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  1. When an IPC takes enough brute damage it will leak oil. Trouble is that it genuinely seems like IPCs have an infinite amount of oil. I'm no mechanic, but when something leaks oil, be it for greasing its joints or forcing pistons it's a bad sign. I think Oil Levels should be similar to Blood in organics, and you should be able to get a readout with a robotics scanner, and perform an oil change on an IPC by replacing a canister in their torso. When an IPC is low on oil, moving and actions should generate more and more heat depending on just how low their oil levels are.
  2. The main issue with monkeys is that they do not have as diverse a set of appearances. If they're injected with Mutone, there are very few observable effects unless you are lucky. Player controlled mice would be good, it would honestly be nice if a ghost could just 'take over' a mouse that is being experimented on, if this gets approved.
  3. Make it so that only Unathi and Vaurca Warrior forms can drag while having two hands in use. I always visualize dragging three people as having like, one person slung over the shoulder.
  4. On the topic of medical stationbounds fusing. Personally, I like the rescue module. When it comes to the job of EMT it is very good for it. It can summon rollerbeds, inflatable barriers has adrenaline ready (might need a few more chems in the hypospray tho). I think it's a good ballance to not let it do surgery. As for the standard medical module. It's basically how you say it, only good for filling in for surgeons. This is an easy fix though, because the only real thing slowing it down in the chemistry lab is the absence of a means of carrying bottles to the chemfridge faster than one at a time. Give standard medical a medicine loader that can mass grab all the bottles on a tile and you're 👌. For fusing the engineering modules, yea ok. Maybe just make the engineering RCD an upgrade from robotics to fix the issue of it being a tad op.
  5. The main issue with getting rid of the effectiveness of flashes, is that borgs are already very tanky. There is some ballance in the flash because it relies on getting in melee range (something that prevents an average stationbound from waltzing up to a defenseless security team and wrenching them to death cuz machine can't feel pain .exe) However, as a rule I think most instant win moves are a little unfair. I think if we were to remove the flash or the effect it has on borgs, some alternative should exist. One that isn't an instant win but still gives people some kind of basic defense/offense/means of being a threat at all to the borgs. +0.5 Remove flash, make Ion weapons more commonplace, or something.
  6. Powerdraw mostly depends on the crew doing dumb things, like turning on the holodeck, charging lots of powercells or in the case of toxins, cooling gasses to near absolute zero. +1 for having solars already up, since it will make idiots a bit less harmful
  7. Testing on mice is something modern scientists do. If lab mice or lab rats became a thing, having them react to experimental chemicals like mutagen and mutone would be really good for rp. It would be a good and cost effective alternative to having scientists injecting themselves with mutone to see the reaction, which in the eyes of some command staff immediately makes them NT property 😕 So anyway... That's the idea, add lab mice or lab rats that actually react to chemicals on similar levels to a player mob.
  8. Let robotics augment rats to have tiny deathrays too. Jk but +1 anyway
  9. Remove roboticist access to Telescience and add roboticist access to misc research. Idek why robotics have telescience access.
  10. Yeuup. Getting on this too with certain requests for very difficult stuff to get being so meek. I.E 6 floorbots from robotics. Something that to produce requires someone to hunt the entire station for blue toolboxes, because floorbots can only be made with blue toolboxes. Something that needs all this work only gets like... 2000 credits for cargo. On oppose to guns from science which don't even need to be functional, take a few minutes of a competent person's time and earn up to 10,000 credits for one. All in all, looking into required effort verses reward for everything would be good.
  11. A solution for engineering would probably to make creating new rooms possible without directly using the station blueprint. Also having an actual need for things to be constructed. The station right now has everything it needs and then some. Outside of building a luxury spa you'd end up creating an unnecessary duplicate of something that already exists.
  12. Honestly, having psychologists, baristers, a fitness center with a swimming pool, bartenders, agricultural centers and churches only would make sense if the station was a living space. Soo... +1 from me That said. Maybe making the residential section just another way to join/leave the round. Like put an elevator for it somewhere.
  13. I will look again. But I'm fairly certain. Will update once I've looked.
  14. Eeyup. Would be nicer if the backflow event was changed to come through disposals, and instead of deadly clouds of gas or funny clouds of lube you got showered with trash and random items. Some of which might actually be cool. Please note: Not my idea.
  15. Ok So, as a roboticist, sometimes there is a bounty for a whopping 2000 credits if I can pull off producing three farmbots. Farmbots require watertanks, of which there are few of on the station unless I decide to scrounge through maint. The sensible solution here is to order the watertanks from cargo valued at about 45 credits each. For some reason Watertanks are listed under engineering items, instead of hydroponics; what's more, for some reason watertanks come in a lockbox. Presumably because it's listed under engineering, you need engineering access to unlock the water-tank box. Is water contraband? What does engineering use the water for? Is Nanotrasen anti-hydration?
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