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[RESOLVED] D'Jar Sa'Kuate CCIA Appeal

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Appealing Personnel: D'Jar Sa'Kuate

Specific Incident:

Action taken as a result: Permanent Suspension from Head of Security and Reprimand.

Action contested: Permanent Suspension

Reasoning for contest: D'Jar has spent his time in suspension serving as a security officer aboard the NSS Aurora II, and does not believe the suspension is necessary anymore. Given the financial, social, and professional difficulties following the CCIA action, D'Jar has learned to better himself and believes he is ready for the position of management once more. He understands the severity of a slander charge and wishes to continue employment with Nanotrasen in the position he is meant to be assigned to. It is extremely unlikely D'Jar would make such a mistake again, especially with the re-implantation if he has the suspension lifted. D'Jar waited until he was confident the lesson was learned before appealing this decision, as it would have been disingenuous to immediately contest such an action. He also heavily contests the accusation of racism, such as he previously did in the initial interviews. D'Jar has never felt hatred towards any race or species purely based off of what they may be born as. including the Njarir people. D'Jar would consider it extremely hypocritical for such charges to be true, given his close ties to the Njarir in his past, which he may clarify if needed as this subject was not addressed in his initial interview.

Additional notes: OOC: Discord is Firstact#0049 if you need to contact me about this or the last comment.

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TO: D'Jar Sa'Kuate, Scientist, NSS Aurora

FROM: Xiuying Tan, CCIA Appeals Processing, NTCC Odin

SUBJECT: Appeal Receipt Confirmation




Your appeal for the following incident is currently being reviewed:


Case ID: 24601015 FAl-Shennawi_DSa'Kuate

Date Actioned: 11.7.2460

Handling Agent: Ruslan Gregorivich


If necessary, you will be contacted by the office of the CCIA Bureau Supervisor to discuss the resolution applied to this incident.


You remain obligated to comply with previous CCIA decisions while this appeal is being processed.



DTG: 26-21:43-TAU CETI STANDARD-05-2061



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To: D’Jar Sa’Kuate

From: CCIA Division of Appeals

Subject: D’Jar Sa’Kuate CCIA Appeal

As per investigation and discussion amongst the Bureau, we have decided to repeal your suspension from Head of Security, however, your reprimand will remain as note of the suspension and what occurred.


DTG: 06-00:42-TAU CETI STANDARD-07-2461


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