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Borning title aside, yes, Skyrim. I don't know what counts as an 'old' game nowadays, but it came out in '11, and I still ove it just as much as I did when it first came out, and I wager some of you, at least one of you, does to. Basically, what race? Why? What guilds, etc. For me, I try to go full tilt, combat, gonna stab you in the face, Orc for the berserker, and easy access to ebony for late game smithing. Dark Brotherhood, Theives Guild, Companions, just because I can.

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I think I've got up at least a thousand hours of total gametime on multiple saves. Assisted by mod, I've played everything from assasins and thugs, through mighty warriors, to an not-at-all-OP sorcerer vampire queen. So, yeah, rather ask me what I haven't played. You don't have to, I'll tell you myself.

Up until now, Skyrim has been my primary RP platform. None of my characters are all-talented (except the character mentioned above), they all have their moral values, specialties and general occupations, prefered companions, etc. I have, pretty much seen 99% of the content.

My favorite character would be a female Wood Elf Rogue/assasin/warrior. It was pretty much the character I invested most RP in. I made sure that I changed the characters actions and attitude as they learned more and more dragon words. As it was pointed out during game, abosorbing the souls and learning the words isn't that simple. By learning them, they absorb the meaning into their own soul, so they should change accordingly. My character turned from a petty thief into a wise and mighty warrior after accumulating the wisdom of hundred dragons.

Sadly, the save got bricked. At that I point didn't even have anything to do other than grind to level 80 to get the legendary dragons. However, based around this character, I've writen a few fanfic stories centered around the events following those of Skyrim. I even made sure it didn't spit on lore.

11/11, would go 4 years into the past just to play it for the first time again.

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Lacks the depth and the satisfaction of the previous games. But has infinitely more porn mods available to let you play as you want to.

As for playing? Conjuration/Swords/Restoration, always with every ES game. Sword + Restoration is the magic combo that means you will never lose. So, basically, Necromancer in full armour with a sword. It's a damned shame no game will ever get Necromancy right.

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