently. Where the CMO and my roboticist spoke for about ten minutes, regarding if a patient had eyes or not, because she thought I'd done the operation in a few seconds, and I had not even started, but I assumed she was saying that his eyes were fixed earlier by someone else. Pretty simple, I think. If someone is missing eyes, it should check if eyes are not covered and then say "HE/SHE is missing His/her eyes!" in big red text, similar to being dismembered in other ways.
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